Seiko SNXJ Review- An Artistic Homage To Datejust (Seiko SNXJ89, Seiko SNXJ90, Seiko SNXJ92, Seiko SNXJ94 )

Seiko SNXJ Review

Though discontinued in 2014, the Seiko SNXJ series is still a hot cake in the market as an entry-level watch. It’s because of the essential 5 attributes that uphold the beauty of the watch both from inside and outside. If you properly diagnose the features of Seiko SNXJ models, you’ll easily get to know their worth- not only for daily use at present but also for an investment opportunity in the future. 

If you’re entering the world of Seiko watches, you can pick this line of Seiko SNXJ series for entry-level experiences. The low price of this automatic watch accompanies the respectful homage design. And that combination earns accolades from the watch fans and critics also. And thanks to the pre-owned online market. You’ll get the Seiko SNXJ watches in abundance there. 

Without any further ado, let me introduce you the variations of Seiko SNXJ series i.e. Seiko SNXJ89, Seiko SNXJ90, Seiko SNXJ92, and Seiko SNXJ94. They pitch the same components, with different colors and combinations.

Emblematic SNXJ from Seiko 5 Series

Seiko SNXJ series is the descendent in the Seiko 5 line. Launched in 1963, Seiko 5 still maintains to shower some of the demanding details in their watches. Seiko 5 series also promises to ensure 5 attributes in all of their watches. And hence the name. Take a look at the 5 attributes inserted in the Seiko 5 SNXJ series. The decent price tag can’t define its exquisite features along with the 5 attributes:

  1. Houses automatic movement of 7S Series
  2. Features Day and Date function in one dial
  3. High resistance to water pressure
  4. Recessed crown positioned at 4 o’clock
  5. Ensures durable and quality case and bracelet

Can you imagine a decent watch with such features at this price tag? I’m not a big Seiko fan. But you can justify my elusion if you deeply analyze the market of automatic wristwatches. That’s why Seiko 5 series is still dominating the hearts of lots of watch lovers around the globe. With all the beautiful features inserted, you’ll get the feel of luxury edges in the Seiko SNXJ models.

If we talk about the 5 attributes individually, we’ll see more than a watch in the Seiko 5 series. Seiko is a big brand and you’re getting an entry-level automatic watch from them at a low cost. The smooth movement also incorporates day-date functions in a single display. It’s not an easy task to produce such a timepiece keeping the budget tight. Moreover, water resistance is ensured in these watches along with the hard metal case and bracelet. That’s why after decades, the Seiko 5 series continues to produce new models with exciting features. Seiko SNXJ is such a line that incorporates some gorgeous moments with luxury edges in its two-toned appearance.

First Impression at Seiko SNXJ

Firstly, you’re getting the Seiko SNXJ automatic watch at a very decent price. And the watch looks like an expensive one. To be honest, it’s made to look like a luxurious and expensive one. The overall design is a respectful homage to the Rolex Datejust model. You can’t say it’s just a copycat model of the Rolex Datejust. Seiko is just tipping their hats off to another revered watch brand, Rolex. The Seiko SNXJ model is just a symbol of affiance from a reputed watch company to another revered one.

Seiko SNXJ is a legitimate and recreational homage that tastefully imitates the luxury Rolex Datejust. That’s why anyone with a limited budget can enjoy the luxury of a high-end watch. That doesn’t mean the Seiko SNXJ line is complete trash or a replica or a fake model. You can’t find any other good-looking automatic watch in the market other than the Seiko SNXJ series. And a little resemblance to Rolex just adds a new-end of fashion sense to this cheap automatic watch. It shows the delicacy in sharing the tactical design among watch brands and upholds the classical beauty.

I can’t but appreciate the artistic homage to Datejust. You’ll definitely love the timeless design of Seiko SNXJ with exquisite details. Every angle of this Seiko SNXJ watch exudes the aroma of luxury and aristocracy. While worn on the wrist, the homage Seiko watch can catch the eyes of the crowd easily. The subtle traits of the Datejust add a new dimension to its timeless beauty among watch lovers. 

The strong brand value and the unparalleled color schemes of Seiko SNXJ will undo any controversy. Rather you’ll look at a respectful homage watch that projects timeless classical appearance at a handful of bucks. It’s better to have a Seiko marked watch than buying a fake or replica watch to calm your Rolex itch.

Specifications Of Seiko SNXJ

The Design

The unusual design of the Seiko SNXJ models earned tons of accolades from critics and fans. It’s a lookalike of a Rolex Datejust though. But the masculine design states its distinctive and bold presence in the horology world.

The two-tone color scheme of Seiko SNXJ adds a different dimension to its fashion instinct. The analog appearance of the dial comes in hand with a great variety of styles. The design is overall a good projection of tasteful and positive vibes in life. The masculine appeal of this watch can’t escape the eyes of a crowd. And the two-tone color combinations always remind me of high-end luxury ware.

A gracefully done homage watch is a great deal for some of the watch lovers. It also matters to some of the intriguing watch collectors. But let’s admit it! Most of us don’t have the budget to hanker after a Rolex inscribed watch. But a respectful homage watch brings you the opportunity to enjoy true classical beauty. Moreover, Seiko SNXJ costs many times less than the Rolex counterpart. However, a design is just a design and Seiko doesn’t lack any brand value. That’s why Seiko SNXJ models are still so popular these days even though they were discontinued a few years back.

The Dial

A dial of a watch holds a key portion to affect one’s sentiment towards a watch. In fact, the dial of a watch gives the first impression of a watch. That’s why it’s important to furnish a dial with the most improvising idea and design. And Seiko SNXJ models passed with grand scores. If you approach an SNXJ watch, you’ll get an epurated dial with some of the exquisite details.

You’ll find a variety of color schemes in the Seiko SNXJ models. The variations and distinctions in the color scheme will make your choice harder. You can choose a dial with a single color tone or two-tone color scheme. You’ll also find a gradient dial that reflects the gorgeous radiation of the Seiko SNXJ dial. The black hour markers project the minimalist value of the watch. But the total presentation of ticks of time in the dial is really interesting.

The dial is radially marked with short stick markers for seconds. And the larger stick indices with boxes indicate the hours. A large portion at 12 o’clock occupies the insignia ‘Seiko 5‘. And the day and date aperture stay at 3 o’clock as the stick marker goes missing. And you’re winning the bargain to buy a cheap automatic watch. The writing ‘automatic’ will be right above 6 o’clock. The overall presentation is pretty neat and enjoyable.

You can also have mods for the dials. Though you need to consult an expert, you can still have it done. It’s normal that you may not like the tone of the Seiko SNXJ dials. You can easily modify it to a range of color tones. From your previously owned watches, you can insert the dial right into the new one. But be careful while choosing the right size for the dial.

The Hands

As mentioned earlier, the hands of Seiko SNXJ are almost the same in shape and design. But a sharp point at the end and different attachment at the base divide the types into two. The baton-shaped watch hands are only seen on the Seiko SNXJ 90 model. But Seiko SNXJ 89, Seiko SNXJ 92, and Seiko 5 SNXJ 94 adorn with a pointed stick hand that’s widely known as ‘plongeur hands’

The baton hands in a dial endorse the dressy outlook of a watch. And it ensures a spacious part of the dial left for designer indexes. The rectangular shape of the stick hands shapes the best outcome of a dress watch. Actually minimalism in a watch can make a big difference in perception. And in the case of dress watches, the less the better. And the rectangular baton hands perfectly fit the bills. Watch lovers appreciate the baton-style hands in the Seiko SNXJ 90 model. Because it also beautifully blends with the rectangular stick hour and second indices.

The other models of Seiko SNXJ come with classical plongeur style hands. The lucifer style hands of Seiko SNXJ 89, Seiko 92, and Seiko 94 project a bold presence in the watch dial. Though plongeur hands are prominent in shape, Seiko improvised the design a bit into a gorgeous rectangular projection with a pointed end. It also resembles a sword-shaped hand. Though it was designed for practical use underwater, plongeur watch hands are now a popular choice in non-diver watches like dress watches. The hands use lume for ease of reading in dim light or underwater. Seiko earned many acclaims for use of plongeur style hands in their references.

You can also personalize the watch hands up to your choice. Seiko SNXJ models offer modifications of watch hands. You can screw off the caseback and insert different types of watch hands in it. The modification will need a bit of work and dedication to complete it. But it will certainly be worth taking a chance to try your favorite watch hands. You can pick styles from pretty much any sort of hands. But make sure you’ve guessed the length of the hands accurately and buy the correct size.

The Movement

The movement of Seiko SNXJ is the most intriguing factor comparing the price point. All of the Seiko SNXJ models house automatic movement of 7S26 caliber. Though they’re not the best, they’re admiring for their functionalities and affordability.

Seiko introduced the movement in 1996. The movement is mainly used in the divers watches and entry-level watches. However, the Seiko 5 series includes this movement to ensure one of the attributes. The technology used in the movement is mainly the ultimate edition in 2011. The 7S calibers are still used in watches for their cheap price. But the movement is regarded as low-end also. 

Seiko 7S26 caliber movement has 21 jewels that help to reduce friction in the gears. Though it’s an automatic watch you can’t manually wind it. It’s also a non-hacking mechanism. And the power reserve is relatively satisfactory as it can last for 40 hours only. That’s comforting for a diver’s watch and also for Seiko SNXJ. The accuracy in counting ticks varies from -20 to +49 seconds per day. 

Seiko 7S26 movement beats 21,600 times per hour. That means the hands tick 6 times a second. That’s why the seconds hands are smoother than the quartz hands. The sweeping second hands also add a vibrant attraction to this automatic watch. The watch can go operational even in a temperature as low as -10 degrees and as high as 60 degrees. The diashock system in the movement of the Seiko SNXJ watch makes it endurable to any kind of shock or impact. You can have this robust watch that can survive in any rugged situation easily. Seiko SNXJ 7S26 won’t ensure your accuracy. But it offers durability.

The Bezel

The bezel will remind you of its respectful homage to Rolex watches. The fluted bezel is prominent to make a bold statement of its luxury. Though you can’t modify the bezel, you can have this pretty dress watch with attractive bezels. It feels like a high-end luxury piece when light ricochets on the sloppy fluted design. The perfect homage design that Seiko SNXJ hosts haunts watch lovers still these days.

The Crystals

Watch crystals should be an important part of your bargain while choosing a watch. It’s possible to find quality crystals on a budget. We have another article on types of watch glass. You don’t need high-end crystals for simplistic uses. Seiko SNXJ series adorns Hardlex mineral crystal in their watches. Hardlex crystals are the heated and improvised version of mineral crystals. Hardlex watch glass is the signature product from Seiko.

Mineral crystal can get you rid of any scratches. It can also endure a good amount of impact on it. Mineral crystal can do a good job if you’re not in a tough profession. For us, mineral crystal is a good option since we mainly face scratches in our day-to-day life. You can easily interchange the watch glasses as they are easily affordable. If you want to install the high-end sapphire crystal, you can do it. Just choose the right size and insert it on your Seiko SNXJ watches. You can also choose acrylic crystals as they’re highly endurable to high impact or shatter. You can also enjoy the beauty of movement through the caseback covered by a mineral crystal.

The Bracelets

Maybe the watch straps are the weakest link in this Seiko SNXJ series. That’s where Seiko cut down the budget a bit. However, a collector always seeks a better bracelet to change the outlook of his new timepiece. Watch straps are the easiest and cheapest way to change the appearance of a watch drastically. Every time you clasp a new bracelet, it’ll look different and anew.

You can choose from leather and metal watch straps. We have a different article discussing them. Leather straps are very comfortable to wear. And you can use them on dress watches. Metal straps also do a great job in dressy outlook. You can also opt for the NATO or ZULU straps. NATO straps are the most trending straps in the market right now. The difference is very big in the greater margin if you start using these types of watch bracelets. You can customize your watch according to your taste.

Variations of Seiko SNXJ Series

There are several references to Seiko SNXJ watches. They are almost the same in design and appearance. But the watches are in different color tones. It looks like a perfect homage watch to Rolex Datejust in the market. You can find a watch in two different tones as well as in a single color scheme.

Seiko SNXJ89 Specs

Seiko SNXJ89 wears a single color scheme. You can also find a white model. The dial of this Seiko SNXJ89 watch is silver-colored. It’s more dressier than most other SNXJ models. The fluted bezel with the gorgeous watch dial amplified its angelic look. Every detail is more conspicuous on the dial than the other models.

The black hour markers and black-white watch hands pop out more contrasting the white dominance in the dial. The classic beauty blended with the alluring attributes makes this watch a wanted one. It shows that the wearer knows how to respect and evaluate a classical homage watch.

Why Choose Seiko SNXJ89

If you’re a loyal and reserved person, you’re likely to choose the blend of black and white spectrum. Otherwise it may seem dull and lifeless to you. A practical man with little emotion would choose the gray option. The gray color on Seiko SNXJ89 projects a classical gesture. And it’s perfect as a homage watch.

Seiko SNXJ90 Specs

Seiko SNXJ 90

Seiko SNXJ90 sports a dashing golden tone in their models. The gold accent starts on the bracelets and breaches into the dial. The enigmatic color scheme marginalizes its homage value and upholds the beauty of the watch. 

The gold color starts in the middle of the bracelet and also covers the watch crown at 3 o’clock. The hour indices are black contrasting the white dial where the gold accent also breaches into the dial in the day-date window and the logo. The intelligent presentation of the color scheme pops out every single detail on the watch.

Why Choose Seiko SNXJ90

If you want to state your aristocracy and project your status, then gold accent on the silver spectrum will suit you best. Silver and gold both are precious metals and they sometimes represent the rich. The ultimate combination of the color scheme can also entice a introvert person. But as a Datejust homage, Seiko SNXJ90 is the best option in my opinion.

Seiko SNXJ92 Specs

Seiko SNXJ 92

Seiko SNXJ92 takes after the Seiko SNXJ90 other than the yellow gold dominance on the dial. The dial projects aristocracy from every angle through its gold madness. The analog dial pops up the black indices conspicuously. In the middle of the bracelet, the yellow gold accent goes straight and covers the whole dial including the fluted bezel.

The essential features include shock resistance and water resistance to 30m. The stainless steel bracelet includes a 3-fold clasp. It’ll secure the watch on your wrist. The black indexes with the black and white watch hands mitigate the overdose of gold accent in the dial to a little extent.

Why Choose Seiko SNXJ92

Seiko SNXJ92 almost imitates its previous version. The color scheme gets darker and dense on this package. The yellow gold accent on the jubilee bracelet becomes conspicuous. The darker model if perfect for you if opted for clear and concise finish of the color spectrum.

Seiko SNXJ94 Specs

Seiko 5 SNXJ 94

Now comes the watch fully covered in gold accent. Seiko SNXJ94 certainly looks expensive at the first glance. Other than the Seiko SNXJ92 watch with a gold tone in the middle of the bracelet, Seiko SNXJ94 has all the gold lunacy in the bracelet.

But all that glitters is not gold. The color variations in the watch may fit the bill for all. But it certainly enhances the beauty of the metal of the Seiko SNXJ timepiece. The gold painting in the Seiko SNXJ94 watch certainly plays an essential role but not for all. The date-dial display, hands, and markers are all black.

Why Choose Seiko SNXJ94

The gold madness on Seiko SNXJ94 will certainly attract some people. Gold is a precious metal. From the ancient time, human being loves to fascinate about gold. It has become the symbol of the rich and wealthy people. Gold is now the language of the upper class in the society. So as an influential on the society, you can opt for a gold watch to establish your status.

The Final Summation

Seiko SNXJ models were discontinued a few years ago. Not because of any backlashes, but Seiko wanted to introduce the newer models in the series with advanced 7S26 movement. That’s why after decades, Seiko SNXJ models are still dominating the hearts of watch lovers. 

Though Seiko has lots of references and models, you can bet on Seiko SNXJ for future opportunities. In fact, these classical models are discontinued and still found in abundance. It’s high time you invested on these classical pieces of homage watches. The Seiko watches will hold its value over time. But let’s not hope it’ll get the same attraction as the Rolex watches.

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