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I’m A.S.M. Masum Billah, the protagonist character behind all the exquisite articles you’re enjoying on the site. Pun intended, I’m the mainspring of the site and the surface movement you enjoy is my sole efforts to quench your thirst for horology.

My aim on this website is to provide you with the most relevant and up to date information on watches out there. As you’ve noticed, most of the articles are on narrow topics like the best watches for specific style or specific profession. We’ve also included best watches on a budget. The on-point topics will greatly help you to find your best watches easily.

As an avid fan of watches, I started to collect watches from early days of my high-school. The fascination for watches started when I got my first watch from my dad as a gift. But after a few days, dad found it broken as I opened the cases and played with the wheels and escapements. From the day on, I feel an emotional connection to watches. Years later, I gained some basic knowledge about the watches and still, researching on watches to learn more and more. And here I am to share my little knowledge with you, my fellow watch lovers.

Hopefully, it’ll be a great journey together. This blog will help you to know every aspect about the watches. You can evaluate the worth of a watch and identify the great complications on your own. So I’ve also added wisdom section to the site.

Enjoy your visit to the site. And if you want to get in touch, be sure to leave a message here. I’m always here to hearken your feedback or any type of questions about watches.