Pick The Best Apple Watch Sleep Tracker App To Improve Quality Of Sleep

Tick, Tock, Tick – Seconds, minutes, hours are ticking relentlessly all along the day and eventually drain your energy into productivity or fruitless endeavors.

Then at the end of the cycle, a sound sleep replenishes all the lost energy.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I’m reborn.”


A night of proper sleep can also make you more productive & healthy again by balancing your emotions, cooling the engine in your head, and relaxing the muscles.

Thus it prompts you to jump for another hectic day with tons of workload to finish.

Actually, sleep is known as the best meditation. It’s the natural medication for improving mental health.

The fact is you’re using heart rate monitor, steps tracker, fitness tracker, and so on. But do you pay attention to the natural healer, a sound sleep to know whether you’re having a deep sleep, a nap, an apnea or just floating in the first stage of sleep?

If you get my points on the importance of a sound sleep, then you should take steps to improve the quality of your sleep.

Let’s see what the Apple Watch Sleep Tracker Apps can do to make your sleep better by tracking it regularly.

Does Apple Watch Track Sleep

Yes, you can use the Apple Watch to track sleep just like you use it to count your calories or track your steps.

Unfortunately, Apple Watch doesn’t add any built-in sleep tracker to their health app.

But the question comes then, “How do apple watches track sleep?”

The answer is that it comes fully equipped with necessary hardwares like state-of-the-art sensors.

The sensors play a key role in evaluating the sleep patterns while wearing the Apple Watch in your wrist during sleep.

The Apple watches are made up of axis-based motion sensing that tracks movement in every direction.

Sleep trackers use mainly actigraphy and polysomnogram to collect data regarding your sleep.

Wearable trackers such as Apple Watch Sleep Tracker Apps use Actigraphy to record data.

Actigraphy essentially records movement through a measuring device called an accelerometer.

It’ll detect your sleep by analyzing your arm movements, leg movements or even your roll-over from one corner to another corner of the bed

As you’ve gained the partial wisdom about apple watch sleep tracker apps, let’s delve deep into this matter to get a clear insight.

How To Track Sleep On Apple Watch

While waiting for Apple to add the sleep tracker feature in their latest version of Apple Watch, the Apple aficionados can simply download the third-party apple watch sleep tracker app available on the App Store.

Though the apple watch sleep tracker apps aren’t provided by Apple, they can fill up the lacking by keeping tabs on how well you sleep and for how long.

The sleep tracker apps can provide you tons of data regarding the depth of your sleep, whether you’re snoring, whether it be a nap or so many on the list that we’ll discuss later.

The apple watch sleep tracker apps are comfortable and functional to use for everyday wear.

You can simply download and use these top-rated apps from the list below without any hesitation.

The apps come as paid and free versions.

Sometimes it seems overwhelming to pay attention to tons of data regarding your sleep.

When you need only a few key features, there’s no need for such complicated data collection.

So I added a few free apple watch sleep tracker apps to the list so that you can enjoy the simple, basic features and sophisticated manipulation until the Apple Watch comes equipped with a battery conserving sleep tracker.

Considerations Apple Watch Sleep Tracking


Apple Watch has come a long way and publishes a series of 5 elegant models of watches.

But neither they add sleep tracker app on their Watch OS nor they declare it as a key feature.

If you ask “Does Apple Watch 5 track sleep?” The answer is nothing but an absolute ‘NO’ even if it comes to the Apple Watch 5!

The reason behind this is mainly battery life. The apple watch sleep tracker app consumes a lion’s portion of the battery life as you’ve to wear them overnight.

So you need to charge the battery when you get the time, maybe it’s when you go to bed or when you wake up at the morning so that you get the most out of it.

Pro tips: 

So let’s try to find a solution. After the whole days’ functioning, if you left only a little percentage of the battery, then you’d better charge it while finishing your dinner or other things before your bedtime.

But if you’ve 30%-40% battery that’ll do for the night, you can wear it to bed and in the morning, you can charge it.

That’s what I do most of the time. I recharge the watch when I take a bath, have my breakfast, and then prepare myself for the varsity.

Meantime, the charging continues to reach full and I can easily use it for the whole day.

That’s enough time to recharge the Apple Watch as we know that it takes almost one and a half hour to recharge 80% of the battery from 0%.

And another 20% take only half an hour to recharge the full bar.

But if you still lack the charge in your Apple Watch, you can try to recharge it before you go to bed or after you wake up.

That’ll solve the crisis with your Apple Watch Battery Life, hopefully.


There’s also a matter with the watch face that you need to consider to take into action.

Whenever you make any arm movements upward (which is very common while sleeping), the watch face lights up to cause you a disrupted sleep.

And even you’ve to think again if it seems the face isn’t bright when it’s like pitch-black.

Pro tips: 

You need to turn off the Wake Screen on the Wrist Raise feature.

To do this, you need to enable Theater Mode by swiping up on your watch face.

This will disable notifications as well as raise-to-wake option.

Some Other Pro Tips:

1.       To prevent any watch notifications during your typical sleep hours, schedule the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option to turn on automatically. It’ll stop the unwanted to notifications from disturbing your sleep. To do this, go to iPhone Watch App> My Watch> General> Do Not Disturb

2.       Enabling ‘Theater Mode’ also keep your watch screen dark until you wake up.

3.       Upgrade the sleep tracker apps to get tons of chart regarding your sleep.

Apple Watch Sleep Tracker App

Sleep tracker app collects the body signals by the high-quality sensors in Apple Watch and provides the relevant data.

They also monitor the rise and fall of heart rate and thus recognizes if you’re falling asleep or taking a nap.

I’ve spent quite a significant time to research the sleep tracker apps and come to enlist a few of them.

Though there’re plenty of apps out there, the apps below will easily meet your demands.

Free Apple Watch App To Track Sleep


Downloading Cost: Zero

Premium Membership: 7 days free,

$3.99/month or $29.99/year if you want better analysis of your sleep

SleepWatch is a apple watch sleep tracker app

It’s the very first Sleep App that transforms the Apple Watch into a sleep tracker that can automatically detect and keep tabs on your sleep.

Bodymatter prepares this app like a sleep coach sitting in your wrist that can learn your routine and implies it to improve your sleeping habits.

Many of us wonder sometimes: “Are naps affecting my sleep?” or “Am I getting enough sleep?”

SleepWatch can quench a bit of thirst by getting the answer after continuously monitoring it overnight.

Though as a free version it can give enough data to track sleep on apple watch, you can upgrade to premium to get more of the features.

It’ll give you numeric values for the quality of sleep and also, the Smart Bedtime Reminder serves a great deal as another paid feature.

Get this app from App Store and track your sleep for a better overview.


Downloading Cost: Zero

Premium Membership: No

Apple watch sleep tracker app is Sleep++

Sleep++ provides the most basic features available in other sleep apps, but it’s totally free to download and won’t disturb you with any hidden extra costs.

You can both manually or automatically track your sleep by choosing which modes you prefer to on.

Auto mode will track your movements or lack of it thereof- and give data on whether you fall asleep or not.

In manual mode, you need to tell the app before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning.

You need to press the “Start Sleeping” when you go to bed and after waking up, press “Stop Sleeping” on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

You’ll also get the data about how deep your sleep was from this apple watch sleep tracker app.

But you won’t get any more of the data from this app, but it’s not bad as a free app to start your sleep-tracking routine.

Try this free app on Apple App Store.

Paid Apple Watch App To Track Sleep


Downloading Cost: $2.99

Paid Membership: No

Autosleep is a apple watch sleep tracker app

It’s a superb apple watch sleep tracker app to track every single data regarding your journey in the dreamland.

You need to tell the app that you’re going to sleep by enabling the ‘Lights Off’ function.

It can monitor the depth and length of sleep with lots of other features.

But it doesn’t mean that you can trick the app by your unmoving body binged in Netflix or whatsoever!

You can track how long it takes to fall asleep by monitoring the time after you enable the Lights Off section directly.

This apple watch sleep tracker app also helps you to monitor your heart rate against time and analyze how deep your sleep was by viewing your sleep session.

The peaks and troughs in your sleep indicate when you were in slumber and when you wake up.

You can also measure a variety of data available in the app and improve your sleep habit thereby.

Give it a try in Apple App Store.

Sleep Cycle

Downloading Cost: Zero

Premium Membership: 1 month free, $29.99/year

SleepCycle | apple watch sleep tracker app

Sleep Cycle is one of the best apple watch sleep tracker apps that includes a built-in alarm feature.

The chime function is unique in the sense that it can automatically wake you up after recognizing the lightest stage of your sleep.

You need to set the time to wake up and the app will automatically wake you up by ringing haptic vibrations about 30 minutes before you go through the lightest 1st stage of sleep.

The app provides you with soothing sounds, HR monitoring, weather alerts, and so on if you unlock the premium features.

But you won’t get any comparative analysis on the data of your sleep cycle like on Auto Sleep.

Download this app on App Store.

Other Apple Watch Sleep Tracker Apps


One of the key features of this apple watch sleep tracker app is that it can record any audio events during your slumber.

That means you can track the data if you’re snoring, sleep talking, or even suffering any sleep apnea.

But you need to select the manual mode first to activate this feature.

Try this app on the App Store for free with in-app purchases.


NapBot features a very easy-to-navigate interface.

They use a machine learning mechanism that can easily track sleep to give you details on your sleep like the phases, depths, trends, and many more.

Though it’s the newest Apple Watch sleep tracking app, it’s quickly gaining popularity among the apple watch lovers.

Download it on the Apple App Store for free with in-app purchases.

Steps By Steps Guideline To Track Sleep On Apple Watch

1.       Download the Apple Watch Sleep Tracker App from the Apple App Store

2.       Then you need to complete the onboarding

3.       You’ve to wear your Apple Watch to bed to get the perfect data

4.       When you wake up, check the Apple Watch App or iPhone App to analyze the details of your sleep and ensures that you get better sleep day by day.

Actually, getting tons of data is not a fact.

Make sure that you’re comfortable with the interface and there’s some sort of features that detect sleep automatically, so you don’t need to remember enabling the sleep tracker before going to bed when totally exhausted.

You can also track the time you sleep with such a basic method without any additional data. Wonder what it is! it’s just tracking time before you go to bed and after you wake up! Simple! If you’re thinking such an idea, then you can do it with normal affordable analog but stylish watches.

Finally, if I am to recommend an app, I’ll choose AutoSleep to get the most data possible regarding sleep.

But do you also track your sleep with Apple Watch?

Then let me know in the comment which app do you prefer to use?

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