Unleashing The 15 Best Affordable Men’s Watches Under $500 You’ve Always Wished To Gift For Remembering a Loved One

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Picking the best affordable men’s watches for you or your loved ones seems tiring and sometimes a little overwhelming as there’s a countless number of cheap watches floating online.

But you need to pick the best affordable watches without compromising any features that can be either stylish, elegant or functional.

And here’s our total effort to guide our valuable readers to the ultimate collection of the best affordable men’s watches that are exquisitely designed equaled with high-end craftsmanship.

Are you wondering what is the romantic gift for boyfriend? Or searching for the best gift for husband!

Do you want the best watches to buy on a budget and gain the wisdom for the reasons they stand in my best watches list?

Then you’re in the right place because no other gifts are as appealing as a perfect timepiece.

And yes, I know the urge for a magnificent timepiece and so here I’ve lessened your toiling and moiling by providing you with a handful of the Best Men’s Watches Under $500 including the clues for you to pick the best.

Instead of listing a lot of watches randomly, we’ve compiled the 15 best affordable watches for men so that you can easily find the best one for you to buy only under $500.

Before including these items in our Best 15, we checked the various features it provides such as its design, compatibility, appearance, functionality, and also budget.

Without any further ado, let me take you to the kingdom of the timeless collection of watches that are waiting to be worn by their reverend masters who love precision and eyes into perfection.

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I. SEIKO Presage Cocktail Time: Best diver’s watches ever
II. NOVE Trident Ultra-Slim Diver: Ultimate quality with exquisite design
III. Casio Edifice EQB -900D-1A: Hybridized digital and analog features
IV. Tommy Hilfiger Stainless Steel Men’s Watch: Exquisite fashion intuition
V. Bulova Archive Series Computron: Revolutionary vintage look
VI. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical: Simple but gorgeous in style
VII. Seiko Men’s Adventure-Solar Classic Casual Watch: A loyal company in adventures
VIII. Citizen Watches Men’s Promaster Diver: Highly endurable and classical in styling
IX. Orient Men’s FAA02005D9 Ray 2 Analog Watch: A robust timepiece with longevity
X. Armani Exchange Men’s Black Stainless Steel Watch AX2513: Auto choice for the folks of urban landscape
XI. Casio G-Shock Master Of G Mudmaster GGB100-1A: The ultimate savor from mud, The Mudmaster
XII. Withings Steel HR Sport: Classiness with modern technology
XIII. Tissot Everytime Automatic: Minimal design with longevity
XIV. SEIKO Alpinist: The timepiece with ultimate perfection
XV. Bulova UHF Chronograph: The chronograph with the elegant design

Take A Glance Before You Start:

If you want to know what a quality watch means, you need to know some much-used terms in horology. Let’s crack the codes for some of the terms used in this article.

Quartz movement: It’s the battery-powered movement that is much more accurate than the automatic movement as the vibration is much more frequent for the current flow.

Automatic movement: This movement depends on the motion of the wrist. It gains its power from the wearer’s motion

Hacking: It’s the halt of second hand movement at one’s will to easily synchronize the time.

Diver’s Watch: Actually, a little portion of consumers wear it for the diving purpose where most of them use it for robust use as they can withstand any rough and tough situation. It started to flush in fame when James Bond started to wear the Rolex Submariner.

Eco-drive technology: It means that the watch can empower the battery by absorbing energy from any light source nearby.

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1.          SEIKO Presage Cocktail Time

Our top pick for the best affordable men’s watches under $500.

Seiko Presage Best Watch For Men

Case Diameter: 40.5 mm

Movement: Mechanical automatic movement

Price: $390

Seiko presage represents the Japanese aesthetic with the combination of traditional craftsmanship.

The quality and durability of these watches are so well-known that it seems cliché to say again nowadays.

When the elegancy is added, like the sunburst pattern that radiates out from the center in subtle but pleasant ice blue, no matter the price people jump into lines to buy such great watches that verily affordable.

The case of Seiko Presage is 40.5mm stainless steel with its gloss finish and can easily fit your small or flat wrist giving a blue blood feeling.

The movement is limited to mechanical automatic with a 41-hour power reserve and the magnetic resistance of 4800 A/m.

The hardlex box-shaped crystal adds a retro touch along with the elegant touch of the blue needle second hand.

The leather strap has a pushbutton release and also a slightly bigger crown to handle the hacking easily.

This Seiko watch looks anew from every angle of the watch when the lights reflect in the sunburst dial.

Considering the whole package, it’s no doubt that this Seiko Presage Cocktail is worth being listed in the affordable men’s watches under $500 and you’ll restore the happiness buying this item.


2.          NOVE Trident 6.8mm Ultra Slim 200m Diver

 The Best Diver’s Watch Ever as a Non-specialized Accessory Only Under $500

Best Diver's Watch

Case Diameter: 46 mm

Movement: Swiss Quartz movement

Price: $500

If you’re planning to dive deep down the sea, you must need the favor of the god of the sea, Poseidon.

And it’s the NOVE Trident, the thinnest ever non-specialized diver’s watch on the planet to give you ample access to lo and behold the beauty underwater.

This design-focused watch doesn’t negotiate with its functionality by providing some stand-out features that make the watch to the highest standards of quality blended with craftsmanship.

In addition to the ultra-slim profile of this diver, the Trident also boasts a never-seen-before bezel design which is magnificent as well as effective up to 200 meters under the sea surface.

Inspired by the Trident of the King Poseidon, the bezel presents three staggering lever stoppers combined with gear teeth so that the bezel is unidirectional.

The NOVE Trident featured the Swiss quartz from Ronda which is very much accurate to help you with good timing.

The watch will easily fit your wrist with a very handsome butterfly clasp adorned with super illumination of the dial and indices to increase readability in low light.

They provide the highest valued sapphire crystal glass at affordable price that can resist any scratches and you don’t need to worry about the damage under the ocean.

Since it’s released in the market, it’s garnered a lot of compliments from the watch aficionados who value precision and mind-blowing aesthetics.


3.          Casio Edifice EQB -900D-1A

The best affordable solar watch under $500

Casio Best stylish watches

Case Diameter: 45mm

Movement: Quartz movement

Price: $400

The best watch affordable with a cool combination of analog and digital features.

Casio Watches pulls up the watch industry to a new era of hybridized yet cool watches by introducing their action timepieces.

These watches are available with tough solar technology which are neobrite and can transform not only the sunlight but also from any light sources nearby e.g. fluorescent or sodium light bulb.

The tough case engineering of tarnish preventive stainless steel and its multi-function applications with the smartphone linking system proves to be worthy of its predecessor even better in certain cases.

Most of the watches that are linked to smartphones are typically larger and heavier, hence stand out the EQBO-900D-1A model with its thin metal case and light body.

This Seiko watch will easily nestle on your wrist whether it’s flat or a little chunky.

It’ll automatically update you with the correct time in its current location for almost any location in the world when it’s linked with compatible smartphones via Bluetooth.

The illuminated dials can give you the ultimate joy of knowing time in ebony-dark surroundings.

But the cool thing is that the timer and the countdown system where you’ll find the second hand ticking backward with the timer.

The quartz used for the movement will give you the accurate timing and only a bit of deviation in timing if not linked to a smartphone app.

This watch can survive easily under 100 meters of deep-sea to open the doors for you to easily do snorkeling and these’re the watches you can swim with, not compatible for diving though.

You can pick this model of Edifice to add to the glory of your collection without thinking much of recharging the battery or the accuracy of your watch time.


4.          Tommy Hilfiger Stainless Steel Men’s Watc

The best affordable men’s watch only under $100

Tommy Hilfiger Best stylish watches

Case Diameter: 46 mm

Movement: Quartz movement

Price: $92

Tommy Hilfiger translates the DNA of his exquisite and infallible fashion instinct into the watch branding that creates exceptional value to watch industry.

This handsome synthetic band comes as a relief if you don’t feel comfortable but allergic to the genuine leather spiraled around your wrist.

This Tommy Hilfiger watch for men is perfect if you have a broader wrist or a man of short stature as it won’t imbalance overpowering your hand.

The big blue luminous dial scripted with stylish Arabic numerals and classical feeling makes a standout from others available at only a handful of bucks.

The analog quartz watch has a silver-oxide battery that can last for almost 18-36 months if you don’t use for rugged purpose.

You can also enjoy some fun time drenching in the rainwater or washing hands in faucet spray as it resists 3 bars of pressure underwater.

But remember to keep the crown, case, and the crystal totally intact as well as the fact that the pushbutton shouldn’t be pressed underwater too.

Also, consider its exposure to rain before you get the leather strap wet causing its premature deterioration.

If you want to buy an elegant timepiece at a very fair price, this is the best men’s watch under $100 that can be an outstanding choice for you on a budget.


5.          Bulova Watch Archive Series Computro

The not-usually-seen best watch for men under $100. The revival of the past with a revolutionary vintage look.

Bulova Watch Best stylish Watches

Case Diameter: 41 cm

Movement: Quartz movement

Price: $193

Bulova seems to revive its 70s top hits watches for a revolutionary movement combining the past glory with present tech domination.

They’re paying homage to one of their most iconic watches by bringing the new Bulova LED Computron into light with multi-functional features.

The movement is still limited to quartz for the accuracy of timing and the grooved, sleek body of the watch is unusually positioned with a blue LED display which gives a unique look to its style.

Bulova comes up with an extended array of features that include day/date options and dual time zone indicator.

The trapezoid-shaped case coordinated with stainless steel bracelet comfortably secures with the fold-over clasp closure.

This watch has revived from its demise though it’s very popular back in these days, just to be adorned again and to glamorize you, they’ve come this long way.

So, you can put this item on your bucket with confidence and earn the praises of your loved ones with this best affordable men’s watch only under $200.


6.          Hamilton Watches Khaki Field Mechanical

The best field watch under $500

Hamilton Khaki Best field watches

Case Diameter: 38 mm

Movement: Hand winding mechanical

Price: $352

Hamilton Khaki is an American heritage of Swiss watches which is best for any simple but durable use.

The once ‘hack’ watch is now revived from its original 1960s Hamilton military watches into a classical standard for watch models.

Though stop second function is now a common feature on all mechanical watches, the then Hamilton field watch was known for this function among military personnel as they could easily synchronize their watches.

It’s exquisitely designed with 38mm solid stainless-steel case, glowing numerals, syringe shaped hands and indexes, and a long-lasting NATO strap.

The bezel has a smooth finish with the crown guard featured perfectly along with the rounded dial.

The Hamilton Khaki Watch has also two different textures of the dial. One is inside the dial and represents the hours’ system and the seconds winded up along the outer border, which can easily be touched up with the second hand.

The illumination of the dial and the hands are perfectly textured to be eye-catching in the darkness.

It’s the best bang for your bucks and you won’t regret buying this as it’s quite affordable men’s watch, rather you’ll earn the praises of your neighborhood.


7.           SEIKO Alpinist

The Seiko Alpinist is one of the best watches for men under $500

Seiko Alpinist

Case Diameter: 39.5 mm

Movement: Automatic movement

Price: $439

The list of best watches under $500 will be incomplete if I don’t mention the SEIKO SARB017 also lovingly known as Alpinist.

This is the perfect example of a masterclass timepiece that is known for the compilation of high-quality features.

Some features are just alluring to gain for any watch aficionados e.g. 50-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal, 200-meter water-resistant, rotating compass ring, see-through caseback, lumibrite hands, and indices,

The brown and green color combination of the calfskin leather is so appealing to the eye that you cannot but think of this timepiece again and again.

It’s a very popular Seiko watch that’s admired by many watch lovers as the best affordable men’s watches.


8.       Citizen Watches Men’s Promaster Diver

Citizen Watches Diver's Watch

Case Diameter: 48 mm

Movement: Quartz movement

Price: $318

This is the best watch to choose if you’re planning to dive deep into the unimaginable beauty of the ocean.

Citizen introduces its reverend citizen buyers of the world with the highly endurable classically-styled diving watch so that you can dive into water up to 300 meters with no complications at all.

Actually, most of the people who buy diver’s watch don’t even get it wet in water, they use it for rough use as the watch shows robust performance with rugged use.

Citizen’s Promaster diver throws a challenge by providing best of the features which seem unique in the context of pushers and crowns screwed down to prevent it from getting wet.

The watch uses traditional buckle closure with the three-hand analog display which is illuminated with its vivid and enlarged lighting.

The stainless-steel case and the black polyurethane wrist strap with emerald green bezel provide extra care as stainless steel prevents any effects of moisture and perspiration. You also won’t get skin irritation.

It’s really a lot for a watch regarding the price point.

You’re also getting a 1/5-second chronograph with the 24-hour dual time display.

But what we figured as the best of this watch is its Eco-Drive technology that means any source of light can charge the battery and you’ll never need to worry about replacing the battery.


9.        Orient Men’s FAA02005D9 Ray 2 Analog Watch

The best men’s watch under $500 as a companion in tremendous adventures.

Orient watch review

Case Diameter: 41 mm

Movement: Automatic movement

Price: $196

Let’s get an orientation with the ultimate star of the Orient brand, Orient’s Men’s Ray 2 Watch, which can withstand the water pressure deep down in the sea up to 200 meters and considered as the perfect watches you can swim with.

The Orient watch for men is waiting for its adventurous master to be worn with a stainless-steel band and a blue dial for deep-sea thrills.

Coming to the Orient watches review, this perfect timepiece with the robust character and elegant design can easily fit to add extra glory to your sharp-looking suit.

This timeless piece of mechanical watch is adorned with the Japanese automatic movement which can end the need to worry about the battery.

This Orient watch is recognized for the self-winding function meaning that it can harness the energy for hands movement by the body movement or hand-winding of the wearers.

If it comes to the fact to easily empower the battery, there’s another way of hacking movement that can be set manually.

The luminous indices along with the 120-click bezel earn the applauses of the consumers both for its brightness and durability.

To be added, the special mechanical movement also ensures that the hands don’t produce any disturbing ticking sound of quartz movement rather ensures a smooth sound.

This version of the watch in Orients watches USA can meet up your requirements with its fantastic outlook.


10.      Armani Watches Exchange Men’s Black Stainless-Steel Watch AX2513

The expensive looking best Armani watch at only under $500

Armani Watches Best stylish watches

Case Diameter: 46 mm

Movement: Analog Quartz movement

Price: $157

Armani Exchange has established itself as a fashion icon in the industry and also reigning the watch industry by adding its style-instinct to the accessories to gear them up with ultimate delicacy.

This timepiece is perfect for the urban lifestyle and also the music culture as the mesmerizing textured sunray dial reflects its undefined glory to celebrate the seductive mood that comes to life after dark.

The polished stainless-steel black IP case along with the H-link bracelet that is neatly brushed and polished to serve as the quality standard to wear in the party or the board meeting.

The texture of the dials and sub dials are beautifully designed to allure the watch aficionados.

You can surely use this best affordable men’s watch for any recreational swimming but you have to avoid any deep diving or snorkeling.

It can be the best choice for them who may celebrate the beauty and allure of the city and adapt themselves to the fast-paced lifestyle.


11.      Casio Watches G-Shock Master Of G Mudmaster GGB100-1A

G Shock is the best shock absorber watch that is men’s best watch under $500 only

G Shock Best mud resistant watch under 500

Case Diameter: 5.5 cm

Movement: Quartz

Price: $346.50

G-Shock watches, a brand of Casio Watches, is renowned for making highly functional and bulletproof timepieces and hence the Mudmaster is another addition to their hardcore series.

It can survive any rough and tough condition with its highly qualitative functions.

It’s the best option for an outdoorsy man who loves adventure race or the defense militias or soldiers can use this robust timepiece.

Watches G-Shock include the combination of the altimeters, barometers and the thermometers to provide high-quality assessment of a situation along with the mud resistance which is a great option for an outdoorsy man.

The watch comes with a carbon core guard structure case that protects any kind of shock-induced damage.

You can also keep track of your paces in an unknown land to unknown direction by using the accelerometer.

The digital highly qualitative features blended with quality craftsmanship make a lot of fans laud for this perfect timepiece.

You can keep the master of the timepieces among our best affordable men’s watches, spending only a few bucks though it’s one of the best affordable men’s watches only under $500.


12.      Withings Steel HR Sport

The best hybrid watch for men under $500 only

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Watch

Case Diameter: 40 mm

Movement: Hybrid Smartwatch

Price: $180

Now is the time to add something specialized and not a hunky-punky item in your cart.

This hybridized Withing steel HR model will give you the feeling of antiquity and classiness, but at the same time you’ll enjoy some modern built-in technology.

It happens that you don’t want to lose the feeling of a wristwatch with a clunky, digital hunk of plastic and rubber, but you can’t ignore the necessity of the smartwatch as they add some modern features required in our daily life.

So hence the Withings Watches add a bit of smartness to the watch by adding the systems of heart rate monitoring, global positioning system and smartphone notifications.

Thus, this Withings Smartwatch proved itself as a very practical little device with the much-needed hybridization.

And it’s available only under $200 that makes us to put this digital watch in our top picks of the best affordable men’s watches.


13.      Tissot Everytime Automatic

The best automatic men’s watch under $500 only

Tissot Watches

Case Diameter: 40 mm

Movement: Swiss automatic

Price: $395

If you want a minimalistic watch and average in size, you can pick the stainless-steel watch from the well-established and historical Swiss brand Tissot founded in 1853.

You can wear it for any casual appearance or board meeting or with any formal outfits.

The display is made up of the subtly domed sapphire crystal which is highly scratch resistant and also adorned with the see-through caseback and a little illumination in its date window.

If you like its minimal look and interested to be the owner of one or two watches that’s affordable men’s watches, then this watch is the best choice that suits you.


14.    Seiko Men’s Adventure-Solar Classic Casual Watch

The best Seiko Watch to accompany you in the journey of thrilling adventures

Seiko Watch Best adventure watches

Case Diameter: 42 mm

Movement: Quartz Watch

Price: $485

Seiko Men’s SSC081 Adventure-Solar Classic Casual Watch outstands in the list of the best affordable men’s watches with its exquisite yet functional features.

The pioneer brand in watch history comes up with a classic casual timepiece that’ll help you with not only alarm chronograph but also in direction mapping while on an adventure.

The watch can continue the flow of energy itself being empowered from any of light sources nearby whether it’s natural or indoor light.

You can also add up swimming or snorkeling to your adventure fun as it ensures to withstand the water pressure up to 330 feet.

The genuine brown leather strap and the polished and brushed finish of the stainless-steel case elevate the magnificence of this timepiece to another level, and the alarm function is easy to manipulate.

While traveling, doing all the heartbreaking adventures, your body will try to compensate the lost energy inducing you to a deep sleep.

And here comes the alarm chronograph to transform your very deep sleep into a short nap so that you can linger the day with more fun and frisson.

Because nobody wants to spend their traveling as an agenda for sleeping sound, for sure.

The hardlex curved crystal glass protects the compass-style dial and sub dials which show luminous hand markers with eye-catching green illumination.

If you’re dedicated to making your traveling more passionate and adventurous with backup for your wake-up call, this masterpiece wins over other, just look at all other elements it provides within a very low price.

So, go grab this best affordable men’s watches and ticks the calendar for a great geared-up journey ahead.


15.      Watches Bulova UHF Chronograph

The best Bulova Moonface men’s watches under $500 only

Bulova Moonwatch

Case Diameter: 45 mm

Movement: Quartz Watch

Price: $506

Last but not the least, Bulova Watches pops up again with another piece of high-quality timepiece combined with the best craftsmanship you can find over time.

And it is worth to be placed at the top of the list on our ‘best affordable men’s watches’ article, but it’s also the first from bottom 😀

The combination of a fluted bezel with the cushion-style case is almost unique comparing them with the other brands in the market.

Beneath the mattle-cream or beige dial lies the hands movement that beat at 262 kHz though its sub dials are slightly recessed.

There is a variety of color mixed in the hands and the indexes id est red and white hands with black Arabic numerals which exposes great luminance.

And these strategical combinations of these features make it special for the consumers to pocket it in rocket speed as the best affordable watch for men.


16. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

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The Final Summation

It’s incomplete for a man without a watch in his wrist joint.

The best affordable men’s watches give a man the pleasure of knowing time real quick along with the effect in the personality and elegancy shown in one’s nature.

Actually, horology has come a long way and it’s now a common thing to see the highly featured watches affordable within your reach.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a perfect timepiece as the craftsmanship has gone to a height in this century.

The need for these wristwatches is everlasting as you don’t need to pop your mobile phone up your pocket in a board meeting or any important event which is very much disgusting.

You can find a lot of high-grade features like the highly functional stainless-steel case, fine leathers, smartphone capability, and world-class movement.

The following timepieces are super-styled and state-of-the-art as well as very robust and multi-functional in use.

We extract the aroma of the best affordable men’s watches from the best men’s watches brands that are existing for decades and serve as the pillar of trust in the watch industry.

You can use the timepieces whether to impress someone, meeting with your business partners, attending any classy events, or to magnetize everyone’s eyes attached to your magnificent watch.

There’s a wealth of choices available online that are priced from a little buck to grands of money.

But you should always consider the need you’re feeling for. Maybe it’s only for knowing time, board meeting, stylish appearance, dressing matches, or so on.

Just pick one of the best affordable men’s watches that bells the ring in your mind and pocket it in rocket speed.

If you think this article on “the best affordable men’s watches” helps you to choose the best watch in a budget and brings you inner peace with it, then let me know in the comment box and glow it by posting a photo with your favorite watch.

If you like this article, please share it and let me know in the comment box if you think of a watch that should be included in this list.

Are you searching for Apple Watch Sleep Trackers to track your sleep, then get them here. We’ve also rounded up the rose gold touches on the watches like sailing watches or moonphase watches.


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