Drop-Dead 11 Best Women’s Watches Under $500 You Wish For

Long gone these days when women chose to wear only jewelry as their most lucrative fashion accessories.

Nowadays women’s watches not only serve fashion needs or just for show, but they’ve also adapted and leaned to offer lots of quality features and functions that ease the way of life in all spheres of daily workout or events.

If you’re searching for an affordable but classy and stylish best women’s watch under $500, but after hectic searches online you’re stumbled to find an overwhelming number of women’s watches, but not quite affordable and exceeds your budget for now.

Don’t worry, we put a small effort to help you find the best affordable women’s watches that’ll cut out no more than $500 dollars from your wallet.

You don’t need to die about searching for the timeless piece whether to add to your attire or to present as a unique gift for girlfriend or romantic gift for wife.

Here is the catch for you with a complete list of Best Women’s Watches Under $500 depicting every ins and outs to help you find the best watch that suits you most and make you more gorgeous and appealing in personality.

All the picks here come in at no more than $500. Besides, the best women’s watches under $500 enlisted here are more budget-friendly, and you don’t need to sacrifice the quality, design, or craftsmanship with any of these watches.

In case you need any stylish and elegant watches for your husband or boyfriend, then check this article to find out the Best Affordable Men’s Watches Under $500.

Here is the index for the best women’s watches under $500:
Best Watch Overall: Bulova Watches Automatic-self-wind watch 98P170   Best affordable Watch: MVMT Santa Monica
Best Fashionable Watch: Michael Kors Parker Glitz Watch
Best Automatic Watch: Swatch Watches SUTB400
Best Smartwatch: Skagen Signatur T-Bar Smartwatch
Best Bracelet Strap Watch: Daniel Wellington Watches
Best Minimalistic Watch:  Movado BOLD Women’s Watch
Best Budget Watch: Timex Watches Modern Easy Reader
Best Sports Watch: VICTORINOX Swiss Army Women’s 241504 Alliance Chronograph
Best Luxury Watch: Michele Deco Sports
Best Digital Watch: Apple Watch Series 5
Short Concept

Before you pick the best watches for women, let me clarify one thing. There’s no way all the people will have the same taste, same instinct, or the same judgment. So what seems best for me, can be a trash one for you. But there are plenty of best watches for women under $500 enlisted here after scouring and researching on a lot of watches and their reviews. So you can be assured of finding the best one for you from this Best Watches For Women Under $500 article.

To apply your own judgment to identify the best watch for you, keep some criterion in head that you need in your watch. But you may need to compromise some features to get it at an affordable price. So the budget also plays a big factor in choosing the best women’s watch for you. Without any further ado, let’s see the common and most distinguishing features for a great watch. I’m arranging the keywords from best to good one so that you can get a quick overview of buying the watches for you or your loved one.

·         Movement: Automatic> Manual> Quartz (most accurate & affordable though)

·         Glass: K1 Mineral Crystal> Sapphire> Mineral> Acrylic

Prices and links are current as of 07/01/2020.

#Best Rose Gold Watches For Women Under $500

1.    Bulova Watches Atomatic-self-wind watch 98P170

cheap Women's Watch Bulova watch

Style: Women’s watches in rose gold

Movement: Automatic

Case diameter: 35mm

Price: $371 | $485

I wish to see Bulova Women’s Watches 98P170 as a stylish and highly fashionable watch, but the quality likely to surpass the beauty as a back burner and makes this watch cling to perfection all around.

If you’re looking to shine in the crowd, then the Bulova 98P170 is the perfect timepiece that’ll make you look dazzling but yet elegant anywhere at any time.

This is the best stylish but affordable watches that Bulova unleashed in their Ladies’ Diamond Collection.

Yes, it’s diamond! Diamond in the best women’s watch under $500!

Five pieces of diamond are handset as the hour marker on the bouquet shadowed dial that’s unimaginable at this price point.

No need to say, the bling of this best women’s watch under $500 is just stunning

You can see a small aperture through which the mainspring with all other gear parts can be seen.

It’s like you’re literally looking at the heart of this Bulova watch.

The exquisite but adaptive design lets you wear it to match any outfits or any formal and informal occasions you attend whether be it picnic, cafe, party, or board meeting.

This Bulova watch adds a fine and fancy touch to the outfit and glamorizes your personality.

Though the watch head gets to be your favorite, sometimes the straps of even beautiful watches cause trouble as they don’t fit in color or even in the wrist.

But hence Bulova offers you such bracelets that’s easy to fit most wrist sizes and comfortable to put on.

The movement is limited to a self-wind automatic heart-beat movement that needs manual time adjustment every week or less.

The rose gold accent refurbishes the watch along with the luminous indices scripted at the mother-of-pearl watch dial.

The display is made of sapphire crystal glass which is the most scratch-resistant glass in industry and the Roman numerals along with the stick and diamond markers take the fashion level to another dimension.

All the exquisite features make this Bulova Watch not only a stylish watch, but it outstands the others of its kind in terms of functionality also. The watch can be a reliable pick as the best women’s watch under $500.

Bonus Points

•             The design is universal

•             5 diamond hour markers are attached

•             The band fits most of the wrist sizes.

Where To Compromise

•             Movement is not so accurate and need time adjustment

#Best Affordable Watches For Women Under $500

2.    Women’s Watches MVMT

Best Affordable Watch MVMT

Style: Minimalist

Movement: Japanese quartz

Case diameter: 38mm

Price: $97 | $115

The specialty of MVMT’s Santa Monica is its classical styling that’s ideal for you to wear every day.

For a relatively low-priced watch, it provides high craftsmanship and quality building of lugs that let you to switch into your preferable straps, be it leather or synthetic.

It’s quite easy to find plenty of attractive watches that are beautifully made to be greatly available in the market.

But what if you’re searching for affordable ones? It’s a very tough job as quite a few reputed brands offer such best cheap women’s watches.

And hence came the MVMT on the scene of the watch industry in 2013 with the intention to fill the void with its line of providing high-end timepieces that feature space-age craftsmanship and logical price tags that make the consumers happy with the brand.

Then they began to rise to the peak and sold over 1.5 million of watches and established themselves as a brand.

So finding not many nice-looking and elegant options that won’t cut more than $500 through my pocket, I was finally smitten with MVMT. The watches I was looking over seems expensive, but to be surprised I found that not any of them costs over $200

As the brand provides watches of minimalist aesthetic, you can find the best one for you that suits your daily wear.

But the Santa Monica earns to be listed at the topper place for its exquisite but aesthetic minimal design that’s quite feasible in everyday life.

The rose gold accents on the slightly oversized 38mm case comes to mesmerize the consumers by its balance between the classic style and on-trend looks.

If you think that the leather strap doesn’t suit you in color or feels allergic, feel free to switch into your favorite ones as the straps are totally interchangeable.

The affordable women’s watch from MVMT also provides metal, leather as well as nylon straps in several colors, price ranging from $24.50 to $40 for each of them.

This watch is of course the best women’s watches under $500 and also can be your pick as the best women’s watches under $100 only.

Bonus Points

  • Large selection of varied interchangeable straps
  • Provides a two-year warranty
  • Available at affordable price

Where To Compromise

•             Withstand water pressure up to only 3 meters

#Best Fashionable Women’s Watch Under $500

3.    Michael Kors Women’s Watches

Best cheap Fashion Watch

Style: Fashionable Women’s watches in rose gold

Movement: Quartz

Case diameter: 39mm

Price: $109 | $171.98

Michael Kors is the brand that dominates the watch industry by its unique fashion instinct gracefully blended with quality craftsmanship.

This watch will perfectly suit the ladies who want a watch to be as stylish as functional and definitely on a budget.

The Parker Glitz watch features a quite feminine design with its sleek body and rounded dial, perfectly zig-zagged with crystals studded around the bezel.

The moniker “Glitz” in its model name perfectly reflects since a multitude of crystal studs glow the watch face and able to captivate the crowd around you.

However, this best women’s watch under $500 will not only serve as a stylish piece for you but it’ll also serve as a chronograph for better time management.

The Michael Kors Parker Glitz depicts a bold statement in terms of fashion conscience with the excellent crystal-studded design.

The hour markers are all scripted by the glowing crystal studs that look so much expensive and luxurious, but no worry as you can afford it only with a few bucks spent.

The sparkling crystal studs at all around the watch, in the watch face including the guilloche dial and bezel, the bracelet all heralds the supremacy of this affordable luxurious watch.

The sub-dials of this chronograph offer some features that aren’t common in such women’s watches with this type of design and aesthetics.

I can say without any hesitation that if you’re looking for a quite affordable fashion fitness watch, you’ll just pocket the one of the best women’s watches under $500 at rocket speed.

Bonus Points

•             Pleasing design with sparkling crystals

•             Quite affordable as a fashionable watch

•             Chronograph function

Where To Compromise

•             Scratch-prone mineral glass window

#Best Automatic Women’s Watch Under $500

4.    Swatch Women’s Watches SUTB400

Best automatic watch

Style: Sport

Movement: Automatic

Case diameter: 42mm

Price: $160

Swatch Watches are highly recognized for the quality, credibility, and high-end craftsmanship of its Sistem51 movement that brings a lot of applause from the customers.

They put a lot of effort to provide the best craftsmanship in this watch and as a result, the accuracy is so excellent that you don’t need to adjust the time manually even in weeks.

The swatch Originals Sistem51 shows the world its battery power that can provide service up to 90 hours with the pleasing tick tock.

You won’t need to be worry even if you don’t wear this best women’s watch under $500 for a few days and likely to spend significant time with your other favorite ones.

It’ll glamorize your personality for years with no single scratches in its gorgeousness and will remain as the futuristic beauty as well as a timeless piece in your collection.

You can also manually wind the movement and it’s a piece of cake to charge its mainspring this way and such automatic movement is quite unusual in such best cheap women’s watches.

A lot of brands can’t cope with the quality of bands and this watch is no exception, but it gives you the flexibility to interchange with your favorite color or material straps.

In case you feel uncomfortable or allergic to this strap, you can switch to other bands of the same size. Many people feel comfortable to recognize it as one of the best women’s watches under $500.

Bonus Points

•             Ultimate accuracy in movement

•             Long lasting and lightweight

•             Modern design with a sleek look

Where To Compromise

•             Uncomfortable leather strap

#The Best Smartwatch Under $500

5.    Skagen Connected Signatur T-Bar Smartwatch

The Best Smartwatch

Style: Hybrid watch

Movement: Digital

Case diameter: 36mm

Price: $340

If you’re among these ladies who’re groping for an exquisite combination of style and modern features in tow, then the Skagen T-Bar Smartwatch can be the dandy of watches you select.

At first glance, it may seem like a classy looking dress watch that needs to cut your wallet. But it’s one of the best women’s watches under $500 only, around $350 to be precise.

But the magic lies underneath as an advanced smartwatch with the space-age technology though traditional design allures you to think it as a simple analog watch.

And this hybrid watch is so much useful for those who love the classical touch but don’t want to miss the modern life soothing features.

The affordable women’s watch provides all the basic functionality a smartwatch can provide such as linking to the smartphone and pop up notifications system.

Additionally, it also features fitness tracking, sports activity tracking, sleep tracking, and automatic time zone update if connected to a smartphone.

The notification system comes up with a subtle approach. Whenever a new message or incoming call pops up on the screen, the watch generates a gentle vibration to alert you.

The main problem with smartwatches is their battery consumption, and hence the T-Bar jumps ahead with a substantial number in this counter.

As it shrinks the smartwatches features in number, the watch can survive a 4-month long, long journey with you on a single charge that’s just excellent!

But think overall, this solid smartwatch will easily pass your taste like a traditional dress watch as well as the best cheap women’s watch.

The sleek body with a 36mm diameter case will rightly fit in your wrist and it also resists water up to 30 m.

The T-Bar is compatible with smartphones that are operating at Android OS 5.0 or iOS 9.0 and above. You can pick this as a reliable buddy in our daily workout as it flourishes our list of the best women’s watches under $500 with its exquisite features.

Bonus Points

•             Feeling of both analog and digital watch

•             Compatible with both Android OS and iOS

•             Long life of battery for almost 4 months on a single charge

Where To Compromise

•             Not many features as a smartwatch

#The Best Bracelet Strap Watch Under $500

6.    Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Mesh Watch

Best Bracelet Strap Watch

Style: Women’s watches in rose gold

Movement: Quartz

Case diameter: 32mm

Price: $149 | $189

The Daniel Wellington’s Classic Petite Mesh Watch comes up as a solid choice in the ocean of various options for the best cheap women’s watch as for its sleek body with metal look and a fully interchangeable strap

If you’re thinking to summon for the best of bracelet watches, then here’s the Aladdin’s Genie to overwhelm you with the wealth of options available – actually the selection seems quite endless but I pick one for you.

This exquisite piece from Daniel Wellington is quite a better timepiece to start off your new collection.

And it’s a gorgeous piece of one of the best women’s watches under $500 only.

Bracelet watches are quite popular for its ultra-slim look with the super-sleek body as they can easily fit with a formal suit as well as an informal T-shirt

But it’s likely that in order to get the right fit, you may need to remove a few links which may need the expert help in the case.

Though it’s a pain but still you may need this once or twice, and with the temperature changes, the wrist size can fluctuate with it.

Daniel Wellington’s Classic Petite Mesh Watch can be totally adjusted along the strap-length with its sleek metal look still be eye-catching.

You can wash your hands while wearing it though you need to avoid taking a shower or submerging it in the swimming pool, the reason is that it can’t withstand water pressure if it goes beyond 3 ATM.

Maybe the other colors including black, silver, and yellow gold can stylize your wrist more in the color scheme.

The watch features the Japanese quartz movement meaning that it’ll use the battery to recharge the mainspring of the watch.

The polished bezel and the stick indices with the round case is the epitome of a gracefully designed timepiece and definitely a great affordable women’s watch under $200 only.

Bonus Points

•             The folded clasp closure is easy to adjust

•             Classical styling that is timeless to wear for years

·         Interchangeable straps

Where To Compromise

•             May need to consult experts in some case.

#The Best Minimalistic Watch Under $500

7.    Movado BOLD Women’s Watch

Best Minimalistic Watch

Style: Stylish & Elegant

Movement: Swiss quartz

Case diameter: 34mm

Price: $467

With the minimalistic approach in the watch industry, Movado has developed its brand with a signature look in aristocracy as well as aesthetics.

The Movado BOLD brings its simple yet elegant design to light and passed with A grade under instinctive judgment regarding its fashion or function.

The affordable women’s watch comes up with the chrome silver finish that’s quite charming and easily feasible with Movado’s theme.

The stainless steel case is slightly larger at 34mm in diameter, but the pristine appearance of the dial is eye-catching.

The gold-toned accent of the hands and the signature dot mark at 12 o’clock position against the sunray dial brings a distinct look to the watch face.

With its Swiss quartz movement, it tells you the time with its highly precise and functional timekeeping.

Movado Watch uses K1 mineral crystal glass that is highly recognized for the scratch-resistance capability and durability even surpassing the sapphire crystal glass, the best to be known so far.

Movado can compete the other best women’s watches under $500 in terms of precision and run efficiently with the most possible minimal look.

Bonus Points

•             High precision in timekeeping capability

•             Minimal but aesthetic look

•             Use of K1 mineral crystal glass

Where To Compromise

•             No features other than timekeeping

#Best Cheap Women’s Watches Under $500

8.    Timex Women’s Watches

the best budget watch

Style: Women’s watches in rose gold

Movement: Quartz

Case diameter: 32mm

Price: $58 | $70

Timex Watches take a bold step to resurrect its heritage once again by freshly branding an original design from 1977 including more features that’s not to be found in any other watches at the same price tag.

And it’s the Modern Easy Reader that comes as one of the most affordable watches from one of the most recognized and revered brands in the watch industry, Timex that is revolving around since 1854.

The watches aren’t full of frills and frisson, but yes, I can say that they’re very much dependable, stylish and a top choice for anyone who’s not eager to make a bigger investment for the best cheap women’s watch.

The brand offers a wide range of choices meaning that anyone can find something suitable for him.

But I think this model of Women’s watch can be your top choice as it’s a wallet-friendly or vanity bag compatible [: D] timepiece to wear on most of the occasions in your daily life.

As same as the original version that’s introduced in the 70’s, the modern version of the watch includes the same clean styling but enlarges the watch face to 32mm that feels lightweight and fresh in the wrist.

It’s going to be a bang for your buck as the best women’s watch under $100 only and retains its value as you’re going to have it for only under $60. And that’s really exceptional in a watch with such features.

The straps are made of real calfskin and the watch can tolerate pressure for 30 meters of water, that doesn’t mean you can swim or take a bath.

The Indiglo backlight in the dial glows up in the dark with the white dial indices in full Arabic numerals that is easy to read.

Apart from the missing date window, the rose gold-toned brass case offers such features that you can’t ask for more from this timepiece at such a price point as best cheap women’s watches under $100.

Bonus Points

•             Quite affordable

•             Water-resistant up to 100 foot

•             Glowing backlight

Where To Compromise

•             Limited options for color

•             No date window like the original one

#Best Sports Women’s Watch Under $500

9.    VICTORINOX Swiss Army Women’s 241504 Alliance Chronograph

Best sports women's watch

Style: Sport watch

Movement: Swiss Quartz

Case diameter: 36 mm (1.41 inches)

Price: $149

If it’s your wish to wear the best watch with sporty aesthetics, then it’s our responsibility to represent you the Victorinox Alliance Chronograph, probably the best cheap women’s sports watch in my selection.

Victorinox, after succeeding with their famous Swiss Army Knife, finds the perfect industry to put their sporty instinct and comes up with the Swiss Army Chronograph.

That’s exactly how a women’s watch should be crafted retaining the sporty vibe – making a bold statement in design with Swiss precision and immaculate quality – and all are available at a very affordable price.

The watch glows up in the dark with its luminous hands and indices against the white color accent of the chronograph dial.

You can use this best women’s watch under $500 for swimming, bathing, or even recreational snorkeling, but you’ve to avoid deep-sea diving wearing this watch as it can be damaged if dived below 100 meters of water.

The chronograph consists of 3 sub-dials: the second dial is above the 6 o’clock position, the chronograph with the 30-minute measurement at the 10 o’clock position and the counting of second fraction counter is at the 2 o’clock position and the second markers are depicted in the bezels with a beautiful finish.

The white rubber strap with a typical pin buckle is actually 17mm in size and if you’ve got a chunky wrist you can interchange the strap with a leather strap.

Being one of the best women’s watch under $500, this Victorinox Watch can be a great buy for the day.

Bonus Points

•             Much lauded high quality and very much affordable

•             Water-resistant

•             2-years warranty

Where To Compromise

•             Seems small sometimes

#The Best Women’s Luxury Watch Under $500

10. Women’s Watch Michele Deco Sport

Best fashionable watch

Style: Luxury Sports Watch

Movement: Swiss Quartz

Case diameter: 36mm

Price: $355

While most of the Michele Watches blackjack you to put more than $1k on the sale table, the Deco Sport comes as an entry-level timepiece to add a sporty vibe to your adventurous lifestyle with an elegance, quality as well as versatility available only under $500.

If you want to afford the best women’s luxury watches, you’ve to drop a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousands of dollars.

If you’re groping for a luxury watch in the former category, here comes the Deco Sport watch to mitigate your lust for a better luxury watch to outrank in your friend circle.

Michele has been making classic watches that are designed to be exquisitely beautiful and ideal for you to wear daily in formal or informal suits.

The average one costs around $1500 to $2000 which is relatively affordable in the market of luxury watches.

But the sport version can be your top choice as it comes handy in terms of style and high craftsmanship, and available for a fraction of the average price in the luxury watches industry.

As normal, Michele used to provide the watch head and the straps separately, but in case of Deco Sport, you’re going to have it as a complete set.

There’re many more iterations available to choose from silver, rose gold, yellow gold, or gold-tone case, and straps can be attained as rubber or leather elements.

Depending on which style you choose from, the price can range from $395 to $595 allowing you to enjoy the Swiss-quartz movement for better time management.

Along with the best scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, the silver-toned white sunray dial features luminous stick markers and also, a date window which can be considered as a bonus for you.

You can interchange the adjustable navy silicone straps with any 18mm straps whether it be synthetic or leather to give the watch a correct attire when needed.

It has been a popular choice among the women as one of the best women’s watch under $500 with luxurious features.


•             Luxury watches at an affordable price

•             Interchangeable straps

•             Suitable for recreational swimming


•             As it’s a sport watch, it might not fit to the look of everyone

#The Best Digital Women’s Watch Under $500

11. Apple Watch Series 5

best digital watch apple watch

Style: Digital

Movement: Electric

Case diameter: 40mm, 44mm

Price: $299 | $399

Key Takeaways

Along with the seamless linking of the Apple Watch with the iPhone, this best smartwatch is for those who want a digital watch but doesn’t mind the sporty aesthetic of the watch.

If the sporty vibe of the Apple Watch goes okay with you, then you can grab this greatly featured digital watch as an ultimate choice to smoothen your life.

The latest version of the Apple Watch series, Series 5, comes up with a touchscreen face and a jaw-dropping always-on retina display that means you just need to cast your eye at the display and it’ll automatically tell you the time or fitness status during a workout.

Retina display ends the need to manually wake the screen up from sleep mode to check the data and there’re also countless apps available in the App Store that you can download add some extra astounding features to this space-age gadget.

The apple watches provide some exquisite features that make it a great assistant for any outdoor activities or fitness freakiness, not compromising its standard features like receiving texts or getting the calendar notifications.

The Apple Watch Series 3 that starts from $199 and the Series 5 that starts from $399 come up with high-end optical sensors to monitor heart rate, your GPS location and also includes an altimeter with the capability to resist water pressure up to 50 meters.

As one of the best women’s watch under $500, this smartwatch also includes a health app to measure all the data regarding a fit individual.

However, if you’re choosing the latest version, you’ll get a compass along with an ECG app to monitor your heart condition and so on.

Both versions of the Apple Watch can survive up to 18 hours with almost the same battery life.

Spending an extra 100 bucks, you can afford to add the cellular service if you want to make calls directly through your phone carrier of the watch.

There are dozens of different ways to customize its look though I mentioned only the sporty outline of the watch to find in this best cheap women’s watch.

The case size available both in 40mm or 44mm along with the variation in the colors and materials of the watch strap that are available from both Apple and third-party manufacturers like Casetify.

You’ll also get scores of digital watch faces available to buy from and also, you can customize the look of the watch for formal office setting by switching the straps with leather or metal aesthetic that’ll definitely look sleek to fit your wrist.

If it comes as a verdict, I have to say that there’s no great option other than the Apple Watches if you want to be notified about your messages or fitness statistics constantly for better fitness tracking.

You can also choose Fitbit Versa 2 for its fitness and health tracking facilities. It’s also a attractive piece of one of the best womens watch under $500


•             Tons of opportunity to customize your watch

•             Great to track your fitness stats

•             Countless features along with the access to third-party apps


•             A bit expensive

•             For dressier occasions it might seem too sporty

•             Can only be paired with iPhone

The Final Summation

Actually, there’re lots of the best women’s watches under $500 available online. It seems quite overwhelming to find your favorite and best women’s watch under $500 only.

A woman without a perfect watch in her wrist looks incomplete in fashion sense as the timeless collection of watches can reflect your personality and can make a bold statement about yourself.

It’s a tough job to compile the best women’s watch under $500 for you in a few categories.

Hopefully, it’ll put effect to easily cast your eyes to the most suitable one for you.

And the good thing is that you can find all the women’s watches in Amazon and the best women’s watch under $500 are available to buy on Amazon with an alluring discount for even up to $100.

Hopefully, my little effort of listing the best women’s watch under $500 helps you to find a beautiful timepiece for you or your loved ones.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends to let them know the best cheap women’s watches so that they can gain the wisdom to choose their favorite ones.

If you think there should be other watches in the list of the best women’s watches under $500 that I should include, then don’t hesitate to write in the comment box.

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