Top-Notch 11 Sailing Watches (From Affordable To Expensive)

Hey skipper, are you on a quest to find the best sailing watches to sail for your next regatta?

Worry about the perfect yachting watch to carry with you when you’re on board to sail for freedom in the open sea?

Here we are. We’ve garnered the best sailing watches packed with tons of features to guide you through the vast ocean.

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a budget or want the luxurious & all-rounder of the watches. Because we’ve rounded up both types of sailing watches on our list.

And don’t bother to buy another watch to comprehend your daily life ’cause the elegant and gorgeous sailing watches here will seamlessly blend with your everyday-wear.

As sailing watches need precision, we’ve eyed on the specialized version for the sailing watches so that you can get the best experiences on your nautical adventures.

Without any further ado, let’s look at the things you should consider before buying a watch for sailing, maybe, your first regatta.

Considerations Before Buying

Appearance: A competition means a lot of stress and winning means the proper management of time followed by accurate timing and precise navigation.

To save your time while racing, you need a large and clear display with easy-to-read bigger numbers on it.

Always eye for the anti-reflective sapphire crystal window for a sophisticated view without any interference.

Barometer: A barometer indicates the change of air pressure in the atmosphere.

The low pressure gauge on the barometer means the chance of a storm and high pressure assures you of a dry day ahead.

The barometer can help you to take an instant decision on the open sea to take a safe place in crisis.

Chronometer: As said earlier, time management is a huge factor in a race or a regatta.

So always keep an eye on the chronometer to calculate your time for the best results.

Moreover, a chronograph can give you a precise value for the longitude and latitude in the water.

Countdown Timer: The countdown timer measures the interval between times in reverse order to zero.

It’s very important to get to the right position for a perfect start in a race or a regatta.

Some watches are customized to turn into racing chronographs when the countdown reaches zero.

Compass: A compass is a reliable gear for proper navigation in the water.

By chance, if any electronic gears failed when you’re on board on a yacht, the compass can do a great help in that crisis moment.

It can also calculate wind tacks, sailing angles, and so on for navigation.

Sports features: Most of the watches for sailing insert sports features on them.

So no need to change out your sailing watches as they can help you out while trekking, hiking, racing, swimming, running, or even while monitoring your heart rate.

So the sporty vibe on the sailing watch can save you an extra bundle of bucks.

Tide information: If you’re on for a long race or the exciting regatta, then it’s best to keep an eye for the tide information.

It can be very helpful to know when the tide is high or low and also the status of the strength of the current.

Waterproof feature: It’s a must to have the water-resistance capability for a sailing watch.

Though you’re not planning to dive deep down the water, you need it because you never know when it rains heavily.

The watches should have a minimum resistance of water pressure up to 10 ATM meaning the watch should work under a minimum of 100 meters of water.

Straps: The case of the nautical watches are mostly substantial to wear.

So you need to consider the variation of the longer straps so that it rightly fits on your wrist over the top of your clothes.

You may consider rubber or Velcro straps for this purpose.

And you can use silicone strap as it’s waterproof, rust-free, and comfortable to wear.

However, you should always keep in mind what exactly you’re looking for in a watch and for what purpose. You don’t need exaggerated features on your watch just for timekeeping.
As there are tons of features available for a variety of sailor watches, clear out your demand before you take the plunge.

Watches For Sailing Below $500

Tissot Sailing Touch Watch

Tissot Sailing watch

We’ve seen various models of Tissot watches loaded with graceful touches of specialized features.

This time they showcased their watchmaking excellence with the purposefully made Tissot Sailing watch.

It’s packed with all the functions a sailor or a regatta competitor needs to sail their boats with confidence and proper management.

It has combined the data for the tide, weather, speed, all in a single display followed by the much-needed chronograph function and regatta timer added in this sailing watch also.

You can use this Tissot Sailing watch for 10 minutes countdown before starting the race.

The markers in the bezel indicate the countdown timing and automatically switch to chronograph mode after 10 minutes which is great!

You can position your sailboat in the right place for a perfect start using the regatta timer and sail it towards victory using the chronometer.

The tide monitor is also important as it shows the holographic data about the rising and lowering of the tide which can impact your decision for sailing at that particular time.

The tide function works by analyzing the time and date relating to the port that you set to get your tidal data.

The Tissot watch also comes with the meteo markers to let you know the weather condition.

The ups and downs of the barometer markers will help you to know if it’s going to rain or not.

And you can use the compass combined with the other functions to get more productivity from this sailing watch.

Apart from its fantastic helpful features for the sailors, the Tissot sailing watch looks fabulous with its vibrant and sporty outlook.

The red bezel around the round-shaped dial with digital and analog features herald the legacy of their popular Tissot T-touch line.

Moreover, it features a touch-screen function to control the different complications of this yachting watch.

Still, in these days, this Tissot Sailing watch is a popular buy for the regatta skippers.


  • Tachymeter function
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • Swiss quartz ETA movement

Timex Intelligent Yacht Racer Watch

Timex yachting watch

Timex continues its legacy of producing classic and timeless timepieces in all the specialized fields, so the sailing watches come next.

At first glance, the Timex Yacht Watch looks very complicated with multi-functional subdials and indicators.

And yet, it’s intelligently shaped and organized to be peaceful and gorgeous to one’s eyes.

The bigger watch face of 47mm with 6 hands and two dials is easy to read, even without your prescribed glasses.

The different colors and shapes of the hands contribute to different functions and it seems totally fine when you get used to the Timex sailing watch.

The yellow hand indicates the chronometer function that can be counted for 15 minutes.

And the red hand with yellow color inserted at the arrow ticks around the regatta sub-dial to indicate the countdown markers.

Adorned with the intelligent quartz movement to power every function, the watch presents a perfect perpetual calendar function with the date inscribed at the bezel.

Apart from its chunky look on the wrist, it’s a good deal to have the Tissot yacht watch for your first regatta at affordable price.


  • Normal chime settings and for regatta timer also
  • Water resistance up to 330 ft
  • Perpetual calendar

Suunto Traverse Alpha Sailing Watch

Suunto Sailing watch

Suunto Sailing Watch is considered the best buddy for heart-pounding and sweat-breaking adventures in the wild terrains.

But the versatile features in this Suunto Travers Alpha make it a reliable and trustworthy companion on the rough and tough open sea.

Those who want to sail through the endless beauty of the ocean or want to make out for victory with their crews, the exquisite features will help them in full scale.

As a digital watch, it provides sports features through Movescount apps where you can find plenty of apps compatible.

The combination of GPS and GLONASS (Russia) navigation provides much more accurate and pinpoint data for your position.

The Suunto sailing watch also includes moon phase data so that you know the best time to sail your mast.

Moreover, it features an altimeter and barometer that indicates the changes in the weather.

And if there’s a chance of a storm, it rings the alarm for the storm to give you enough time to seek a safe place.

With automatic shot detection or POI features, you can even identify the area where fishes are abundant.

The watch face is bigger, as usual but the versatility and aesthetic look of this watch make it possible to wear for adventures or even in a casual event.

If you eyes on the duration of the battery, then it’s possible to linger your battery life with a few optimizations in the settings.

Though it’s best for trekking in the wilderness, the sailing-touch features can’t be ignored if you go fishing or winning a regatta.

It can be a bang for your bucks as this Suunto Sailing watch also features chronometer and water repellent nylon straps


  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal window
  • Longer battery life
  • 100-meter water resistance

Garmin Quatix 5 Marine Smartwatch

Garmin sailing watch

In our list, Garmin marine smartwatch for is an all-rounder watch for sailing on the open sea or for your first regatta just for a handful of bucks.

This affordable nautical watch is packed with versatile features that a skipper needs to sail his shell to win a regatta.

Not only that but this elegant and big watch can also be the ultimate fisherman’s buddy on the open sea and can suffice as your everyday-wear with everything.

The watch is specially designed for the water and it’s a reliable source to stream for the data of speed, depth, wind tacks, temperature, and also heart function.

The Garmin sailing watch provides a heck of a performance for a wrist-top monitor that also tracks activities for kayaking, canoeing, and even biking and hiking.

It’s a great navigator watch with GPS and you can also save and trackback your trekking route on maps.

The watch can easily be linked with your smartphones and other compatible devices to get smart notifications, autopilot function, remote waypoint marking, and much more.

You can also get sail racing assistance not only from the regular countdown or chronograph function, but you can also use the smart apps and extra features to upgrade your yachting experience.

If you run this watch on Smartwatch mode, it’ll last for 2 weeks (optimizing some settings) and on GPS mode, it can accompany you up to 24 hours.

The handful of features of this sailor watch can be your trump card to track every aspect of your adventures or race in the open water.


  • Quick fit band system
  • Heart rate monitoring function
  • Elegant look with exquisite features

Optimum Time Series 3 Watch for Sailing

optimum time series sailing watch

The ultimate buddy for regatta crews is this Optimum Time Series 3 sailing watch as the price is within reach for the average Joes.

But it’s always a specialized watch for sailing as Optimum doesn’t compromise with any sailing-touch functions in this watch.

Don’t mock at its massive 65mm (display: 38mm×20mm) overall ABS case because no other watches for sailing would be much easier as it for timekeeping in the stressful moments of boat racing.

If you’re struggling to keep your shell in the right place for a perfect start, the watch will warn you ringing the bell for the last 5 seconds of countdown.

The Jumbo numbers (16mm digit) on the single row display are easy to read even from across the boat.

So the crews can sit tight for their race with repeating countdown option and if you miss the gun, there’s a chance to get back to the regatta with the sync button.

The dot matrix display and the clear watch window allow the skipper for easy view and it can be customized to a three-line display also.

The USB charging system makes it easy and more convenient.

The comfortable view and the laid-back casual design make it a hot cake watch for sailing.

You can put this sailing watch on your wrist with elasticated silicone strap of different colors and ABS case.

But as a cheap watch for sailing, you shouldn’t expect more durability or functions from this watch.

It’s the best bang for your bucks if you are in a budget for the best sailing watch.


  • Large display with easy-to-read numbers
  • Countdown with beeping sound as a warning
  • Wearable over your sleeve

Ronstan ClearStart Sailing Watch

Ronastan Sailing watch

The Ronstan Sailing watch is another best entry-level watch for sailing that’s specially designed for sailors.

With the easy and quick view feature, the price of this watch doesn’t exceed the reach for average Joe.

The affordable sailing watch has a bigger display with large buttons for easy adjustment during a race or regatta.

The large view display features easy-view function with the impressive 10mm digits and large push buttons on it.

You can quickly adjust your time with the official race timer just pressing the Sync button and dropping one minute for every press.

You can set the countdown sequences and program the beeping sound that lets you know where exactly you are.

The countdown or chronograph function can be repeated and you don’t need to switch between normal time display and chronograph timer as the actual time is displayed below.

The sailor watch also features multiple start sequences as programmed of your own and also includes the world sailing 5-4-1-0 and match racing sequences for start.

Ronstan claims that the watch can withstand any tough condition as it’s made shock-resistant with its hardy plastic body.

The backlight option and the easy-to-operate mode of this watch make it the best deal as an affordable sailing watch.

The unisex look of this Ronstan sailing watch allows every gender to wear this affordable sailing watch for their first time race or regatta.


  • Bold styling with the easy operational mode
  • Shock resistant
  • Water-resistant up to 150 ft

Gill Regatta Race Timer

Gill Sailing watch

Over 40 years, Gill has dedicated their cause to keep the sailors dry and safe with their sailing accessories even in an unimaginable situation.

The Gill Regatta Race Timer keeps the flow to produce top-notch accessory for sailors or sailboat racers.

The large and clear display with easy maneuver helps to keep the boat on your mark for the perfect start.

The Gill sailing watch features a dot matrix display for a super realistic view and greater definition.

And by rotating the watch to 90 degrees, the watch can easily be fixed with the wrist, mast, or bulkhead for the crews to sit tight for commencement.

The watch face is made of carbon-reinforced ABS plastic that makes it water-resistant up to 50m of water.

The countdown timer is a great help for the right start as it features 5-4-1-0 countdown setups.

You can also customize your countdown time or just multiply the 5-4-1 timers to your preferred one.

You can drop down 1 minute and more to add, the beeping sound comes every minute and for the last minute, it rings every 10 seconds up to the last 10 seconds.

The last 10 seconds comes as a real countdown appearing on the whole screen so you can’t make excuses for a better start.

And then the chronograph function starts with the capability to recall 50 laps memory and 10 laps recall for count-up.

To retain the charge of the battery, you can just keep it locked or in the sleep mode.

The fresh look and easy viewing status of this Gill sailing watch make it the popular and controversially the best sailing watches for now.


  • Largest display with bigger numbers
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Quick and simple battery change

Watches For Sailing Above $500

Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer Chronograph

Seiko Velatura Black Sailing watch

In the realm of fine watches, Seiko dominates as always and added their watchmaking excellence to the tally of their marine watch collection.

The Seiko Sailing watch has a bigger black dial with 3 sub-dials and a number of luminous hands.

The seemingly complicated watch face contributes a lot for the regatta crews as it features regatta timer and chronograph function.

To withstand the rough and tough condition of the open sea, the watch is carefully crafted to be lighter, sturdier, and more robust.

The Seiko sailing watch is made with a stainless steel case and the watch face is coated with AR sapphire crystal glass to be more shatter-resistant and hardy.

The yacht timer can count down up to 15 minutes and the chronometer that can count for almost 1 hour allowing for split-time measurement also.

And all that happens for the throttling power of the quartz 7T84 caliber chronograph movement.

The crown is protected with the elevated stainless steel case and so it can withstand water pressure under 200m of water.

The round-shaped big watch face won’t look bad rather this sailing watch on your wrist will make you a perfectionist with exquisite details.

The Seiko Yachting Timer can help in your practice session or the regatta when it nestles on your wrist with the black leather strap with the yellow stitches on the edge.


  • Easy to use yachting timer
  • Colorful watch face with plenty of complications
  • Chime function

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Caliber S Regatta Watch

Tag Heuer Aquaracer sailing watch

When it comes to the well-known and very popular Aquaracer Sailing watches of Tag Heuer, there can be a little argument about the quality.

The popular racing teams in America’s Cup promotes the gorgeous and ultimate buddy of the sailors, Aquaracer Regatta watch that reminds one of the open sea and freedom.

While the other watches on the list struggle for durability and long-term robust use, the Aquaracer will pass the test and accompany you through lots of victories.

The case size is 42mm in shape and features black dial within the blue bezel along with the rust preventive stainless steel case.

The sailing watch presents 2 beautifully designed semi-lunar sub-dials at the bottom for chronograph and regatta timer.

The Aquaracer Regatta watch can run the chronograph function with the precision of 1/10th of a second.

The functions to display on this sailing watch comes as a unique orientation on the dial that catches anybody’s attention.

Both semicircular sub-dials at the bottom show the date and month combining indicators from one another.

And remember, the perpetual calendar of this watch for sailing doesn’t need any adjustments even 100 years after your purchase.

You can set the regatta timer for 10 minutes when the silver-colored second hand moves anti-clockwise and immediately turns back to normal position when it ends.

And the antagonist for all the events on the surface is the electro-mechanical Caliber S Movement that contains almost 230 mechanical components.

You can use it not only for sailing or some adventures, but it can seamlessly blend with your everyday-wear with style.


  • Very impressive 300-meter (990 ft) water resistance.
  • Hybrid quartz-automatic movement providing the best of the best
  • Stylish and vibrant look

Corum Admiral’s Cup AC-One Sailing Watch

Corum admiral's cup sailing watch

Since the Admiral’ Cup was set to happen in the mid 50s to bring a healthy competition among the sailors, Corum found their path to glory investing there.

They introduced their 1st square-shaped Corum Admiral’s Cup sailing watch in the year of 1960 (even their Corum team won Admiral’s Cup in 1991)

Since then, the watch has been popular as the best watch for sailors in the competitive arena and remains as a reliable friend, now changing its shape into a 45mm dodecagon.

As usual, the Corum sailing watch is packed with versatile features with intelligent design a sailor ever needs on the open sea.

The 2 apertures on the 6 and 9 o’clock are all about the measurement of the tide specifically indicating the time for tide and the strength & height if it.

Moreover, the Admiral Cup’s Watch also features moonphase indicator that’s quite helpful for navigation through the endless ocean.

If you flip down the watch, you can see the heart of this watch that is the Corum CO 227 automatic movement.

The soothing and powerful movement of this watch guarantees you to get full use of the watch for 42 hours.

Corum used 37 jewels on the mainspring and the movement beats 28,800 times per hour that’s quite impressive and expected also.

The gracefully crafted Corum watch for sailing will spark tons of feedbacks when you nestle it in your wrist.

And no need to mention the durability of this 300m water-resistant watch, it’ll be your best buddy on board for years to come.


  • Water-resistant up to 300m allowing shallow water scuba diving
  • Monitoring of tide and moonphase indicator
  • CO 227 automatic movement with 37 jewels.

Breitling Exospace B55 Yachting Timer

Breitling sailing watch

If you’re looking for a luxury watch that can be used both in the land and the water, the Breitling sailing watch Is all yours for the taking.

If you manage to unleash the tons of features on its electric sleeve, the knowledge of the sea and time will be yours (not literally!)

It’ll be unjust to simply keep this watch for precise timekeeping.

Rather you can use it for a host of functions like the use of regatta timer, chronograph function, electric tachymeter, and so on.

As this model of Breitling watch for sailing is developed keeping the yacht professionals and regatta racers in mind, they prioritize the timer and countdown functions to be top-notch for the sailors.

The intelligent design and associated alarm and beeping sound of the chronograph and race timer assure you to start your race from the right place at the right time.

The unidirectional bezel on the titanium case functions as a compass to analyze the optimal starting-line positioning.

The unidirectional compass also estimates the starboard and port side tacks, sailing angles, and more.

You can also link this Breitling Yachting watch to your smartphone to share your racing data or configure the settings to sync the watch display on your phone.
All the happenings on the surface of the watch are ultimately powered by the brand’s renowned thermo-compensated SuperQuartz movement.

The movement is battery-powered with a promise for a 10-year life span even if you squeeze and use the best features of this watch used for sailing.

No need to bother buying another watch for your everyday-wear as this watch is gracefully crafted to attend any formal events or a regatta.


  • Withstands water pressure up to 100 meters of water
  • Clever design for the chronograph function
  • Linking with a smartphone using Bluetooth

There are plenty of sailing watches available online. But you should consider the quality as far it goes within your budget.

Hopefully, this article helps you a lot to choose the best watch for sailing your first regatta.

Let me know if you’re thinking of more sailing watches or if you’ve gained some wisdom from this article.

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