Upgrade Your Style With 22 Best Square Watches For Men

When people want to buy something related to fashion, they try to pick the ones distinctive and unique in style. The watch industry is now moving at a pace releasing tons of design that makes one indecisive about style. Though lots of watches are made with round cases, comparatively only a few watches are released in square shape.

If you’re thinking to step outside the box and make a bold statement, the square watches for men will be the best picks for you. The bold and sharp look of the square watch can never escape anyone’s eyes. It’s not a watch you see every day. The square watches for men are uniquely engineered in an artistic way.

The use of square-shaped cases mainly started in the military watches in the 20th century. Are square watches in style now? Of course, they are. In fact, they’re now hot cakes for fashion-conscious people as square watches comprise inherently bold and Haute outlook.

It’s high time you upgraded your look picking one from our list of the 22 Best Square Watches For Men. Let’s delve into the core of the square watches to figure out the suitable one for you.

#Digital Square Face Watches For Men

Nixon Regulus SS Square Watch

Nixon square watches for men

The brand that doesn’t underestimate a low-priced product over its value is Nixon. They claim to pay heed to slightest faults or features in a watch make it better. And they fulfill their commitment to pour quality features in an affordable watch.

It’s Nixon Regulus SS that comes to accompany you with its mission-ready features and utilitarian design. The raw and rugged quality assures you with precise timekeeping wherever it’s in Alaska or Sahara. The shock-absorbent materials, poron foam padding with PU jacket around the LCD display makes the watch sturdy and durable.

You can also use its dual chronograph feature for better taste in competition. The chime feature also comes as a handy of features. You can adjust the brightness to get a peaceful and soothing timekeeping experience. And if you’re in a special operation or something secret, the silent feature will switch you to stealthy mode.

You don’t need to adjust the calendar till the year 2099. And you can easily adjust the bracelet to your favorable size as it features a three-link stainless steel bracelet. You can find the SS pushers on the 6 and 9 o’clock.

If you consider its affordable price, you can not but accept the dominance of Nixon in the market of affordable square watches for men.


  • The battery is guaranteed to last for 5 years
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Shock absorbent for rough condition

#Square Black Watches For Men

Bulova Men’s Black Dial Square Watch

Bulova square watches for men

The trendy all-black Bulova Men’s Square Watch is uniquely designed with the proportionate shape and diamond-studded black dial. The contemporary design captivates the watch lovers with its quality craftsmanship and premium features.

The square-shaped watch face features 8 hour markers that are set manually up with diamonds. Though they aren’t totally pure diamonds, they add an Haute look to upgrade the total appearance of the Bulova watch.

The corners and sharp edges of the square watches can’t escape anyone’s eye. The curved mineral display is outlined by the metalized silver rims. The dazzling textured display features faceted dauphine hands and box-shaped hour markers.

When it’s time to interchange between your favorite watches, you may need to switch off this square watch. Then you can save the battery by stopping all the activities of the watch. A few rotations of the crown to ‘OUT’ position will do that.

The watch will seamlessly blend with our daily outfit and project your bold personality among the crowds. This Bulova watch can be a bang for your bucks as the best square watches for men under $500.


  • Moisture resistant IP case and bracelet 
  • Battery saving mechanism 
  • Water resistance up to 30m

#Square Dress Watches For Men

Bering Time Slim Solar Watch

Bering watches with square face

Let me introduce the Danish aesthetics that are timelessly appealing and durable like the icy landscape of the Arctic. The Bering Time Square watch for men tries to ticks with the rhythm of nature. You know what- each and every tick of the watch is powered by nature. And it’s light- any source of light that powers the solar movement. 

The 33mm stainless steel case is mixed with silver and black color in the bezel. The square black dial is another attraction of this watch. You can also find variations in the color of the watch. The stick hands are large enough to tick touching the large Arabic hour markers. The date window is perched at 3 o’clock.

Bering always tries to use space-age materials and high-end engineering to produce flawless square wristwatch. The sapphire crystal is the only glass used in all the Bering watches. The solar cell underneath the black dial is powered by natural or artificial lights. Once charged, the watch can tick-tock for 6 to 12 months. If the second-hand starts to move in two- second steps, you need to charge it as it’s a low-charge indication.

The silver-stained mesh stainless steel bracelet is a medical grade material. So there’s no need to worry about any medical issues like skin rash or allergy. Bering has become a tough competitor in the field of quality watches. And what’s great of Bering is their thoughtful steps to maks use of the smallest of things. They amazingly prepare the container your watch was in. So you can use the container for various uses at home.

The square-shaped Bering watch will garner tons of compliments when you nestle it on your wrist. It can be the best affordable deal for you today.


  • Premium features for an affordable watch
  • Two-second cycle indicates the low battery charge
  • Use of sapphire crystal glass

#Mechanical Square Watches For Men

Seiko Men’s Automatic Square Watch

Seiko watches with square face

Seiko is well known in the watch industry for its uncompromised precision and creative instincts for innovation. The Seiko Men’s SNKN37 Automatic square watch comes with an eye-catching design and high-end craftsmanship available at an affordable price.

The cushion-shaped stainless steel case with the blue sunray dial is way more appealing than the other of its kind. You can find beauty both in the hour markers and the watch hands. The hour markers are in Arabic numerals and also adopt the shape of the equality sign. And the blue hardlex dial window brings peace for your eye with a variety of shading on it.

The 43.5mm watch face is active for the action of the automatic movement in the mainspring. To start the square watch for the first time, just swing it side by side for 30 minutes. The movement of your wrist or manual winding will keep the watch alive for the days’ work.

The automatic movement uses 21 jewels to run the mainspring. You can directly see the heart of this watch through its transparent case-back. The luminous hands and hour markers make it easy to keep a tab on time even at the pitch-black night.

The Seiko Square watch can be your best buy here as it’s one of the best square watches for men only under $200.


  • Elegant square watch with exquisite details
  • Use of automatic movement with 21 jewels
  • Water resistance up to 50m

#Square Dress Watch Watches For Men

Shinola Men’s The Guardian Square Watch

Shinola square watch

If you wish to stand out from your neighborhood in style, you can choose the Guardian Square Watch For Men. The watch is gracefully crafted with peaceful design and premium features.

The watch projects delicacy from every rounded corner of the square case. Intrigued by its long history, Shinola revives its vintage past with a basic but modernized version. The hour markers are Arabic numerals in a white color contrasting the black watch dial. So it’s soothing to the eye and very easy to read from a distance. 

The sword-shaped hour and minutes hand with the baton second hands are ticking relentlessly. The date window is perched at 6 o’clock. The single crown is easy to manipulate the settings. The brown leather band with white stitching on the edge reminds oneself of its vintage past.

Earn applause from your friend circle with this Shinola square watch for men as the style and brand isn’t the usual one among crowds.


  • Peaceful design with mind-blowing aesthetics
  • Square vintage inspired watch for men
  • The leather band is adjustable and provided with leather care balm

#Rose Gold Square Watches For Men

Invicta Bolt Men’s Square Watch

Invicta square watch

This Invicta Bolt Quartz Square Watch for Men catches the eye with its vibrant color and power to create bold statements. Invicta shows guts and courage to introduce affordable watches available for a modest sum.

The rose gold square-faced Invicta watch features a rose gold-tones large dial that’s contained within a 50mm stainless steel case. The signature rope jewelry design and 4 pedestals around the concave watch dial makes a bold statement and lasting impression.

The pond-like watch dial presents prominent sword-shaped hour and minute hands and swiping second hands. The sloping wall is marked with second markings and the stick hour markers. The date window is perched at 3 o’clock and the logo is positioned against the 12 o’clock.

It’s one of the affordable square watches for men available only under $150. The charismatic design and utilitarian features won’t disappoint you.

(if you’re a rose gold fanatic, check our article on 26 Best Rose Gold Watches For Men and rose gold watches for women)


  • Water resistance to 100m
  • Large dial that’s easy to read
  • A sharp and bold outlook

#Solar-Powered Square Watches For Men

Casio G-Shock Radio Square Watch

G-Shock square watch

The G-Shock models of Casio proves many times to tackle the roughest of terrains and the worst of conditions. Now it’s been an auto choice for people to pick it for their next adventures or extreme missions.

Hence the square shape of the G-Shock GW-B5600HR-1JF solar watch adds a bit of style to its utilitarian design. The red and black coloring schemes with a touch of shadow makes the watch uber-cool in one’s eyes. The 43mm watch will easily nestle on your wrist with the newer composite bracelet. And you’ll feel the love of this lightweight and practical buddy.

You can sync the watch easily with your smartphone as it facilitates Bluetooth function. Without your part to worry about precision, the watch will sync time automatically 4 times a day. You can add more functionality using the compatible apps. The basic features like world time zone, reminders in the app are quite helpful for a constant traveler. 

You can set the alarm and wake up at the just time for more productivity. Though the square watch for men features a negative display, it’s easy to keep a tab on time. At night it becomes easier with the luminant and colorful display.

(like this affordable watch, you can also find best watches for men & cheap watches for women)


  • Lightweight and practical in design and functions
  • Withstand rough and tough conditions
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters

#Moonphase Square Watches For Men

SEWOR Men’s Automatic Moonphase Watch

Sewor square watch

What if you find the expensive automatic movement and moon phase complication in a watch priced under $50! The Sewor square automatic watch is really amazing in that sense. And what more! The Sewor square watch for men also features tourbillon to ensure precise timekeeping.

To make the high-end mechanism and haute design available to the average Joes, Sewor tries its best. The slightly bent 40mm square case turns into tonneau shape to intensify the aesthetics. You can choose the watch from numerous color schemes. The hour markers are stylish Arabic numerals. The syringe hour and minute hands are white colored that makes it very much legible. The second markers are positioned at the inner rim of the dial.

At 9 o’clock, the skeleton of the movement is prominently presented. The moonphase window is perched at 6 o’clock. You can monitor the phases of the moon with the indicator hand. The golden mechanical movement will be a good buddy for you in daily life. But you’ve to put it on the wrist every day. Otherwise, the watch will come to stop. You’ll need to set time and then manually wind the watch.

The expensive appearance and elegant design can’t escape even the eyes of the short-sight. You will be very much satisfied wearing this magnificent affordable timepiece.

(check our collection of the best moonphase watches)


  • Use of automatic movement with 21 jewels
  • Steampunk style 
  • Moonphase indicators

#Vintage Square Watches For Men

Timex Men’s Classic Digital Square Watch

TImex square watch

Timex brings back this classic digital watch with a retro style from the 80s fashion instinct. The watch will make you nostalgic about your past. It’ll remind the younger you who was always fascinated to slip this square watch through his wrist.

However, it’s very popular in the 80s not only for its mind-blowing aesthetics but also for the basic but practical features it provides. You can simply use it for timekeeping or to hear the regular beeps. But it’s admiring to have plenty of basic features included.

The gold-toned resin case is 34mm in size and the stainless steel band has 18mm expansion. If you’re the man with wrist less than 8inch, this square watch for men will beautifully nestle on your wrist. The dial is easy to read in the night for its green dial and Indiglo backlight.

The sophisticated manipulation of the watch is easygoing for older people. The chronograph function can run for 100 hours incessantly including split times and lap. The other features include 2 time zones and switching to military modes.

The basic and practical features of this cheap square watch for men inspire its consumer to pocket it. The vintage square watch also brings retro fashion in modern appearance.


  • Vintage square watch with basic features
  • Withstand splash or brief immersion
  • 100-hour chronograph function

#Mechanical Square Watches for Men

Prince Gera Men’s Square Wrist Watch

prince gera square watch for men

If you want variation in timekeeping, the unique design of Prince Gera Square Wrist Watch for telling time will satisfy you. Prince Gera showed how a basic feature of timekeeping can be such elegant and aristocratic in aesthetics. 

The unique Style to mark the hours, minutes, and seconds will mesmerize you. The skeleton dial with the spherical wheels to indicate the time is nestled on the square watch face sizing 43mm. It’s covered with the shatter-resistant sapphire crystal glass (harder after diamond). 

The white triangle below the banner of Prince Gera shows point to the hour markers. The inner rose gold circle comprises the minute markers. The red triangle at the center indicates the minutes. A gear-like dial at the right side indicates the tickings of seconds. And also, there’s an indicator for the cycle of day and night.

The square shape of the watch with the unique style of timekeeping can be a mind-blowing gift for your loved ones. It’s now trendy to gift a rose gold-toned watches. You can also choose other color variations. 

The automatic movement using 21 jewels assures you with precise timekeeping. The genuine calfskin leather strap will easily fit your wrist and can be the best buy as a gift.


  • Synthetic sapphire crystal window
  • Unique style for telling time
  • Sweat and water-resistant

#Ceramic Square Face Automatic Watches For Men

Rado Sintra Men’s Square Watch

Rado square watch

Radio is well known for its luxury watches. They always try something special both with the design and quality features. Rado Sintra Automatic square watch is the brand new addition to its success tally.

The watch is toned with silver color. The case and band are made of ceramics. The solid case of the watch is relatively lighter. The hour markers and the hands are also toned with a silver hue. The Arabic numerals mark 3 of the hour position. The date window is positioned at 6 o’clock. The hands and indexes are luminescent to keep you aware of the time.

The movement is limited to the automatic movement. It features Rado Calibre 580 (ETA 2681) in its escapement. The movement can power the battery for 38 hours. To keep the watch alive, you need to put it every day. 

The watch dial is big enough for relentless timekeeping. You can read the dial even if you’re using power glass. The square watch window is protected by the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. 

The high tech composite of ceramos and metal makes the watch durable and allows easy use.

This square-shaped watch for men will seamlessly blend with your everyday-wear and make a bold statement among others.


  • Shatter-resistant sapphire crystal window
  • Automatic movement with radio caliber
  • Water resistance up to 100 ft

#Square Shaped Dress Watches For Men

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Square Watch

citizen square watch

For years, Citizen dedicated their cause to innovate the light-powered technology that’s now their distinctive feature. This Citizen square watch for men has also been a favorite item for people to put on the basket. It’s because they’re verily affordable and include some captivating features.

The watch face is a square shape with slight convexity by side. The stainless steel case and the strap is 32mm in size and gold-toned from top to bottom. The black dial sparks from the chaos of gold-tone. The hour markers and second hands are also yellow gold-toned. Along with the luminosity, the colorful hands and markers seem catching to the eyes. The date window is placed at 3 o’clock. 

The glossy watch face intensifies its appeal. But the main attraction is its Eco-Drive technology. The square watch can generate power with the microwave of lights. It doesn’t always need bright light. The hands can take its nutrients from even the artificial lights or the lights on a cloudy day. Whether it’s the nights or months that passed by, you don’t need to worry about charging the battery. The maximum power reserve for the basic features can extend to 180 days.

The heart of this watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement (Caliber E111). The movement moves the gears and the watch hands with pinpoint accuracy. Nestling on your wrist, this square watch for men will boost your professional outlook. It can be the bang dor your bucks to make a bold presence in your circle.


  •  Auto charging from any type of light source 
  • Long time power reserve 
  • Water resistance up to 30m

#Wooden Square Watches For Men

Bewell Casual Wooden Square Watch

bewell wooden watch

A wooden watch is a sophisticated form of fashion these days. The lightweight structure with quality watch parts and features are the main attraction. And when it’s shaped in square form, it’s literally all square and capable of adding a new dimension in the watch industry.

The Bewell square watch for men comes with exquisite details and polished watch face. With a larger and furnished 41mm watch dial, the square watch feels comfortable on the wrist. The dry and processed wooden part makes it aerobic on the wrist and you won’t feel the weight nor any bad odor. The sandalwood case and the band are beautifully depicted with black and red color schemes. 

On the floor of the dial, black hour markers are inscribed along with the tickings of sword-shaped hollow watch hands around. The wall if the bezel also has hour markings. The furbished wooden square watch is extremely stylish with the non-toxic and sweatproof bracelet. You can adjust the bracelet with the tools provided with the watch. Just remove the links and make the watch perfect on your wrist. 

If you’re allergic to a leather strap, the wooden square strap can be the solution. The movement is Japanese Miyota quartz that’s known for its precision and ultra-quiet movement. Normally it lasts doe 2 years. But for durable use, don’t soak the square watch in water.

You can’t underestimate the wooden square watches for men. They’re very cheap but in style, they’re no less than the expensive luxury watches.


  • Wooden band is hypoallergenic on skin
  • Non-toxic and have a mild fragrance
  • Super lightweight on the wrist

#Square Dress Watches For Men

 Nomos Glashütte Square Watch

Nomos square watch

Nomos is a German watch brand that’s showing its watchmaking excellence for almost 170 years. They bring aristocracy and luxury to your lifestyle. The haute outlook is intensified with the square-shaped watch face.

The Tetra Neomatic model is stylized with the galvanized white and silver-plated stainless steel case. The midnight blue dial features rhodium-plated baton hands and a small seconds sub-dial. The intelligent presentation of the color scheme increases its appeal and aesthetics. The hour markers are printed as Arabic numerals and stick markers. As the case dimension is only 33mm, it’ll be the best fit for the slender wrist. 

The surface activities of the watch are powered by the Nomos (Calibre DUW 3001) automatic movement. With the preserved charge, the movement can power the watch for almost 42 hours. The analog presents minute markers around the outer rim of the watch. And you can look into the mainspring through the transparent case back. 

This Nomos square watch for men can be an excellent choice to quench your thirst for luxe wearables. 


  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window
  • Automatic movement with 42-hour power reserve
  • Water-resistant up to 100ft

#Square Face Diamond Watches For Men

JBW Phantom Diamond Square Wrist Watch 

JBW square watch for men

If you’re groping for a luxury watch that’ll ensure bold presence in a board meeting or on your first date for dinner. It’ll seamlessly project your personality blending with the outfits. The pure diamonds on the watch face will spark lots of compliments from your counterparts.

The 46mm gold-plated stainless steel case is ornated with 238 genuine white-cut diamonds. The sparkling diamonds in the bezel and lugs also contain 3 mother-of-pearl subdials for an hour, minute, second, and date display. The distinctive fashion design of this square diamond watch makes it a standout.

The inherently bold look of this watch is intensified by the calfskin leather strap when nestled on your wrist with crocodile patterns. They infuse their watchmaking excellence in the Japanese quartz movement for delicacy and precision.

The courageous styling and the sparkling diamonds from every angle can’t escape the eyes even from the distant corners.


  • Diamond embossed fabulous design
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Two-year manufacturing warranty

#Mechanical Bauhaus Square Watches For Men

FEICE Men’s Bauhaus Square Wrist Watch

FEICE square watch for men

FEICE presents this men’s square watch with classic Bauhaus design. With the determination to combine arts with craft, Bauhaus school develop a timeless utilitarian design to enter a utopian era. The generous design features minimalist and easy to use dial.

The square shape watches face measures 34mm in size and sharp edges easily attach to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. On the flank of the minimalist white dial, the hour markers are inscribed in sans-serif Arabic numeral and stick markers. There is also a sub-dial for seconds indication at 6 o’clock. The sub-dial features a sweeping second hand.

The watch acquires its energy from the Seagull automatic movement that’s comprised of many moving parts and 20 jewels on the mainspring. The transparent case back allows you to see through its activities. So it comes as a battery-free movement. You just need to shake it or wear it every day. And rest assured to get precise time from this Bauhaus square watch for men. 

FEICE is confident with this square-shaped watch and offers you a warranty and money back. So you can rely on this brand to chip this watch for only around $150.


  • Use of Bauhaus design
  • Powered by seagull automatic movement
  • Enjoy moneyback offer and 2 years warranty

#Square Dress Watches For Men

Tag Heuer Men’s Monaco Square Watch

Tag Hueur square watch for men

The revival of the past has become a popular trend and the re-editions of the classic watches are now hot cake for watch lovers. Tag Heuer brings back their famous 70s Steve MacQueen design (see Steve McQueen version) with ultimate glamor in square shape. In the era of Swiss watchmaking excellence, It’s the first square-shaped water-resistant chronograph that’s an auto choice for luxury use. And another version of this watch was also seen on the wrist of Walter White (the protagonist of ‘Breaking Bad’).

The denim blue dial within the stainless steel case is beautifully presented with proportionate color schemes and variant contour of sub-dials. The watch hands feature white and red color schemes that tick around the stick hour markers. The luminous head of the hands looks magnificent at night. The sub-dials display 30 minutes and 60 seconds chronograph function. You’ll find the date window at 6 o’clock. 

The watch gets its energy from swiss made automatic movement (caliber 11 engine). So you don’t need to worry about recharging the battery. The sporty vibe in this watch can help you in your twisted lifestyle. It can be the bang for your bucks to buy this sports square watch for men. And it’s worth the money for its versatile utilitarian features.


  • Use of shatter-resistant sapphire crystal glass
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • Chronograph functions

#Square Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch series 5

If you judge a watch by its functionality, a smartwatch will pop packed with tons of features. And if it’s the latest version of Apple Watch, you’ll be overwhelmed knowing what it can do is no less than a smartphone.

You can customize this square shaped Apple watch on your own taste. Numerous types of bracelets are available with 100 different watch faces. Apart from its built-in features, you can help yourself adding your preferred apps from the App Store. The watch can fully mirror yourself there, absolutely.

It’s new with the always-on retina display that ends the need to raise hands. And the built-in features are blessings to track your daily activities for a better lifestyle. You can monitor your heart rate, ECG, menstrual cycle and so more. The watch will indicate if there are any loud sounds affecting your hearing. The smartwatch is likely to be installed in the Apple watch at a distance of the eye’s glare. The built-in Apple Watch GPS allows you to track your route.

The watch features a health app that’s very helpful to track your health and fitness. Yet, the sleep tracker isn’t the built-in feature. But you can manage to track sleep with third-party apple watch sleep tracker apps. If you learn the tricks to charge the watch at the proper time, it can be an ultimate buddy for your everyday life.

(The elegant Fitbit Versa 2 can be your fav pick for only $200)


  • Always-on attractive retina display
  • Tons of features to guide you every day
  • Suitable for shallow-water activities

#Square Shaped Dress Wristwatch

Devon Tread 1 E Men’s Time Belt Motor Watch

Devon square watch for men

If you look at this watch, you’ll start to discover the new dimensions in the watchmaking prowess. Devon captivates the watch lovers with its seeming reinvention of watches. They dare to take a courageous step to produce this luxurious timepiece with strings of innovation.

They’ve patented their innovative interwoven system of time belts. The fabulous thought is to show time by carrying the hour and second markers on the conveyor belts. The 4 belts are powered by the electro-mechanical hybrid movement that also features microstep motors. A microprocessor is also set on the heart to keep a tab on a belt position at all times by the optical recognition system.

You can also keep the square watch quiet for some time without losing any seconds. Also, you don’t need to worry about the traditional complex charging system. Just keep the watch on top of the charging tool, the magnetic field will induce the energy into the watch to move the belts. 

If you manage to afford this expensive and luxury square watch, it’ll be your piece of pride when you walk around the crowds. Every time you wear it, people will turn their heads and snap their necks just to take a proper look at your wrist. Lots of compliments await you after buying the best unique square watch in your life.


  • Touch of innovation at every aspect of the Devon Square watches for men
  • Telling the time by the indicators carried in a conveyer belt
  • Magnetic induction charger needing no ports or shaking of watch

#Square Black Watches For Men

Bell & Ross BR-01-92 Aviation Square Watch

Bell and Ross aviation square watch for men

Bell & Ross is well known for its innovative fashion instinct and specialized functionality. This version of Bell & Ross BR-01-92 goes with the basic features with the unique style of round bezel within the square face. The simplistic design ensures the most legible timekeeping even for an aviator.

The matte-black dial features contrasting white hour markers and hands. The contrast of color and prominent sword-shaped watch hands are easy to read even from the distant corner of the room. And at night, the green luminosity of the Arabic numerals and stick markers will spark the beauty of this square watch.

The aviation watch is powered by Sellita SW300-1 based automatic BR-CAL 302 movement. You don’t need to worry about the battery as it’s a self-winding movement. The movement allows you for robust use for 42 hours. The distinct design will earn you compliments when you nestle this watch with the calfskin bracelet.

Though the watch is specialized for use in the sky, you can use it in the land or under water without compromising elegance.


  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
  • Hacking second functions

#Square Face Guess Diamond Watches For Men

Guess Men’s Diamond Dial Watch

Guess square face watch

The minimalist appearance with high-end engineering catches the eyes for this Guess Diamond Dial Watch. The square shape and reflective blue dial enhance the appeal of this square watch for men.

The big square dial is a good point that it won’t escape anyone’s eye. The watch is very simplistic with only one hour index. A roman number of 12 is presented on the top with an embossed diamond underneath. Another box-shaped diamond is embedded at 6 o’clock. The Guess square watch also features the most popular and traditional faceted dauphine hour and minute hands. The second hand is shaped like a minimalist baton or stick.

You can choose from different color variations like blue, silver, or gold-tone. The watch window is protected by the mineral crystal. The square watch is more of a luxury show watch than its value for timekeeping. The watch can be a great way to get close to your loved ones. 


  • Minimalist appearance
  • Diamond studded dial
  • Adjustable bracelet with half-link and half-mesh 

#Square shaped Wristwatch

Cartier Santos Square Wrist Watch

Cartier square watch for men

Last but not the least, the list will be fruitless without this Square Cartier Santos wristwatch. The evolution of the wristwatch started with this square shaped Cartier Santos watch.

In 1904, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont flew his machine from the Parc Saint Cloud to the Eiffel Tower. Then he felt the urge to use a watch that’d be easy for watching the dial. After winning the Deutsch prize for his piloting, he lodged a complaint to his horologist friend Louise Cartier about the difficult use of the pocket watch. And then the revolutionary watch is modeled that can be worn at the wrist with comfort.

The silver on-line dial is square in shape and features roman hour markers and sword-shaped hands. The mechanical movement needs not to be winded. It can gain power from the movement of your wrist. 

To remember the revolutionary moment in the history of horology, this square shaped watch can be the best pick for you.


  • Shatter-resistant sapphire crystal window
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Vintage square watch for men


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