12 Best Timeless Watches To Invest In Right Now

There’s been always bubbling fascination for investment in watches. Why not? Those who invest in watches eventually hit profits manifolds comparing their initial investment. There are many watch collectors out there only to pick a vintage model or the scarce ones. Technically, they never hanker after money by picking random watches to invest in.

A business without risks can only be found in the dream world of fools. But you can make the best out of watch investment if you keep your eyes open and ears to the ground in the watch world. Apart from the traditional tactics, if you can use the boatload of hype and people’s emotional connection to watches, you can make yourself or your later generation earn a large number of profits.

It’s not about money always. Watches are an inseparable part of our life. It’s the emotional connection that makes vintage watches increase in value over time. Of course, you’ll apply the wisdom we’ve listed below to pick watches. But always pick the watches that you care about. That you’ll love to wear every day and pass to your son and grandson. And when it’ll be the time to switch your taste after 10 years or 50 years, make money with the old but gold vintage watches.

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Without any further ado, let’s delve into the article to gather wisdom about the Best Watches To Invest In Right Now

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Are Watches A Good Investment

If you’re thinking of putting money on watches, it’s a must to know the future of watches you’re investing in. As it’s a business, there’s always a chance of a backsliding.

Fortunately, there is also a sure shot for you to invest in watches that will only increase in value. You don’t need to be a Nostradamus. Just gather knowledge about the watch industry. Be clever about the brands and hit your paydirts. Thus watches can be a good investment for you.

If you want to start with a low amount of money, it’s still possible to find timeless watches to invest in. But you’ve to be more careful and judgmental about choosing the right watches. However, I’ve also included some timeless affordable investment watches on the list so you can start off without being anxious.

Another reason that watches are a good investment is its emotional connection. And also the possibility of hitting paydirt is very high for investment in watches. Investment in watches won’t make you a bankrupt, surely. The worst scenario can be the loss of a few bucks and the best can be bundles of bucks. By the by, if you can make it to auction somehow, no way to restrict you from being a millionaire.

However, none but watches can also make an emotional connection to a person. You can wear the iconic watches and feel the lovely tick tock every moment. So apart from its financial value, you’re also getting the peace of mind by using such a great watch.

But to be successful for your investment in watches, you need to dive deep down the core of the watch Industry. Don’t worry. Here I am to provide you a little wisdom so you can choose the right watches to invest in. In fact, good watches rarely drop in value.

Watches That Hold Their Value Best

Today’s timepieces will be tomorrow’s vintage watches. And you know the nostalgic appeal of the vintage watches. The reiterations of the classic watches still captivate the watch lovers from time to time.

If a watch brings about revolutionary changes with watches, it’ll affect the industry for a long time. Like the quartz technology when it turned the table for investment in watches. There are also finely tuned versions of specific watch brands that’ll eventually make it to top of the table in future. Many brands and watches released their revolutionary timepieces but didn’t get any claps at all at the beginning. But time defines the winner. Audemars Piguet or Panerai can be a good example of this.

The rose gold accent is also reviving from its Victorian era. It’s now a trending option in jewelry as well as fashion industry. Remember, gold will always hold its value best. So you can pick the watches with rose gold tone. The eye-catching and utilitarian complications of watches can also be a great choice. You can also choose rare pocket watches, clocks, coin watches to enrich your collection.

It’s not only about watches to invest in, but it’s also about being successful. As watches are related to trends, you need to keep your eyes open and ears to the ground. Implement your instinct and judgment if you find any outstanding technology or design or complications. They may not be popular now but can be the rare but wanton watches in the future. Try not to hanker after the hoax in the bazaar.

But where you won’t lose anything is the century-old watch brands with their timeless piece of watches. Rolex, Breitling, and the Holy Trinity released many extraordinary watches that’re proven to pass the tests of time. Though all of the collection they release can’t be always great watches to invest in. You can take a look here at their timeless and aesthetic piece of watches to invest in.

Considerations: Best Way To Invest In Watches

Budget: Look at your budget. Consider your ability to bear any unfortunate run-down. If you want to take lesser risks, there are still a plethora of options. You can try the affordable watches to invest in. We’ve inclued some watches in a budget below.

Availability: Eye on the limited piece editions of great appeal. It’s not the fact that limited versions of the watches will always be great. But apply your judgement and instinct here. The events or personalities spiraled with the heritage can be timeless to feature the watch. The limited-edition can also contain some exquisite features that nobody will get on the other watches. So if you can manage, pocket the limited version of investment watches from popular brands.

Key Figures: It’s common to watch brands to promote their name with famous persons. They release limited versions or personalized versions of watches. Though personalized versions are tough to get, you can find watches with their names inscribed on the caseback. For example, Tudor released Tiger Wood watches that are available with his name inscribed on it. You can find this legendary person collaborating with Rolex or Tag Heuer. He’s such an icon in the golf industry that his appeal will last for a long time ahead.

Even if it comes to the James Bond or the John Wick franchise, you may want a watch with the name John Wick embossed on it. And hence the appeal will also last for decades. The newly released Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon is a sailing watch that represents the sailing team Alinghi. As Omega sponsors the team, the appeal of this mighty race team on the water is easily understood and the impact will be long-lasting. So the fans may want to try this even after years. You can use such ideas to make your investment watches both technically sound and practically much-sought.

Unusual or Revolutionary: You should also keep an eye on the revolutionary technology or complications. Watches with new technology like the solar system, quartz movement, resonance movement, and so more that can be a hot cake in the future. The unusual designs or complications can be a rare piece to come by. It’ll increase in value over time.

Brands: Some brands have dominated the watch industry for centuries. They are the most reliable brands and proved their worth after generations. Their watches can be your first choice to invest in. You can choose Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, or the Holy Trinity for your valuable investment in watches.

Trend: ‘Trend’ is a great deal for you to keep in mind as you’re going to invest in watches for the long-term. Actually, trends don’t follow greatness, rather they follow the passion. So always keep an eye on trends to bag the larger fish in your bucket. What is trending now might not be a trend for the next 20 years. But after that, you’ll surely see the reiteration of the trending watches. It’s been going on this way for centuries. Invest in the suggested brands and sit tight to see your watches go up in values.

Which Watches Will Increase In Value

Let’s start with the proven watch brands that can be sure shots for investment in watches. They will cost you more but you’ll get much more from these watches in a few years. Just pick the watches to invest in and watch them rise in value.

Which Rolex Watch Is The Best Investment

Rolex Submariner iconic watches
Rolex Submariner

Checking the investment history and demands, Rolex Submariner is probably the safest bet. It’s one of the most iconic watches of the Rolex brand that’s proven over time. The sporty vibe with technical excellence in this watch creates a timeless appeal. Launched in the 1950s and adorned on the James Bond’s wrist, the reiteration of Rolex Submariner has passed the test of time.

It’s been almost 70 years in their production. Still, the Rolex Submariner is dominating the bazaar. The reiteration has the almost same design as the vintage Submariner. Though they have subtle or a bit larger changes as there are lots of references to the Submariner. You need to carefully research the reference number as some of the references are more demanding than others. Rolex Sports watches are also a great investment that’ll definitely increase in value.

Timeless Attractions

Rolex is producing iterations of their classic Submariner because of its timeless appeal to the watch lovers. So it’s still in demand and has a lot of references in or out of production. And some of the references are limited in production. As seen before, when the production discontinues, the demand for the specific model increases in the second-hand market. Obviously, the Submariner references that are produced in smaller numbers are more expensive than the largely produced Rolex watches e.g. Rolex Datejust. So, eye for the perfect watches to invest in right now. A Rolex Paul Newman model might also be a bang for your bucks after decades. Or the heritage and history of Rolex Oyster Perpetual can be a good point for you to invest in this watch.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain fifty fathom first diver's watch
Fifty Fathoms First Diver’s Watch

It was 1953 when people can’t think about watches that can allow them to dip down into the ocean and explore the world under water. It was Blancpain who came to reveal their watchmaking excellence. They produced the first diver watch that’s a great help for the diver, photographer, and scientist to see the unseen and to know the unknown underwater.

Since then, the Blancpain has been a proverbial name in the world of diving or snorkeling. Their passion for the marine world has passed the test of time. It’s been very popular in the diver’s community for the robust features and sturdy build. And the Fifty Fathoms models are exactly the same as the 50s model and follow the steps of their legendary ancestors. It’s the archetypal diver’s watch that can make an underwater adventurer nostalgic. The history and heritage of the Blancpain watch allure the collector to bag them and also for investment in these watches.

Timeless Attractions

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms the first diver’s watch in the history of underwater adventures. And still, the reiteration of the same model is still the best bet for the divers, scientists, and photographers. You can cleverly choose discontinued or running models. And surely, the heritage and history of the brand make the watches perfect to invest in right now.

F.P. Journe Resonance Watch

F.P. Resonance Watches to invest in right now
Resonance Phenomenon

F.P. Journe is an independent brand that’s devoted to featuring the first acoustic resonance in wristwatches. They are worth to be treated as the most creative and innovative brand of the 21st century. As a way to pay tribute to the watchmakers of the 18th century, Journe innovates such wristwatches with resonance phenomenon. It’s actually two frequencies which harmonize to provide the most precise movement that’s unequaled in the field of mechanical watches.

The resonance phenomenon is completely new and unusual in the horology world. It’s the integration of two movements into one by harmonizing the frequencies. While mechanical watches are affected by the outer disturbances, the resonance phenomenon evens out the discrepancies in their beat rate. Thus it provides the exquisitely precise movement and greater timekeeping accuracy that throws a challenge to mechanical movement. The Resonance watch also features a dual time system with two separate dials and hands. The awesome features and exquisite detail makes it a great watch to invest in for future profit.

The first resonance phenomenon came to light in 2000 but it’s not produced anymore. So it’s already in the queue for investment watches. It’ll come out as a great opportunity if you can manage the version with brass movement that was produced until 2004. Also, their watches with rose gold movement are no longer in production. Rather there’s a brand new resonance phenomenon going to roll out in the market. So the previous watch versions are now a great opportunity to invest in. 

Timeless Attractions

The discontinued versions of great watches are always a much-sought thing in the watch industry. The watch aficionados always try to get hold of the vintage models. As F.P. Journe Resonance is the first wristwatch to feature the revolutionary resonance phenomenon, the value will increase day by day once the movement dominates in the market. And the greater accuracy of the acoustic resonance will draw the brands to feature the movement in watches. So it can be a great watch to invest in right now. Collect the watch anyhow and wait for the demand surge in the watch industry. In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of this timeless piece of great investment watches

Breitling Watch Navitimer 1959 Re-Edition

Breitling Navitimer
Breitling Navitimer

If you have an eye open for the Breitling watches, you can make a handful of bucks as they’ll only increase in value. Here Breitling Navitimer is one of the best watches to invest in right now. It’s the reiteration of the main design from 1959. So it’s running on a limited production of only 1959 pieces. 

Breitling has a proverbial relationship with marine watches. This Navitimer is exactly the same as the classic one in design. The watch features an all-black watch face with the white outer rim and matching subdials.  The thin bidirectional bezel presents exactly 94 beads. The Breitling inscription with the unsigned winged logo perched at 12 o’clock. It’s a great piece of investment watches worth taking risks. The watch comes with exquisite details and a manual-wind mechanical movement. The gorgeous presentation will also keep you happy as a collector. The only change is the improvement of water resistance capability to 30m of water. It’s been a hot cake for collectors and now is the best time for these watches to invest in.

Timeless Attractions

As the Breitling Navitimer Ref. 806 1959 comes from 1959, a classic era there are lots of people out there to be nostalgic with this watch. You know the vintage appeal of such a watch.

H. Moser & Cie. Endeavor Center Seconds Concept

Endeavor Center Seconds Investment watches
H Moser & Cie Endeavor

As a well-known watchmaker for centuries, H. Moser & Cie released their Endeavor collection with uber-cool features. And the masterclass design and haute outlook allure the collectors to invest in this watch. Formerly known as Maya & Minard, it took its name in 2017 with a new organization of watch materials. The watches are limited in production but superbly high-end in quality. So they make a magnetic appeal for collectors for investment in watches.

The Center Seconds Concept Funky Blue is a timeless piece of attraction with its gold case, in-house movement, gradient blue dial, and exquisite hand-finished details. The blue fumé dial neither presents any markers nor any logo. But the minimalist appearance and design are enough to say it’s from the Moser Endeavor. The ‘M’ signature is inscribed on both sides of the gold case making it instantly recognizable.  The mainspring features HMC-200 automatic movement. It’s a matter of pride for Moser as a few manufacturers can challenge it for its high degree of vertical integration. And they also produce hairsprings internally. The movement comes with a completely unique interchangeable escapement with escape wheels and gold palette fork. It’s really interesting as Moser features it to preach that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Timeless Attractions

The minimalist appearance with blue fumé dial is not rare. But the undoubted quality and fan base of Moser keep them as alluring watches to invest in right now. The unique organization of movement is an epitome of supreme craftsmanship. As their production is limited to only 100 pieces for this specific model, it’ll be rare in a few days. So keep this watch in mind to invest in

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe Nautilus
Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe is one of the Holy Trinity brands that established itself as the epitome of luxury. They produce exquisitely high-end timepieces that can pass from generation to generation. The iconic watches are limited in production. So you can choose to invest in Patek Philippe watches.

Specifically, the Nautilus watches create a magnetic attraction for the watch collectors. Maybe, it’s because of the bold history of the Nautilus line. There was a backslide in the Swiss watch industry when the cheap quartz movement was introduced. And then, it was the Patek Philippe watches with unique design and mind-blowing aesthetics that surpass the crisis. Not only that but they also helped the market to rebound. The watch is built with steel that’s a material of timeless appeal. The sporty vibe in this exquisitely designed Nautilus watch makes it timeless watches to invest in right now. It may remind you of the Nautilus, a submarine from Joule Vern’s book.

Timeless Attractions

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is a part of bold history. And the unique design and high-end craftsmanship that can be handed down to your children and their children. Apart from its emotional part, it can make out huge money in your generation or in your children’s generation. It’ll be always a reminder of watchmaking excellence and a good taste of aesthetics.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono Steel & Gold

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watches TO invest in
Tudor Black Bay

Created in 1926 by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor has become a signature brand for their timeless classics in the diving world. The Black Bay collection features watches of great complications. You can find the historical watches that pay tribute to their revolutionary technology. They also bring a fifty eight model to pay tribute to their first diver watches (reference 7924) with big crown and water resistance to 200m. However, the timeless design with exquisite details is the plus point for the collectors to invest in Tudor watches.

The proven robustness and exquisite functionality underwater are worthy of applause from divers. And they have been very popular among divers for the last century. With the latest addition incorporating in-house movement and exquisite details, it seems they’re turning the table. And yet, they’re quite affordable investment watches. If you have a budget of $3000-$4000, Tudor Black Bay is the great watch to invest in right now.

Timeless Attractions

Though Tudo is a sister brand of Rolex, it’s not as hefty in price and weight like Rolex. But their reiteration of divers watches can be one of your best investments in watches. The brand has existed for almost 100 years and they’re providing their timeless divers watches for almost the same time period. However, the discontinued models will be high in price respecting your courage for investment in watches. Until then, enjoy the fantabulous aesthetics of the Black Bay collection.

Panerai Ferrari Granturismo Chronograph

Panerai Ferrari Investment watches
Panerai Ferrari

Back in 2005 when flamboyant luxury watch brand Panerai collaborated with Italian flamboyant car brand Ferrari to release watches, many a man predicted it to be the kiss of death for the watch industry. So with basic time and date features, the watches went underappreciated when Panerai was booming at the same time. But after a decade, it’s a new hot cake for collector’s watches to invest in. The rare references are regarded as a mine of money, yet affordable to come by.

The Ferrari Granturismo Chronograph is beautifully presented with a proportionate organization of details. The ‘prancing stallion’ at 12 o’clock elevates the aristocracy and elegance of this Panerai Ferrari collaboration. The movement is a chronograph and automatic with caliber OP XII. The power reserve extends for 46 hours. The prancing horse in the chronometer hand is the most emblematic feature of this investment watch. You can also find the horse logo inscribed at the crown. The overall features and the history of luxurious collaboration is a plus point to take into the matter for investment in the Panerai Ferrari watches.

Timeless Attractions

It’s the symbolic watch with basic features that reminds of the historic collaboration between Panerai and Ferrari. It takes the Italian design with Swiss craftsmanship to a higher place in the luxury world. The Panerai Ferrari Granturismo Chronograph Red Ref. FER00013 can be a good choice to collect as it’s been a wanton for collectors these days. As it’s affordable in price you can start your journey for investment in watches.

Tag Heuer Autavia

Tag Heuer Autovia
Tag Heuer Autavia

The Tag Heuer Aviation watches were the reliable cockpit companion for the pilots in their heart-pounding flying operations in the early days. Now the classic Autavia comes with exquisite vintage style. The retro-flair watch uses Aviation grade technology that’s very helpful for rugged purposes. It’s been a popular collector’s watches to invest in for both money and enjoyable moments with this watch.

The watch face is presented with a beautiful blue fumé dial and arrow-shaped sweeping second hands. The ‘orange peel’ of the dial makes a feel of depth on the dial. The calfskin strap echoes the gorgeous past of pilot watches in the mid-century. The tachymetric bezel is made of advanced material-science ceramic. The embossed aeroplane propeller in the steering wheel shows the space and aviation roots of the Autavia collection. It’s been a pilot’s fascination to wear the retro-styled aviation watches on his wrist. It’s a gorgeous piece of watches to invest in and never wanes in demand.

Timeless Attractions

The Tag Heuer Autavia collection is a pilot’s favorite in the cockpit. The heritage and history with the Autavia watch enhance its appeal in the collectors’ world. The vintage style and haute outlook make the Autavia watches perfect for investment. If you have a budget of only around $3000, you can manage to collect the perfect reference watches to invest in.

Omega Speedmaster MoonWatch

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch
Speedmaster Moonwatch

The historical event that stirs the events of the whole world is the Apollo Mission to the moon. When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stepped in the soil of the moon, they were wearing the stainless steel version of the Omega watch strapped to the outer side of the spacesuit. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch seems an undervalued watch compared with the monumental history it’s involved with. The watch was robust and sturdy-built with exquisite design. 

However, it started to captivate the watch lovers when they first adorned the wrist of the racers. In the 1950s, racing drivers started to wear this watch as it can withstand rough and tough conditions without any scratch on it. Whatever you’re in space travel or struggling on the tarmac, the robust watch will accompany you with precise timekeeping at every moment. The watch also features their patent-pending 18k moonshine gold that’s paler than typical yellow gold and more resistant to fading. On the case back, the laser-engraved footprint of Aldrin and the famous quote of Armstrong are inscribed beautifully. There are many other features that’ll remind you of the revolutionary Apollo mission that makes the human race superior in astronomy.

Timeless Attractions

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is worth every penny to collect the watches to invest in. Not only for the market value it’ll hold over time but also for the emotional connection it creates with us. The watch is a special tribute to the Apollo mission 11 from Omega. It defines the adventuring Omega when the Speedmaster travels in space with all the 6 lunar missions. The watch is worth collecting and the watch will appreciate in value when your son or grandson will connect to it emotionally and economically. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Investment watches
Royal Oak

For investment in the luxury brand Audemars Piguet, you can pick up the line of Royal Oak watches to invest in. If you have the right reference for investment watch, it’ll make a solid investment for the timeless appeal of the Royal Oak series. Apart from its economical value, you will also enjoy the mind-blowing aesthetics and charms when it’ll nestle on your wrist. The vintage watches hold their value best not only for the heritage and history it evolves with but also for the revolution it started with the timeless and unique creations. 

The new iconic reiteration of the 1972 genome of Royal Oak collection now holds supremacy over the modern timepieces. It’s almost the same as the nostalgic watch in 72, with octagonal bezel and tapisserie dial. The timeless design still makes the watch lovers stumble for a second to take a deep look at the watch. It can be one of the safest watches to invest in as it comes with classic features and a modern iconic look. The tapisserie dial makes a standout from the crowd. However, there are also various references for Royal Oak collection naming “A-series” or “B” or so more. The series is produced serially when the first series production comes to a stop. The A-series is produced for only 2000 pieces with their series name engraved on the caseback. If you can pick a blue dial Royal Oak watch, you’ll surely find plenty of customers seeking this watch.

Timeless Attractions

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was the first steel sports watch that came up with the bold and gold design. The dial is exquisitely designed with a tapisserie pattern that is timeless in terms of attracting the collectors to invest in such watches. Audemars has created a loyal base of customers and collectors with their unique style of preaching in the watch industry. Maybe it’s little in number, but the Royal Oak watches are more profitable investment watches than the Rolex watches in terms of demand. If you have a Royal Oak watch with a blue dial, you can easily sell it when it’s time to interchange the brand.

Cartier Santos Vintage Watch

Cartier Santos Vintage watch
Source: Cartier

In 1906, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont who is claimed to be the first to achieve powered flight was flying his field tests in Paris. That time people were using pocket watches for timekeeping. But it’s difficult for Santos to maneuver the control panel and keep time simultaneously. So he lodged his complaint to his bosom friend. And it happened to be Louis Cartier who is the grandson of the founder of Cartier, Louis-François Cartier. So Louis Cartier concentrated to show his watchmaking excellence and brought about the first modern wristwatch in history. The square face Cartier Santos was also recognized as the first pilot’s watch though it didn’t have such aviation technology.

The square face Cartier Santos is the pioneer of modern wristwatch and pilot’s watch. Santos watch composed its oldest design in their recent model released after 100 years. The vintage style seamlessly blends with its modern features to attract the watch lovers. The long history behind the Santos watch makes it a great investment watch for collectors.

Timeless Attractions

When people find heritage and history deeply intertwisted around a watch, they feel an emotional connection. The vintage style has magnetic Attraction. It’s in production now. Still, it can be a bang for your bucks as it’s within your reach. So grab the timeless piece of Santos watches to invest in right now. 

The Final Summation

You should really think and rethink about investing in watches, judging every pros and cons. Gathering proper knowledge, you can figure out the future for watches to invest in. It takes proper judgment and knowledge about the brands and businesses to hit a paydirt in investment watches. As it’s a business, there’s a chance of backsliding. Actually, if you want to get rich, you’ve to take risks.

Disclaimer: However, what I’ve described here is only the analysis of the possibility for watches to make a profit in the future. The article is not meant to tell you the exact watches here to invest in. But I’ve just showed you the way you should analyze the future of a watch. These are the basic principles before any investment in watches.  

Just like any other investment, it’s very tough to tell you whether the watch is going to be a great deal or the worst one. Time will decide the future of the watches. But there’s a saying, “If you want to get rich, you’ve to take risks”. So it’s high time you took risks to find the possibly great watches to invest in right now.

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