Factors That Determine Cheap and Expensive Watches

Difference between cheap and Expensive Watches

Who doesn’t want a glamorous and prestigious timepiece on a budget? Even if you find your favorite one, some factors will hinder you from buying this. Normally, we take precautionary measurements to estimate the value of a watch. But some virtual curtains can affect your decision. There are certain differences between cheap watches and expensive watches. But even if a cheap and an expensive watch bears the same specifications, people won’t fall for the cheap.

To demolish the misunderstanding you have for cheap and expensive watches, here’s our oblation differing every aspect. You’ll get to know why a watch costs no more than a few bucks and why some other cost grands. Some luxury watches can cost thousands of bucks just for their design. 

So let’s steer through the roads and lanes of the horology world. Stay tight and I’ll show you the key factors that determine whether a watch will be cheap or expensive.

Weight Of The Brand Name

Yes! A brand name can outweigh all other existing contents. Formally it’s known as brand value. It needs enormous efforts and perseverance to brand a name. The continuous assurance of quality products for years can buy you a branded moniker. It produces cults of fans who always appreciate the brand. And later, the efforts pay off aa they can bring bucks just by the name.

The more people know a brand positively, the more value a brand name creates. Every brand name has its history and heritage. That’s why they can make their fans nostalgic. Rolex is the epitome of a highly branded watch company. Everybody who knows watches knows Rolex even if they can’t afford to buy one. If they produce a basic watch and price them comparatively high, fans will follow. It’s the trust brands establish with their customers.

You’ll see a lot of watches in the market with almost the same specifications but different price tags. Just a branded name on the display is the difference. Some people just fall for the brand name even if the watches are less functional. Some people don’t know what specifications mean for a watch. And some people just want to show their watch to their neighborhood. They just want attractions by buying a luxury brand name. 

So if you’re full of pragmatism and know the thing on the wrist very well, then you’re the gainer. Just be practical and compare the specifications and their worth before buying. You’ll get lots of features at the same price. They can last longer. But a branded watch will guarantee you durability and longevity.

Glamour That Exudes

The look of a watch is also a factor to determine a cheap and an expensive watch. Everyone wants an eye-catching timepiece on their wrist. The mind-blowing design is always appreciated by the fans.

To get a beautiful polish of a watch, the watchmakers need to try hard. You’ll find lots of innovative designs and breathtaking concepts that deserve to be priced higher. To get a smooth edge of the watch, they need to polish it carefully. Some watches use gradient dials that need great effort. Soaking a dial and inserting balanced and sparking color codes on it aren’t jokes. That’s why a perfectly finished watch is usually expensive.

On the other hand, watches with a simple layout and basic complications don’t cost more. They need a little time and little work. Some design concepts of high horology demand extra remuneration for the creative instincts. That’s all about design and aesthetics. If you ensure a photo finish look of a watch, you can make the deal high. People love beauty and appreciate them by buying.

Heart That Ticks

The movement is the heart of a watch. And a wise man always estimates the worth of a movement. Some people are just fond of certain movements, mechanical movement specifically. Like the athletic heart, some movements are more functional.

Movements are mainly mechanical and quartz powered. You’ll also find kinetic movement introduced by Seiko. And here comes the rivalry of man vs machine. Mechanical movements are man-made where quartz movements are machine-made. The robotic hands win over the human hands in regards to precision and accuracy. Quartz movement rarely loses seconds a day where mechanical movement can lose seconds manifolds.

Quartz watches can be made easily as machines can work quickly and precisely. But a mechanical watch needs a man highly skilled in horology. A horologist needs to work hard and carefully to make a mechanical movement. He needs to show his watch excellence. And not many people can do this job perfectly. That’s why mechanical movement prices higher even if it lacks pinpoint precision. 

Moreover, mechanical movements are seen as a component of watch beauty. The intricate ticking of the wheels and balances inside the watch case is captivating. Every watch lover will love to behold the beauty of a mechanical movement. Skeleton watches provide the opportunity of inserting transparent portions on the watch case. So the mechanical movement deserves to be costly.

Mechanical watches can be wound automatically and manually. The automatic watches tend to be more expensive. And the manual watches tend to be cheaper. The power reserve of the movements also shapes the figure. The more capable the movement is to produce energy, the costlier the watch is to buy.

Complications That Show Passion

Complication means the special functions of a watch besides telling time. To insert more complications, you have to play with the movement. A highly educated watchmaker with years of experience can materialize a complication perfectly. You won’t see a watch with many complications. Because the movement needs to take a toll. If you want to buy a chronograph watch, moonphase watch, and watches with a timer, stopwatch, tachymeter, they’ll cost you more. 

Shield Over The Dial

Yes! The price of a watch also varies based on the watch covers. There are several types of watch glass that protect the dial of a watch from damage. Watch glasses are the shield of a timekeeping machine. Some certain professions need them very much. 

There are mainly three types of watch glasses that are prevalent in the market. Sapphire crystals are the best on the market. They are shatter-resistant as well as scratch-resistant. Sapphire crystal is very transparent. So you’ll get the clearest view. Mineral crystals are used on entry-level watches. They are also qualitative but not so good as sapphire crystal. Acrylic crystals are plastic mainly. They are the cheapest. They can’t withstand any scratches. But acrylic glasses are very useful for shatter resistance.

High-end watches mainly use sapphire crystal. That’s why watches become expensive. Watches with mineral crystals are within the budget of the average Joes. Watches that use acrylic are the cheapest to afford. Acrylic watches are highly functional yet they are easy to buy and replace.

Case That Contains

While going through the specifications of a watch, you’ll see lots of variations of the case materials. And hence the price differs. Watchmakers from ancient times try to anoint certain case materials for the best experience. Hence we got a plethora of choices for choosing case materials.

The most prevalent case material is still stainless steel. Also, ceramic, plastic, and even carbon materials are materialized on the watch case. The price greatly denounces for these materials. But when you opt for a titanium, gold, or platinum case, you have to spend some grand. The rare and precious metals on the case will uphold the price tag sky-high. The stainless steel option remains middle class where the other options fluctuate.

Bezel That Dazzles

Bezel also plays a great role to determine the price of a watch. Bezel materials play the same role as the metal case plays for the watch case. But some certain designs of the bezels get tractions from the consumers. Ceramic bezel or Rolex Pepsi bezel are the famous ones. The dazzling bezel plays a big role to motivate a person for buying the watch.

Straps That Bind

If a watch brand wants to reduce the price of their watches, they steer the roller through the quality of straps. Seiko is the biggest example of this. The low-priced Seiko watches are issued with low-quality watch straps. 

The most popular and demanding are NATO straps. ZULU straps are also popular for their robust nature. But NATO watch bands are easy to use and switch. However, some other watch bands determine the price value. A high-quality leather watch can be more expensive than a metal watch. Brands normally lower the quality and sell the watch straps with watches at a very low price. 

Analog or Digital

There’s a revolution in the horology world when the first digital watch was introduced. Analog vs Digital watch rivalry has become one-sided now. With the insertion of binary digits, digital watches are priced lower and lower. The all-digital display and accessories are machine products. The overall procedure reduces the connection between humans and improves precision and quality. 

You’ll get lots of complications as there is no mechanical movement needed to power them. The engineering is simple. But the analog watches need lots of care. So it’s obvious that the era of analog watches is deprecating. They’ll be only the luxury accessory rather than a timekeeping machine.

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