How To Choose A Watch for Occasions & Events

How to choose watches for Occasions

You may have experienced the importance of balancing every aspect of life and nature. Everything in this world ultimately equals zero. If there occurs an imbalance, there increases entropy.

When we try to match colors or our suits, we metaphorically control the entropy or disorder. So if you put on a random watch on a particular occasion or choose a random watch for a certain professional, that may create disorder in the harmony of nature. That goes against the law of nature. And that can bring about nuisance in the angelic harmony.

Excuse me for the unwanted touches of humor. But all the puns intended to interpret the importance of using a watch on occasions or professions. Some people are ready to humiliate you for your bad choices. But your wise decisions can turn the table and earn tons of accolades from the crowd.

So if you’re a traveler or a member of the Marine corps, you need to gain wisdom about the types of watches to wear. Even if you’re thinking of attending any occasions, you need to learn about the types of watches for certain occasions. A versatile timepiece can also meet your demand in almost every situation.

Here is our little effort to help you gain wisdom about types of watches for every occasion and every professional. So How to choose the best watches for every occasion and professional? Take a deep breath and dive with me into the article.

How To Choose A Watch For Occasions

It’s you who is buying the watch. It’s good to have a nice touch of all the colors on watches. But before analyzing types of watches for every occasion, let’s put some key factors to compare.

Your Style: Don’t buy a watch that doesn’t suit your style and appearance. The color scheme is an important thing to consider. Certain colors don’t go with everyone. Some color projects more femininity and some represent the masculine nature. Of course, choose a watch of your preference.

Your role: Everyone adorns different personalities. So don’t choose a watch that compromises your personality or roles in the life

Activities: It’s not possible to maintain all colors or variations. It’s better to configure which events you like to attend most? Where do you spend most of your time? Then prioritize picking varieties of watches for those specific events.

How To Choose A Watch For Every Occasion

For Wedding Ceremony

If you’re the bride, I strongly suggest you avoid wearing watches. It’ll look odd to stare at the wrist even for a single moment. This is disrespectful in a wedding ceremony. There are also many other things to concentrate on. But you can wear a watch for a close shot and eye-catching match of the outfits. 

And if you’re attending a wedding ceremony, then a delicate watch choice will fulfill your catching appearance. But the watch should be demure in appearance. The watch shouldn’t catch the eyes of the crowd intentionally. So you’ve to avoid the use of a dazzling watch.

As you’ll wear a formal suit, the watch should be easily placed on the wrist. That’s why you should select a sleek watch with a minimalist appearance. And all the suggestions only point to the use of a dress watch.

A dress watch is a perfect choice for such a dressy occasion. Dress watches are time-oriented mainly. You’ll find only one or two hands to display hour and minute functions. The maximum complication can include only a day and date function. The minimalism of a dress watch can run even lower. But the classical white and silver look blend with the norms of a wedding ceremony. Moreover, you’ll also find many dress watches with gradient dial that sparks beauty all around the wrist. 

For Board Meeting

If you’re in a board meeting, you should act in a serious manner. You need to act carefully. You may look at your watch to cope up with your tight schedule. So that needs only a timekeeping machine. And of course, you should use a watch as peeking a mobile device out of your pocket will create a bad impression.

So when you enter into a board meeting, you can opt for a minimalist watch. If you have the money, you can choose a high horological timepiece to ensure a bossy attitude. Otherwise, a simple and sleek watch will do just fine.

If you’re the boss and busy person here, you can nestle a smartwatch on your wrist. This will allow you to manage a lot of things at once. You can scroll or swipe the screen and collect the preferred data to present in the meeting.

For Family Party

Normal occasions allow everything to wear. Just match a watch with your clothes. Otherwise, your closed ones can take a chance on you to mock at. If you’re attending a birthday party, Christmas party, 31st-night event, you can just throw your choice. Here comes the opportunity to show your status and power. A dazzling watch on your wrist will cry for attention. You may earn huge applause from your friends and family. You can consider independent Swiss watch brands to pick a mind-blowing timepiece for your next event.

For Travelling/ Hiking

If you love to travel or hike very often, then a hard metal and durable watch is a must for you. In this case, choose a watch with titanium metal, sapphire crystal glass, durable NATO or metal straps, and high water resistance. 

One thing to keep in mind, research the area you’re visiting. Don’t wear an expensive watch while traveling as we often hear about South American hooligans pilfering someone’s favorite Rolex. 

If you travel to different countries of the world, you should try GMT watches. You can easily keep a tab on time while flying in different time zones. And a hiker should have some very essential attributes on a watch. GPS and ABC watches are the best options for a hiker. You’ll find your route to follow and never end up signaling SOS. You can track the altimeter if you’re hiking in a hilly region.

For Aquatic Activities

From sunbathing on a beach to underwater activities like snorkeling or diving, everyone prefers dive watches. Dive watches not only prove to be effective underwater, they can simultaneously project your status on every occasion.

A dive watch can withstand water pressure under a certain depth. If you want to sunbathe or swim in the pool, then a dive watch with 5atm is enough. A dive watch of 10bar capacity can withstand the tough time for any waterboarding and other aquatic activities. If you are preparing to adventure underworld, you’ll find dive watches that are resistant to water pressure even under 1000m

Though most of the watches are designed to be water-resistant, a dive watch will do just tension free. Normal watches don’t have a protected crown and strong body. But they can be used for snorkeling and swimming. A dive watch has all the protection and also a helium pressure valve.

For Race & Competitions

Life is competitive. You have to compete to dwell in the world that is always dueling to thrust ahead. Excuse the pun! But the fact is that many of you participate in races. That can be your hobby or profession. But for this particular occasion, I would like to suggest particular timepieces. If you race in the water, sailor’s watches will tell you everything. You’ll get a regatta timer, countdown measurements, a stopwatch, and so on. If you race on the land, then there are plenty of other racing watches with speedometers, countdown timer, stopwatch.

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