How To Pair Apple Watch With iPhone (New iPhone or New Watch)

So you got into the line and ensured your purchase of Apple Watch 5! Or you’ve taken the plunge to ensure your first entry to the Apple Watch space. Oh welcome! Welcome to the club of Apple Watch aficionados. Feel free to use the high-end tracking features and super easy access to your iPhone. Monitor your health and fitness, call or chit chat with others right through the Apple watch nestling on your wrist.

But first things first. You have to pair Apple Watch with iPhone and set it up to enjoy the features on a full scale. Tweak some settings and use the highest potential of your Apple watch. But how to pair Apple watch!

Well, if it’s your clean Apple watch and you want to pair it with your iPhone, you’ll find the guidelines on the very first part of the article.

Don’t worry if you want to know “How To Pair Apple Watch With New Phone”. We’ll get you through the steps you need to pair your Apple watch to a new phone without losing any data. It’s an easy and quick process. Only a few minutes are enough to pair your Apple watch to a new/old iPhone.

Without any further ado, let me take you through every step required to pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Before You Pair Apple Watch With iPhone

You need to make clear some points before you can go for pairing your Apple watch with a phone. Be sure to checkmark the points stated below. It’ll ensure a seamless connection between your watch and phone while the setup process is going on.


Enable the Bluetooth option on your iPhone. Also, make sure to connect your iPhone with the WiFi or cellular network. Bluetooth will find your Apple watch within the range to connect with. That’s why you need to keep your phone in proximity. The data connection will bring back data from cloud storage. The connections ensure seamless processing to pair Apple Watch with iPhone.

Battery Charge

Make sure the battery of your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged. The process is quick and easy. But it’ll put extra pressure on the processor. If you don’t want the pairing process intimidated by low charge, recharge the battery. So with the watch and the iPhone having a minimum 50% battery, you can start to pair your Apple Watch to iPhone.

Apple Watch App

Remember to check if you have downloaded the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. If not, download it from the Apple Store. Fortunately, most of the Apple phones come with the built-in Apple Watch app.

Check Your Compatibility

Hopefully, you did this check and ensured that your watch is fully compatible with your iPhone. The operating system and the hardware of both devices should be compatible. Don’t unbox the watch if your watch doesn’t match with your iPhone. Here’s the compatibility check before you can pair Apple Watch with iPhone.

  • Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 are compatible with the iPhone 5 or later. The Operating System needs to be iOS 10 or later
  • Apple Watch Series 3 comes as two versions- Cellular or GPS models. Both versions need iPhone 6s  or later, running on iOS 13 or later.
  • Apple Watch 4 also has two versions. The LTE model needs iPhone 6 or later, running on iOS 12 or later. But the Non-cellular GPS version needs at least an iPhone 5s or later. And like the Cellular model, the Apple Watch 4 GPS model also needs iOS 12 or later.
  • The Apple Watch 5 needs an iPhone 6s or later to pair with. And the watch should be run on iOS 13 or later.

To top off the fact, here’s an overview. The WatchOS 6 is compatible with all the Apple watches from Apple Watch Series 1. You can upgrade to the latest watchOS on your watch. But upgrading to the WatchOS 6 requires you to use iPhone 6s or later, running on iOS 13 or later.

How To Pair New Apple Watch with iPhone

With all the requirements fulfilled, you can now go for the pairing process. Follow these steps below to pair Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Step 1

Put on the watch with the straps fitted on your wrist. It’ll give you a comfortable feeling. When it nestles on your wrist, you can feel the way the watch should be set up. And it’ll ensure the close proximity to your iPhone while the pairing process goes on.

Step 2

How to pair Apple watch
The side button is slightly below the digital crown Source: Apple

Now turn your Apple watch ‘ON’ by pressing and holding the side button for a few seconds. The side button is a little below the digital crown. After a while, you’ll see a white Apple logo on a black screen. The logo may appear on the screen for a few minutes

Step 3

Make sure your watch is close to the phone. And it must stay within the Bluetooth range while the process goes on.

Step 4

How to pair Apple watch with iPhone
Bring the watch close to your phone and you’ll see this option source: Apple

A few moments later, a message will pop up saying “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch“. Tap on the “Continue” button.

If you don’t see this message, you can still pair Apple watch to the phone. Just open the Apple Watch app and you’ll see the option for “Start pairing”. Click on it.

Step 5

While in close proximity, the pairing will be smooth connection the viewfinder source: Apple

After that, an animation will appear on the watch face. It may look like the particulates from Hadron Collider. But it’s the code for the iPhone viewfinder to scan. 

The camera will be on and you need to position it for proper capture. Center the watch face so it fits the area in the viewfinder. The viewfinder will scan the animation on your watch and give you a message, “Your Apple Watch is paired”. 

In case you can’t use your camera, you can still pair Apple Watch manually. We’ve discussed it in this article. So don’t escape the part.

Step 6

If it’s your first Apple watch, then just tap on the “Set Up Apple Watch“. If you want to restore data from your previous watches, choose the most recent backup. You’ll get all the settings and health data from the backup.

The watch may ask you to update to the latest watchOS version. Just update it.

Step 7

Select the suitable option for your wrist preference. If you want to wear it on the left wrist, then tap on the “left” option. If you want it on the right, you need to choose the way ‘Digital Crown’ (used to control the watch) will appear.

Step 8

Then a block will appear containing terms and conditions. Read it and then agree to continue.

Step 9

You can sign in to iCloud if you want to activate cellular service. It may log you in automatically. Otherwise, log in with the necessary information on your phone.

Step 10

You can now share your settings from the iPhone. Some settings will be automatically applied to your watch settings.

You will need to create a passcode for your watch if you want to use Apple Pay. To disable activation lock, you’ll also need a password. So you can set a passcode for your watch and enjoy safe and sound features of your Apple watch.

You can also use other features to set up your new Apple watch. Route tracking or Siri, if already not set up, can be used on your watch if you enable it.

How To Pair Apple Watch Manually

If you don’t want to use your camera to scan the animation, then you may need to manually pair your Apple Watch to iPhone. Follow Steps 1 to 4 in the previous section on how to pair your new Apple Watch. Then follow the alternative steps stated below and you’ll be able to successfully pair Apple watch manually.

Alternative Steps

Step 5

In the viewfinder window of the iPhone, you’ll see an option “Pair Apple Watch Manually“. Tap on this button and you’ll see the name of your current Apple Watch in a list. 

Step 6

On your watch window, tap on the information “i” icon. You will find the “I” icon on the bottom-right corner of the watch screen. Tap on it and a new tab will open a passcode box

Step 7

On your iPhone, tap on the name that’s similar to the name on your watch. The name will correspond to the name shown on your watch.

Step 8

Then type in the 6-digit code on your iPhone that is displayed on the watch. If the password matches, your Apple Watch will be paired with your iPhone manually. 

Then go through the overall setup process. The watch will take you into the application set up and other settings needed.

How To Pair Apple Watch With New Phone

So you made the purchase of a brand new iPhone. Congrats! However, as an Apple Watch user, now it’s time to migrate your necessary data from the old phone to a new phone. As the iPhone automatically contains all the data and settings of the Apple watch, no need to worry about losing data. However, you need to have both the new and old phones to do this pairing process. Follow the steps below and this is how you can pair Apple Watch with a new phone.

Step 1

Before you pair your Apple Watch to a new iPhone, make sure your Apple watch and old iPhone are updated to the latest version. The update can take a long time. So you better put it on the update for overnight. If you don’t update, you may not see the backup on your new iPhone.

Step 2

Sign in to iCloud or iTunes to back up your old phone. The data for the Apple Watch is included in the data for the iPhone. So your health or tracking info all will be backed up on your iCloud account. Be sure to check your health settings ‘On’ before the backup process on iCloud. 

Step 3

Then unpair Apple Watch from your old iPhone. So all settings and data will be erased on your Apple watch. Don’t worry! You have the backup. 

In the Apple Watch app on your old iPhone, tap on the information icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Then choose the option to unpair Apple Watch.

Step 4

How to pair Apple watch with new phone
Restore the latest backup by choosing any of the options source: Apple

Now it’s time to restore your data on nee iPhone. Choose the latest backup from your iCloud or iTunes account. So your new iPhone will adorn every detail of your old phone. Some info will be missing though. And besides, you’ll get the backup data for your Apple watch.

Step 5

Start to set up your iPhone and finish it following the instructions. If the watch asks you if you want to use Apple Watch, then fo course click to go! That’s why you bought it in the first place! Right? However, if the watch doesn’t inquire about you, finish the setup process of your new iPhone.

Step 6

When asked if you want to use Apple Watch, choose to agree. And you’ll be prompted to the procedures to pair the Apple watch to the new iPhone. Follow the steps to pair Apple watch with your brand new phone. You can also pair Apple watch manually as described in the previous section of this article.

Step 7

Tap Ok to ensure everything is going alright. And then enter your watch password in the box. And you’ve paired Apple Watch to the new phone. Your brand new iPhone and Apple watch will be the same as before, now more upgraded and superbly fast.

If you don’t have your old iPhone with you, then you have to erase all the data on your watch. You unpair it and lose it all. But if your old iPhone has a regular backup, you can restore them on your new phone. Depending on how old the backup is, you may lose some of your latest data for workouts or health tracking.

The Apple Watch is great both in its GPS or Cellular version. The Apple Watch 5 features an always-on display and you’ll love them. You can also track sleep through easygoing third-party apps. So for now, you’ve learned how to pair Apple Watch with phone and also how to pair Apple Watch to new iPhone. Hopefully, you’ve successfully paired it. If not, let me know your problems and I’ll try to help.

Apple has their own troubleshooting page that’s awesome to get answers. You can try it and eliminate the worry for your new Apple Watch or iPhone. Let me know in the comment section if the article helped you.

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