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Mission Impossible Watches
Mission: Impossible – Fallout Watches Source: CWC

Mission: Impossible movie series is packed with groundbreaking action stunts and intriguing spy stories. Tom Cruise does almost all of the stunts himself that sometimes lead to some severe accidents on the shooting spot. Tom Cruise unleashed the best of him while characterizing Ethan Hunt in every insane stunt and death-defying moments. The fine procurement of the character by Tom Cruise allows us to enjoy some of the masterpieces from Tom Cruise.

Mission Impossible movies widely utilized cutting-edge spy technology and intricate pieces of machinery in the series. Yet the watches in Mission: Impossible movies managed to grab the attention of the audiences. The blossoming beauty on the wrist of the protagonist characters can’t escape the eyes of the watch lovers. So we take the search strings into account and follow back more than two decades to compile the Mission Impossible watches worn by Tom Cruise and other characters. 

No search strings will come void as we go through all the watches in Mission: Impossible movies. We’ll also dissect the use and impact of Mission Impossible Casio watches in the movies. Even if you’re pondering on which watch Tom Cruise wears in Mission: Impossible- Fallout movie, you’ll get to learn about the movie watches. Without any further ado, let’s explore which iconic watches our action-packed Mission Impossible movies showcased for us.

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout Watches

Release: 2018

Character: Ethan Hunt

Actor: Tom Cruise

Watch: Cabot Mechanical Stopwatch

Mission Impossible Fallout watches

While watching the efforts of Ethan Hunt to save the world, we can’t avoid the tantalizing watches nestled on his wrist. Mission: Impossible Fallout watches include one from the CWC (Cabot Watch Company). Ethan Hunt is seen to wear the Cabot Mechanical Stopwatch while running on time and also in intense fighting. 

The watch features a white dial counting the time to 60-second and 60-minute segments. But this specific model is specially ordered by the M.I. production team. However, CWC released a new watch imitating the exact stopwatch used in Mission Impossible Fallout watches. The watch is dubbed as GS Sonar and available in the market for general audiences. The anodized red crown is a homage to the CWC stopwatch used in Mission: Impossible- Fallout movie.

Character: August Walker

Actor: Henry Cavill

Watch: Suunto Spartan Sport Black

Mission Impossible Fallout watches

The CIA assassin is seen with the sporty caliber Suunto Spartan watch. Henry Cavill aka Superman didn’t get the role of a hero here but a supervillain. A disguised villain who worked as brother-in-arms with Tom Cruise at first. As we see, Henry Cavill wears a GPS-enabled Suunto smartwatch in some of his intense fights. The slim fit on the wrist is perfect for such thrilling adventures where a brawl is obvious. 

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Watches

Release: 2015

Unfortunately, Tom Cruise aka Ethan Hunt was too busy to wear a watch while fighting the bad guys in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. But we can recall some of the other characters wearing some magnificent timepieces. The tech master Simon Pegg wears two watches in a back-to-back scene.

Character: Benji Dunn

Actor: Simon Pegg 

Watch: Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar  

Mission Impossible Tissot T-Touch watch

Simon Pegg may be a side-kick in the movie characterizing the hilarious Benji Dunn. But the seemingly bumbling fool Benji Dunn has a great taste when it comes to watches and technology. We see him doing his outstanding tech support wearing a Tissot T0914204405100 T-Touch Expert Solar watch. 

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch features all-in-black including the bezel and the dial. It’s a hybrid of analog and digital timekeeping. But it retains the modern aesthetic look of the watch. The Swiss quartz movement and solar charging facilities are enough to captivate a watch fan. The sharp edges and beautiful blend of watch dials also flushed a hype when released in 2015 on big screens. People loved the look of this Tissot T-Touch watch in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Character: Benji Dunn

Actor: Simon Pegg

Watch: Casio G-Shock GWA-1100-1A3 G-Aviation

Mission Impossible Casio G-Shock watch

As from Casio G-Shock watches, you can only ask for a boatload of features. Benji Dunn obviously fell in love with this Mission Impossible Rogue Nation watch. The sharp edges of the watch front and black and white contrast beautifully projects its blossoming beauty.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Watches

Release: 2011

Character: Ethan Hunt

Actor: Tom Cruise

Watch: Tudor Heritage Chronograph

Mission Impossible Tudor Heritage

Tom Cruise is seen with a Tudor Heritage Chronograph in a promotional photo for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Tudor Heritage shares historic links between Tudor and Porsche motorsports partnerships in 2009. The black face with bold details is eye-catching in every aspect. You’ll love the intelligent presentation of the watch dial with the ribose-structured hour markers on it. The gorgeous black dial and grey subdials shine the wrist of Ethan Hunt. Ethan Hunt changes his taste for Mission Impossible watches by wearing this Tudor watch. As we’ve seen him wear only Mission Impossible Casio watches.

Character: Benji Dunn

Actor: Simon Pegg

Watch: Casio G-Shock GX-56-1B

Mission Impossible Casio G-Shock watch

Simon Pegg wears this large Casio G-Shock watch on Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. It seems like the version GX-56-1B is immense in size and tactfully constructed for shock protection. It also features a double-layered urethane-resin bezel that covers the case for better resistance to water and pressure. The crown is also well protected by the hardcover. Hmm… perfect for fellas in tough professions.

Character: William Brandt

Actor: Jeremy Renner

Watch: Rolex Submariner Date

Jeremy Renner adorns this watch while acting on Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. The watch has a black face and a black dial. The Rolex Submariner is a popular choice for actors. James Bond films took it to a new height. Also a good option for investment.

Mission: Impossible III Watches

Release: 2006

Character: Ethan Hunt

Actor: Tom Cruise

Watch: Casio G-Shock MTG 910D-2VER

Mission Impossible G-Shock

It’s a classic watch from Mission Impossible 3 movie. Mission Impossible Casio watches is a popular search string on the net. Casio G-Shock watches are worth it. The specific model comes with stainless steel and resin case and bracelet. The first 3 sequels of the Mission Impossible series uphold the glory of Casio watches. Let’s discuss the Mission Impossible watches used on the other sequels.

Mission: Impossible II Watches

Release: 2000

Character: Ethan Hunt

Actor: Tom Cruise

Watch: Casio G-Shock DW6900

Mission Impossible Casio DW6900

Casio G-Shock watches are famous for their unique design and high resistance to impact. Mission Impossible Casio watches created hype after the release of the movie series on the big screen. Tom Cruise aka Ethan Hunt loves to wear Casio watches in his insane action-packed moments. This model is a classic vintage watch and still, captivates watch lovers for the unique appearance.

Mission: Impossible I Watches

Release: 1996

Character: Ethan Hunt

Actor: Tom Cruise

Watch: Casio DW-290 

Mission Impossible Casio DW-290

The first installment of the Mission: Impossible series indicate a new era in the neo-noir industry. And for the very first sequels, we saw Tom Cruise to ambassador a Casio watch. The later 2 movies feature the popular G-Shock line from Casio. However, some people may misunderstand the DW-290 as a G-Shock model. But it’s not! Zooming the photo in 4k version, we can easily identify the watch as the only normal Casio watch used in Mission: Impossible series. Mission Impossible Casio DW-290 watch managed to catch the eyes of the watch fans with its bold outlook. The first Casio watch is the most famous and iconic Mission Impossible watches.

Mission Impossible Casio & Mission Impossible G-Shock Watch

If you want to talk about Mission Impossible watches, you’ve to write an extra sections compiling the appearance of Mission Impossible Casio watches. As we’ve noticed that the first 3 installments of Mission: Impossible fully deployed its backing for Casio watches. The first sequel of the series highlights the Casio DW-290 watch. The first Mission Impossible Casio watch is displayed multiple times. I liked the scene where Ethan Hunt dodges the disguised enemy with some tricks under his sleeves. The Mission Impossible Casio watch was the most conspicuous at that moment.

The later Mission Impossible movie also features a Casio G-Shock DW6900. That’s when the G-Shock line of Casio took the big screen of Mission: Impossible series. It’s a perfect example of Mission Impossible G-Shock watch as the watch seemed a beautiful addition to Ethan Hunt’s thrilling adventures. Ethan Hunt’s rugged experience in the espionage world definitely demands a robust watch. So we see another Mission Impossible G-Shock watch in the 3rd instalment of the movie series. It seems like the popular Casio G-Shock MTG 910D. Though we can’t show you more Mission Impossible Casio and Mission Impossible G-Shock watches as there are not any more. Tom Cruise changed his taste for watches but we hope to see more Mission Impossible Casio watches on his wrist.

Mission: Impossible 7

Release Date: November 2021

Mission: Impossible 8

Release Date: November 2022

The End

Mission: Impossible watches create a black hole of attraction when the time closes on its release on big screens. And Tom Cruise is an expert on making a watch iconic via movies. His love for Casio watches in the first 3 movies of Mission Impossible created hype among the fans. In Mission: Impossible 2 and Mission: Impossible 3, Ethan Hunt nestles G-Shock models on his wrist. And the choice is perfect for such kind of crazy action stunts. Mission Impossible Casio watches remain as iconic timepieces on the horology world and hot cake as a investment watch.  Mission Impossible watches have become symbol of iconic neo-noir watches. Watches of Ethan Hunt can compete with James Bond watches anytime at anywhere.

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