What Is A Moonphase Watch and How Does It Work

Reeling on the web in search of magnificent timepieces with exquisite details and ultimate glamor? 

Then you should consider Moonphase Watches as they’re gracefully crafted with high-end haute design and mind-blowing aesthetics. 

And also, they’re no less functional than the usual wristwatches, further presents the graphical illustration of the phases of the Moon, the only beauty that never fades. 

Nowadays moonphase watches are more for fashion lust rather than practical needs in life. 

Of course, some of us need to know the phases of moon for practical uses like the fishermen or the sailors. 

They tend to use such complications to keep track of the phases of the moon, as it’s directly associated with the rising and lowering of the tides. 

But for most of us, it’s just a fascination and sometimes superfluous to some of us though the magnetic appeal of such watches can never be ignored. 

Actually, moon is dominating most of our childhood memories in poem or in the story, it’s just the time to attribute our focus on moon. 

Maybe you went for heart-pounding adventures at the night of New Moon or having had romance at the night of the Full Moon. 

Those things would be quite easy if you have a moonphase watch to fix the date for adventures or dating your loved ones. 

Moreover, the watch brands take this moonphase complication as to showcase their prowess in high-end craftsmanship displaying watchmaking excellence. 

That’s enough of chitchat, let’s get into actions and know the elegance and timeless aesthetics of moonphase complications yourself. 


Take a short trip to gain some wisdom about moonphase watches. 

What Is A Moonphase Watch 

So are you wondering what on the earth is Moonphase Watch?  

Well. By definition, the watch with moonphase complication that tracks the sequential changes of the lighted portion of the moon (it’s called lunar cycle) over almost a month is called the Moonphase watch. 

When the moon travels around the earth, some of the areas of the moon reflects light towards the earth.  

And we see the only lighted portion of the moon. 

As the moon continues to travel at its angular rotation and angular position, the lighted portion seen from the earth changes over time, taking crescent shape to gibbous shape, full moon to new moon. 

A lunar cycle takes almost 29.5 days to complete and the cycle consists of one night of the full moon and one night of the new moon. 

Moonphase watches are basically two types- the most known is “Bosom” moonphase watch as it presents a graphical illustration of the moonphases in watch. 

The other type is known as the “radial” moonphase watch as it uses indicator hands to track the lunar cycle. 

Okay, don’t get bored. You need the wisdom if you wanted to make full use of your moonphase watch. 

How Does A Moonphase Watch Work

The moonphase aperture has a disk underneath with two graphical moons illustrated on it. 

And there’s a 59-teeth wheel that drives the movement of this disc. 

The more the number of the disc, the better the accuracy. 

A lunar cycle takes almost 29.5 days to be completed and the gears advance the disc once per day so that a full moon or a new moon can appear exactly after (29.5 x 2) or 59 days.

Casio watches do this job with electric digits. A small moon on the binary display show the moon phases accurately. The moonphase complication may be less aesthetic on the digital watches. But as a functional equipment, digital moonphase watches are very popular. Most of the sailors and catchers use Casio watches with moonphase complication. Only the big guns with grand options opt for a mechanical moonphase complication. Also, there are some imposter moonphase watches to meet the demand of the average Joes.

Use A Moonphase Watch Perfectly

Maybe you’re looking for mind-blowing aesthetics on a watch. Or you may want to appreciate the creative charisma of the luxury watchmakers. Then you need to opt for a moonphase watch with a pure mechanical heart. The rotation of the picturesque moon will give you the feel of looking at the sky. You can show the captivating beauty to your friends and the closed ones. Moonphase watches are always appreciated. It’ll cost you few grands but the artistic beauty of the moonphase complication is worth it. You should wear the watch in a party. It can work on amy wedding ceremony as well. But moonphase watches don’t go with the norms of any formal event or a board meeting.

However if you are a sailor, boat driver, or a fish catcher you need the moonphase watch for functionality. And mechanical complication is a luxury here. You can opt for digital watches. The digital moonphase watches yield better date than the mechanical watches. You can rely on the data. Casio watches are the most prevalent moonphase watches on the market. The quartz movement power the complication with precision and accuracy. It may not be the best watch to wear on a party or a ceremony. But you have to admit that the digital watches are the best when it comes to indicate the ebb and flow of the ocean. That’s why moonphase watches are the inseparable part of your sailing career.

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