15 Best Moonphase Watches (From Cheapo to Spendy)

Reeling on the web in search of magnificent timepieces with exquisite details and ultimate glamor? 

Then you should consider Moonphase Watches as they’re gracefully crafted with high-end haute design and mind-blowing aesthetics. 

And also, they’re no less functional than the usual wristwatches, further presents the graphical illustration of the phases of the Moon, the only beauty that never fades. 

Nowadays moonphase watches are more for fashion lust rather than practical needs in life. 

Of course, some of us need to know the phases of moon for practical uses like the fishermen or the sailors. 

They tend to use such complications to keep track of the phases of the moon, as it’s directly associated with the rising and lowering of the tides. 

But for most of us, it’s just a fascination and sometimes superfluous to some of us though the magnetic appeal of such watches can never be ignored. 

Actually, moon is dominating most of our childhood memories in poem or in the story, it’s just the time to attribute our focus on moon. 

Maybe you went for heart-pounding adventures at the night of New Moon or having had romance at the night of the Full Moon. 

Those things would be quite easy if you have a moonphase watch to fix the date for adventures or dating your loved ones. 

Moreover, the watch brands take this moonphase complication as to showcase their prowess in high-end craftsmanship displaying watchmaking excellence. 

That’s enough of chitchat, let’s get into actions and know the elegance and timeless aesthetics of moonphase complications yourself. 


Take a short trip to gain some wisdom about moonphase watches. 

What Is A Moonphase Watch 

So are you wondering what on the earth is Moonphase Watch?  

Well. By definition, the watch with moonphase complication that tracks the sequential changes of the lighted portion of the moon (it’s called lunar cycle) over almost a month is called the Moonphase watch. 

When the moon travels around the earth, some of the areas of the moon reflects light towards the earth.  

And we see the only lighted portion of the moon. 

As the moon continues to travel at its angular rotation and angular position, the lighted portion seen from the earth changes over time, taking crescent shape to gibbous shape, full moon to new moon. 

A lunar cycle takes almost 29.5 days to complete and the cycle consists of one night of the full moon and one night of the new moon. 

Moonphase watches are basically two types- the most known is “Bosom” moonphase watch as it presents a graphical illustration of the moonphases in watch. 

The other type is known as the “radial” moonphase watch as it uses indicator hands to track the lunar cycle. 

Okay, don’t get bored. You need the wisdom if you want to make full use of your moonphase watch. 

How Does A Moonphase Watch Work

The moonphase aperture has a disk underneath with two graphical moons illustrated on it. 

And there’s a 59-teeth wheel that drives the movement of this disc. 

The more the number of the disc, the better the accuracy. 

A lunar cycle takes almost 29.5 days to be completed and the gears advance the disc once per day so that a full moon or a new moon can appear exactly after (29.5 x 2) or 59 days. 

#Automatic Moonphase Watches 

  1. Drive De Cartier Moonphase Watch
Cartier moonphase watches

Cartier brings a new sensation, this Drive De Cartier moon phase watch that gains so much applause from the watch aficionados. 

The unique cushion-shaped watch face can’t be ignored from miles away as it’s beautifully proportioned diagonally and all around. 

Specialized for tracking phases of the moon, the watch features a starry sky at the moonphase aperture that indicates the lunar cycle of the moon. 

Cartier moonphase watch has been criticized by most consumers that their watches feature ultra-feminine look or unisex appearance. 

But this unique Cartier moon phase watch has ended the dissatisfaction with their elegant, gracefully crafted, and highly functional moon phase watch added to the tally. 

The blued-steel sword-shaped hands smoothly tick around the eye-catching silvered flinique dial that enhanced the comfort for easy timekeeping. 

The black leather alligator strap beautifully fuses with the silver-white dial and looks really nice when it nestles on the wrist. 

You don’t need to worry about the watch engine as the automatic movement ensures the smooth tick rock of the watch using 25 jewels on the mainspring. 

Actually, this Cartier Moonphase watch adorns all the premium features and exquisite details, worth to be the best deal of the day for you. 


  • Use of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass 
  • Cushion-shaped watch face 
  • Use of 25 jewels for movement  

#Affordable Moonphase Watch 

  1. Michel Herbelin Inspiration Collection 
Michel affordable Moonphase watches

The watch that’s coming up now can be the best bang for your bucks, and it’s Michel Herbelin Moonphase watch. 

After putting this affordable moonphase watch on your wrist, it’ll spark glamor all around and earn tons of compliments from your fellow brothers (if they aren’t jealous already!) 

It’s not any bullshit, I have the reasons. You can compare the appearance of this moonphase watch with most of the expensive watches available of its kind. 

Though this watch looks expensive, comprises haute design and premium features, it’ll cut only a little above $500 from your wallet. 

The round shaped watch face and the large hands adorn the shiny white hue that can be your everyday-wear on any occasions. 

Along with the moonphase aperture at 6 o’clock, the watch dial also features 2 sub-dials- date window at 3 o’clock and the day window at 9 o’clock. 

The hour markers in stick and Arabic numeral emphasizes its sleek look and modern appearance. 

The brown leather band with white stitching at the edge seamlessly blend with the total outlook. 

The movement is limited to Swiss quartz movement that means the worry for manually winding the watch every single day has gone for good. 


  • Graphical representation of the moon phase in watch 
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters 
  • Shiny look and exquisite details 

#Automatic Moonphase Watch 

  1. Raymond Weil Maestro Mechanical Date Watch
Raymond Weil Maestro Moon Phase Timepiece

If it’s your will to create unique identity for you and to make bold statement in your everyday life, the Raymond Weil Maestro Moonphase Watch can be the best suit for you. 

The Geneva-based watch brand entirely concentrate to replicate the choice of an individual character and earns huge appraisals from the watch enthusiasts even from far flung regions. 

It’s because they’re dedicated to provide sophisticated uncompromising beauty to heighten their brand motto showcasing their watchmaking excellence. 

The all-in-black model of this Maestro Moonphase watch contains exquisite details blended with high-end craftsmanship. 

The rounded shape of this watch tries to resurrect the vintage sense with the white bezel around and the date window within. 

Embossed box pattern in the watch dial and the Roman hour indices intensify the modern appeal of the watch, heightened with the pomme-style silver hands and the textured black leather strap. 

The moonphase indicator in watch is quite reliable to trace the lighted portion of the moon as it uses enough gears to run the rhythm when the moon travels around the earth. 

This Maestro moonphase watch also composes the ticking tone with the hand-made automatic movement (Caliber RW 4500)  

Actually, this moonpahse timepiece has lots of features that’ll take quite a long space in this article. 

If you can afford to manage around $1500, this Raymond Weil Maestro moonphase watch is all yours and hence you win buying this watch at a very affordable price. 


  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal watch window 
  • Water-resistant up to 165 ft 
  • Reliable moonphase indicator 

#Luxury Moonphase Watches 

  1. Longines Master Collection Moonphase Watch 
Longines moonphase watch

When it comes to terms of dress watches, Longines is regarded as one of the best brands in the watch industry. 

But they also nailed the key things to produce the best moonphase watches with the chronograph function included also. 

Though the mechanical movement is used, Longines managed to keep the price logical, not cheap as chips though. 

The barleycorn pattern of the silver dial looks glamorous and intensified by the blue-steel hands ticking along the Arabic numerals. 

Sometimes, the watch face seems complicated with lots of numbers and scattered sub-dials, but it helps you to tell the time only at a glimpse. 

And the Arabic indexes are just fine adding modern appeal to this moonphase watch. 

The watch features both chronograph function as well as the moonphase indicator. 

The fact that captivates the watch lovers is the magnificent Valjoux 7751 ETA movement that’s sometimes regarded as the best chronological movement ever. 

The Valjoux movement gained the reputation showing excellence at 28,800 beats per hour (same as the modern Rolex used). 

To be added, the Longines moonphase watch can reserve enough power to tell you time and phases of the moon for 48 hours without interruption. 


  • Valjoux 7751 movement beating at 28,800bph 
  • Chronograph function  
  • 48-hour power reserves 

#Quartz Moonphase Watch 

  1. Seiko Moonphase Watch SRX003 – Kinetic Drive 
Seiko automatic Moonphase watch

Seiko also comes to add extra cream to the tally of moonphase watches with their Seiko SRX003 motion powered kinetic movement. 

This type of kinetic movement is compared equivalent to the automatic movement unless the kinetic movement is battery-powered. 

The 4 sub-dials on the elegant watch face tells about the exquisite features it can provide to you. 

The classically designed sword-shaped hands are ticking around the Day/dual hour sub-dial, date sub-dial, and obviously, the moon phase window indicating the lunar cycle. 

And the unique feature you’re going to love is the power indicator window. 

As it runs the solar-powered battery, you may need to gape at the battery level to take it to your board meeting or any casual events. 

This Seiko moonphase watch is very dressy with the Roman numerals in the white dial and the comfortable black alligator leather strap. 

It can easily secure its position on your wrist with the push button T-Bar deployment clasp. 

If you take care of it properly, it can last for years as it uses space-age sapphire crystal glass and the Hybrid Kinetic Quartz movement of Caliber 5D88 

You can also go for recreational swimming or shallow water diving in the moonlit night, wearing this moon phase masterpiece and observing the tide. 


  • Hybrid Kinetic Quartz Movement (Caliber 5D88) 
  • Anti-reflective space-edge sapphire crystal glass 
  • Power reserve indicator 

#Moonphase Luxury Watches 

  1. Classic Orient Star Moonphase Watch
  2. Orient moonphase watch

    A moonphase watch generally surfaces the quality craftsmanship of the watch brand. 

    Orient adds the aesthetics to their breathtaking Orient Star collection with this classic Orient Star Skeleton Watch with Moon phase. 

    You can directly look at the heart of this watch, the mainspring where the movement of the hands and also the moonphase indicator is controlled. 

    The lavishing stylish blue dial inscribed with the hour markers in roman numeral demands you peeking into this Orient moonphase watch. 

    They positioned the skeleton display at 9 o’clock, power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock, and the moon phase sub-dial at 6 o’clock. 

    If you’re looking for an automatic moonphase watch, you can find this Orient watch helpful as they use Orient Caliber 46SF7 using 22 jewels. 

    You can use this orient watch for rugged and rough use as they wrap it up with the anti-glare dual-curved sapphire crystal glass. 

    The pilot style crown and the glossy hand-made alligator leather strap adds a touch of class the watch aficionados really look to see in the watch. 

    The round shape adds a classy look to this Orient Star watch that is ornamented with the monogram dial and the facility for watch hacking (wisdom: mechanism to synchronize watch time by stopping & winding the second hand at will) 

    Though it’s not the usual affordable Orient watches it can be useful for you to buy this automatic moon phase watch and keep track of the phases of the moon 


    • Hand-winding Orient automatic movement 
    • AR-coated sapphire crystal glass 
    • Compatible for timekeeping under 165 ft of water 

    #Affordable Moon Phase Watch 

    1. Parnis WhatsWatch Moonphase Watch 
    Parnis Moonphase watch

    We’ve included a Chinese brand, Parnis in this list and it’s worth to be mentioned here for their user-friendly and qualitative moonphase watches. 

    They’re making quite a lot of fame with their affordable watches that’s no less functional or stylish than the watch brands in vogue. 

    Some of the parts Parnis use in their watches are just meticulous and definitely we can say that its not a kitsch regarding the price point of this affordable moonphase watch. 

    They’ve used Seagull Hand Wind ST36 movement that seems decent for this price tag although it’s not Swiss made. 

    The Roman numerals and the array of graphical sub-dials for tracking phases of the moon look gorgeous on the white dial. 

    The genuine black leather strap with the traditional pin buckle can intensify the beauty by unanimously nestling on your pallid wrist. 

    If you can ignore the tickling of ‘Chinese made’, I think this Parnis watch at only $116 can be your best affordable moonphase watch to track phases of moon. 


    • Mechanical movement 
    • Graphical representation of Uncle Moon 
    • Withstand water pressure up to 30m of water 

    #Omega Moonphase Luxury Watches 

    1. Omega Speedmaster Co-axial Master Chronograph
    Omega moonphase watches

    The only watch that conquers the moon in the 1st Apollo mission and passed an array of tolerance testes in NASA. 

    Omega is highly recognized after the much-revered Rolex brand and only seen to glorify in the wrists of successful and rich people. 

    This Omega moonphase watch has included some of their own incredible features such as their patented Liquidmetal that’s used in the bezel to measure speed. 

    Along with the tachymeter function, the watch is embellished with the life-like moon phase aperture that seems real at the first glimpse. 

    If you take a closer look, you can even find the microstructure footprint left by Neil Armstrong. 

     This Speedmaster moon phase watch includes exquisite details and fine mechanism of watch gears that it can track the phases of the moon for 10 years without any hassle. 

    And you just need a few turnarounds of the crown after 19 years when the moon phase watch comes to stop. 

    The space-age revolutionary Swiss automatic with hand winding movement that’s made up of 368 components actually begins a new era in the watch industry. 

    You can find a range of watch dials and bracelets in different tones and colors to choose from. 

    The captivating live moon aperture and the Super-LumiNova used in the hour markers give this watch an elegant look. 

    You can go for surfing and shallow water diving at the moonlit night measuring the level of tides. 

    It can be the bang for your bucks if you can afford this watch to quench the thirst for luxury and aristocracy. 

    You can also be the part of the memory when Neil Armstrong and Co flew to create the historical moment by conquering the moon. 


    • Swiss automatic with manual winding (Caliber 1866) 
    • Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass window 
    • Tachymeter bezel and 100-meter water resistance 

    #Luxury Moonphase Watches 

    1. Frederique Constant Classic Collection
    Frederiwque moonphase watches

    Perhaps, this classic option from Geneva-based Frederique Constant Moonphase watches collection can be the right selection for your best buy here. 

    It comes with all of the hallmark features for a moonphase watch and furthermore, it’s a more modernized version with exquisite details. 

    The white Roman hour markers on the black dial, the rounded shape with white bezels, and thin white hands beautifully intensify the eye-catching appearance. 

    The easy-wear black leather strap with pin buckle deployment can easily nestle on your wrist and wrap up with superbness. 

    The white and black combination redouble the aesthetics and seamlessly blend with your regular outfits. 

    It has also day and date sub-dials carefully wrapped up with the shatter-resistant sapphire crystal glasses. 

    Though this moon phase watch uses quartz movement rather than expensive automatic movement, the price can still be considered logical regarding the other quality features. 

    This watch can earn you tons of applause from your fellow beings as this classic moonphase watch is adorned with haute design and graded craftsmanship. 


    • Use of industry best sapphire crystal 
    • Water-resistant up to 165 ft 
    • Day, Date sub-dials and graphical moon phase aperture  

    #Skeleton Watch with Moon phase 

    1. Baume & Mercier Clifton Moonphase Watches
    Best moonphase watches

    The another best moonphase watch is added to the tally that’s full of frill and fashion, but affordable. 

    Baume & Mercier managed to herald the glory of this Clifton Moonphase watch that looks so expensive but needs only a few thousands of bucks to showcase it at your house. 

    The sun satin-finish of the silver dial and the rose gold hands ticking around the Arabic hour markers add the haute appearance to this moon phase watch. 

    It’ll seamlessly project your appealing personality and it’s totally feasible with your formal or casual outfits. 

    This moonphase watch can be considered as a dress watch that can also accompany you while surfing on the ocean breaking the big blue waves. 

    The black leather alligator strap ensures you keep your lovely watch attached to the wrist even in the drill. 

    It clasps on the wrist by the push-button deployment clasp-closure that initiates an easy-going process. 

    You’ll also sense the unique 1950’s vintage looks on this Clifton moon phase watch and it makes the watch irresistible to the watch aficionados. 

    Industry-best shatter-resistant sapphire crystal glass protects the front end of the watch face that allows you for more free and robust use. 

    The skeleton case back of this moon phase watch is totally transparent and covered by the sapphire crystal glass that lets you see the engine of this watch. 


    • Skeleton case-back that shows mainspring 
    • Swiss-made automatic movement  
    • Anti-glare sapphire dial 

    #Affordable Accurist Moonphase Watch

    1. Accurist Quartz Watch Chronograph GMT122W 
    accurist moon phase watch

    The next complication for moonphase in watch is this affordable timepiece from Accurist. 

    The watch can be an easy fitting for average men as the case of this watch is 42mm and has a thickness of 15mm. 

    The round case and mesh bracelet are purely stainless steel and adorn silver accent all around the body and strap. 

    The watch can easily nestle on your wrist and secure it by the push-button deployment clasp-closure. 

    There’re 4 sub-dials decorating the watch face that clarifying the exquisite details of the watch and loved by the watch lovers. 

    The moonphase aperture is positioned at 12 o’clock, there’re also day/date display, month display and also a GMT display to help you compare two world times at once. 

    The heart of this moonphase watch, mainspring is powered by the reliable Japanese quartz movement that’s been revolutionary for the few last decades. 

    You’ll also get the industry-best sapphire crystal glass to protect the front end of this Accurist moonphase watch from shattering or being knocked out.

    The another bonus function is its chime feature that can be quite helpful for some lazy fellas or the hard-working guys for more productivity, paradoxically. 


    • GMT display showing dual time 
    • High-end sapphire crystal dial window 
    • Elegant look with exquisite details 

    #Fishing Watch with Moonphase In Watch 

    1. Casio Men’s AQW101-1AV 
    Casio Men's Moonphase watch

    From the very first glimpse at the watch, this moonphase watch screams Casio from every corner and every aspect. 

    It’s an ultimate fisherman’s buddy in the heart of the ocean as it comes with tons of premium features that are designed especially for the fisherman. 

    The digital display is oriented with the indicator for the lunar cycle, thermo checker along with the usual features like chime feature and stopwatch function. 

    Practically, this Casio moonphase watch is very helpful to observe the ups and downs of the tide, to analyze the tendency of the temperature graph, telling direction, and so on. 

    And can you imagine the price? It needs less than $50 to pocket this Casio watch in rocket speed. 

    The backlight display with afterglow and the fishing timer mode is really helpful for more productivity. 

    If needed, you can also jump into the water to catch fish since it’s compatible with timekeeping even under 200 meters of water. 


    • You can orientate yourself using the digital compass 
    • You can also get data for temperature 
    • Lots of moonphase data in your watch  

    #Meet Imposter Moonphase Watches On My List

    Now I’m presenting to you some watches with sun and moon that don’t really show moonphase in watch, rather they indicate the sunny and dark portion of the 24-hours day. 

    I’ve also included these Sun and Moon phase watches that are graphically beautiful and easy to afford comparing to the real moonphase watches. 

    These moonphase watches can also be good choices for you as they look fabulous and elegant embossed with the graphical moonphase in watch. 

    1. Peugeuot 14K Gold Watches with Sun Moon Phase
    Peugeot moon phase watches with sun and moon

    This peugeuot doesn’t have moonphase in watch, rather it just indicates the PM/AM function, day and night actually. 

    But if you’re looking for something that looks like moonphase watch, not necessarily too expensive like the real moonphase in watch. 

    You can afford this watch just under $100 and you’ll definitely get what you’ve paid for. 

    The case of this watch is plated with 14K gold and comes with the lizard engraved genuine leather strap. 

    This watch can be the best buy for you as it provides some quality features and elegant outlook that can also make you nostalgic about their vintage watches. 

    Moreover, you can get the watch wrapped up in a beautiful box that’s perfect to gift your loved ones. 

    1. Orient Watches with Sun and Moon Version 2
    Orient watch with sun and moon phase

    It’s another stunning release of Orient with high-end craftsmanship and exquisite design available only at $250.

    The shiny white dials just spark its beauty with the Roman numeral hour markers and 2 sub-dials embossed on it. 

    The sun moon phase indicator is positioned against the 10 o’clock and the date window opposite to it. 

    The Orient moonphase watch also features an automatic movement with the manual winding system. 

    The watch also uses sapphire crystal glass to protect the watch face from scratch or shattering. 

    You can choose this Orient moonphase watch as the genuine alligator leather strap will enhance the beauty by nestling on your wrist. 

    1. CLEEMAR Classic Fashion Wrist Watches with Sun Moon
    Cleemar watches with sun and moon phase

    I really loved the tone and tuning of this Cleemar Day/Moon phase wrist watches with sun and moon as they tried to jam-pack as many features as they can. 

    The watch comes with the rose gold-tone limited with Japanese quartz movement. 

    The classical design and vintage loo with an easy-to-read dial just heighten the watch to the upper class. 

    The white dial with gold-tone around seamlessly blends with the brown leather strap that’s only 0.78 inches wide. 

    If you’re looking for a nice-looking watches with sun and moon ignoring its namesake functionality, this Cleemar watch can be your best buy from here. 

    #Final Thoughts

    Moonphase in watches adds another dimension to the fashion instinct of a watch. Apart from the elegancy of the watches, it can also help you to know the celestial changes taking a glance at your moonphase watch.

    Mankind has an eternal fascination for the celestial bodies, maybe it’s for astronomy, trip in the ocean, surfing, fishing, or even the pagan rituals. The multi-purpose of this watch makes it different from the others.

    However, if you don’t want to buy expensive but the best moonphase watches then we’ve also rounded up a list of affordable men’s watches and affordable women’s watches. You can also select a specific rose gold-toned watch from our article on the best rose gold watches.

    If you’re a skipper looking for the best sailing watches for your next race, here’s the ultimate deal for you.

    If you owned any of these watches and felt that it’s your best buy from here and this article helped you to pick the best moonphase watch for you. Feel free to let me know in the comment box.


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