Exclusive 10 Most Iconic Watches Of All Time To Own Now

Watches are not only a mere wearable. They are our best buddy to help us in our boatload of works from dawn to dusk. They have the power to create an emotional connection with the owner. And some of the watches have served their precise timekeeping ability and timeless design from generation to generation. Fads flit by, but these watches stand tall and continue decade after decade with their glorious history and the power to create a story. These are the watches worthy to earn the apanage of being the most iconic watches of all time.

If you notice you’ll see almost all the brands have a few (or many) classic watches that are legendary for their revolutionary technology, unprecedented design, or fine timekeeping. The most iconic watches are the pioneer of the modern timepieces seen today. More specifically, popular brands don’t release new watches actually. They always add amazing and functional features to their classic watches and reiterate them on a tally. Rolex watches can be a great example.

However, we’ve covered only the top 10 most iconic watches from thousands of benchmark watches. The article is dedicated to the pioneering watches that lighted the path to modern days’ timepieces.

Knowing that the morsel of the great stories of these most iconic watches won’t suffice your thirst, I’ve tried my best to explain every aspect so you may create an emotional connection with these most iconic watches.

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Without any further ado, let’s delve into the fabulous history of the most iconic watches of all time.

Most Iconic Pilot Watches Of All Time

IWC Special Pilot’s Watch

Most iconic pilot watch
IWC Special Pilot’s Watch

Schaffhausen, Germany | 1936

The world wasn’t in a celebratory mood even after the end of World War I as the next world war was looming on the horizon. The economical exploitation and Hitler’s ambition to prepare his forces with the best was indicating an enormous backslide of the world. The pilots needed to be adorned with the most precise time telling timepieces as they were running high-speed fighter planes. The Royal Force tried to connect with mainstream watch manufacturers.

In those days, Ernst Jakob Homberger was working as managing director at International Watch Corporation. His son was studying in London and he held a great passion for aviation. With his sons, Homberger decided to design the first anti-magnetic iconic pilot watch that became an auto choice for both civilian and military pilots in these days. Still, in the 21st century, the reiterations of the first pilot watch are still maintained for their enormous popularity.

Most iconic pilot watch
IWC Big Pilots Watch Limited Edition LE Petit Prince
Most iconic pilot watch
IWC Pilot Mark XVIII

After World War I, technology was widely used in all sectors for greater productivity. But the materials were creating magnetic fields that could affect the movement of watches. It appeared to be a threat to the life of the pilots as they needed to run on timekeeping accuracy for air-strike and other missions. Hence the IWC’s ‘Special Watch for Pilot’ features soft iron in the inner case that protects the mechanical movement from the hazardous magnetic field. The concept comes as a lifesaver for the military air force pilots.

The watch was an epitome of robust timepieces that can endure the tough conditions with its sturdy built. The IWC iconic pilot watch was able to withstand the effects of fluctuations in temperature that range from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. The IWC one of the most iconic pilot watches of all time also added a rotating bezel with an arrowhead index. It was pretty helpful for measuring a short period of time like the time needed to take off.

The IWC Special Pilot Watch is the forerunner of their timeless tally of the best pilot watches. Later it evolved into the legendary Mark 11 watch that was supplied to the Royal Air Force. Some famous models e.g. Big Pilot and Flieger ch ronographs also got their inspiration from the first IWC pilot’s watch. And the story, history, and heritage with this watch are worth to be considered as one of the top 10 iconic watches of all time.

Most Iconic Dive Watches Of All Time

Blancpain Fifty Fathom

Blancpain most iconic watches
Blancpain Fifty Fathom Flyback Chronograph

Bob Maloubier, A valiant war hero | World War II

It’ll be unjust not to add some forewords about the mastermind and discussing the plots behind the innovation of the first diver watch in history. This story also got its plot a bit after the devastating World War II. Bob Maloubier was working as a secret agent of the British Special Operations Executive and earned huge accolades for his dauntless domination in the war. After the war, along with Lieutenant Claude Riffaud, he founded a French Combat Swimmers Unit in 1952. To be a fully functional unit, they needed every gadget to be useful and functional underwater. But within a very short time, the two men recognized that the frogmen under their command needed more robust and sustainable watches with dive-friendly features. But they couldn’t find any utilitarian diver watch at this time.

So Captain Maloubier and Lieutenant Claude decided to design a diver’s watch on their own. They set out to convince the then watch manufacturers to bring their design into the light. Who knew then that this watch would be one of the most iconic watches of all time one day! Every watch manufacturer rejected their design- until they met the CEO of Blancpain, Jean-Jacques Fiechter. He himself was an avid diver and promptly approves their design to bring into shape.

Most iconic watches of all time
Blancpain Conquered The Water

Most iconic watches
Blancpain watch in rose gold

It was 1953 when Blancpain introduced the first divers watch with the world that brought enormous opportunity for subaquatic adventures to the divers, photographers, and scientists. The iconic divers watch featured black rotating bezel. Divers can lock the bezel and count the time of their immersion underwater. And the resisting power of this watch against water is great for that time which inspired them to name it Fifty Fathom. It means that this most iconic diver watch can resist water pressure under 50 fathoms or 91 in meters. And the legible black dial with luminous hands and hour markers did a great help for underwater operations. 

The most iconic Fifty Fathom diver watch set blueprint for the modern diver watches. After almost 70 years, Blancpain still produces Fifty Fathom watches though with higher resistance to water pressure. It’s been a favorite pick for collectors to invest in for its timeless appeal as the most iconic watches of all time. 

Most Iconic Luxury Watches Of All Time

Panerai Luminor Submersible

Most iconic watches of all time
Luminor Submersible Automatic

The time span of the 1930s | It’s the starting story of one of the most iconic watches from an Italian watch brand.

Founded in 1860 Officine Panerai established a stronghold in the watch industry with its unique concept for luxury watches. Eventually, in the decade of 1930s Panerai formed a close-knit relationship with the Royal Italian Navy to provide precision and accuracy for timekeeping. They also aimed to provide underwater torpedoes for the Navy. Panerai earned tons of accolades and created a devoted fan base with their exclusive diver watches for the frogmen in the Royal Navy. They served their purposes for the Royal Navy during World War II and until the year of 1993. 

In 1997, the Richemont Group owned the luxury watch brand Panerai and began to create oversized watches that spark bold statements from every angle. The bold and elegant outlook of the Luminor Submersible watch with the unique crown protector easily strikes the chord in the collector’s heart. In the past, the vintage watches were used by the combat divers. But the contemporary version isn’t compatible these days as it doesn’t include any timer in the bezel which is a key feature of an iconic diver watch. 

Luminor most iconic watch
A exquisite piece of Luminor Submersible
Submersible with protected crown

Now they are producing another line of Submersible Watches from 2000 which is the evolution from the Luminor models. And yes, they feature the tachymeter in the bezel to keep a tab of your time underwater. Unlike the Radiomir and Luminor model, the most iconic watch also features 60 minutes markers in the rotating bezel to count the time spent underwater. Like all other Luminor watches, the most iconic Submersible watch also features a crown-guard bridge that’s very important for pressure resistance underwater.

With the long glorious past and heritage, Panerai stands as a watch brand to provide the most iconic luxury watches. They may have sales in low amounts. But they managed to create a stronghold of loyal and cult-like followers who want to be called ‘Paneristi’. In the 21st century, Panerai is repeating their vintage models from the 1940s and 1950s. The reiterations produce much more attractions among the avid fan base of luxury watches. The iconic two-layer sandwich dial and intelligent presentation of luminescence make the watch stand as one of the most iconic watches of all time.

 Most Iconic Seiko Watches Of All Time

Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ

Most iconic seiko watches
Seiko first quartz watch

Tokyo, Japan | December 25, 1969

Watch journalists were scattered around the big hall room. All of the watch enthusiasts and tech lovers were excited. The press conference started. And the tech admirers felt goosebumps when they became the part of a historic moment. Seiko heralded the advent of the first watch adorned with quartz technology. The horology world was shaken by the precision and daunting capability of quartz technology. It’s the charismatic Seiko Astron 35SQ that set fire to the wings of the mechanical phoenix industry. It’s the time when many brands went to ashtray and some were confused if they wou ld shift to quartz business.

The first Seiko quartz watch wasn’t cheap. But it set out the blueprint for modern-day affordable quartz watches. The first quartz watch dominated the next few years since it’s the best timekeeping machine a watch lover could think of. The watch was 100 times more precise and accurate than any other watch at that time. And it could run for a year seamlessly without changing the battery. The watch was able to run 250 times longer than most of the mechanical watches of that time.

Most iconic watches of all time
Gold-toned Seiko watch
iconic seiko watch
Caseback with statements

However, at the 50th anniversary of their historic Quartz Astron, Seiko released a commemorative edition named as 1969 Quartz Astron 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. The watch retains its vintage style but adapted to the modern world with some key features included. The watch can talk to the GPS satellite to aware you of your position. As the GPS system needs the perfect precision and long-lasting battery, the Anniversary watch comes with an upgraded movement and solar system that is convenient to GPS watches.

The Seiko 50th Anniversary Astron watch replicates its vintage design retaining the 18k gold case and distinctive vertically patterned dial. The thin bezel with the newly introduced concave watch dial fitted to the theme of the most iconic watch of all time. And the baton hands are black on the gold dial also reiterates its iconic Seiko watch. Though the date window and the legendary GPS Solar system are all new additions to the watch, it can be a perfect collection to represent the bold history of the most iconic watches of all time.

Most Iconic Field Watches Of All Time

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Most iconic field watch
Khaki Field Auto Watch

Let’s imagine a scene. Your grandfather was breathing his last and you were sitting beside him. As a law of nature, he had to go away from this world leaving all the worldly belongings. And you got his favorite Hamilton Khaki watch. Now at the age of 50s or 60s, you’re sitting quietly and looking at the watch, thinking- It’s a heck of a red-blooded stalwart watch. And yes, this is the typical story happening every now and then with this most iconic watch of all time. The sturdy build and durability of this iconic watch have been legendary from generation to generation.

As the post-war popularity of military watches, Hamilton started to manufacture the iconic field watches with military specifications. The watch was very popular in that period as for its symbolic bravery and masculinity. The Oscar-nominated film The Frogmen pictures the Hamilton Khaki Field watch as a sex symbol watch with masculine appeal. Hamilton retains its glory with its legendary field watches till now. They are robust for rough and tough use. They come with the motto of providing the tough watch to tough people for tough jobs

Most iconic field watch

Most iconic field watch
The heart of the watch

The reiterations of this watch retain the classic styling and fabulous resistant power. The most iconic watches of all time come with the GMT scale in the inner ring of the dial. The luminous hands and hour markers with the anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass make the watch legible at day or night or war fields. You can go with the watch anywhere you want. Whether you go for hiking, fishing, tracking, or the tough jobs, be sure to keep the company of this robust iconic timepiece for every rugged purpose. And hence Hamilton wins over the heart of the avid watch lovers by striking the strings in their heart. That’s why, Hamilton Khaki Field watch has been able to create an emotional connection as regarded as one of the most iconic watches of all time.

Most Iconic Women’s Watches Of All Time

Breguet Watch No. 2639

The first wristwatch breguet
The First Wristwatch

Naples, Italy | 5th December 1811

Let’s travel back to the time of Napoleon if you want to delve into the world’s first known wristwatch in the history of Horology. According to the register of commissions, Queen of Naples placed an order for two unusual watches to the then watch making legendary Abraham-Louis Breguet. It’s an innovative idea to produce a minute repeater mounted on a wristlet of hair entwined gold thread. It’s usual to see Caroline Murat, queen of Naples to adorn with 34 different watches and clocks from Breguet’s workshop since she was an avid admirer of the magical hand of Louis Breguet. And Louis Breguet paid back with his watchmaking excellence that brought about a revolution in the watch industry. Though the invention went unnoticed by the then watch critics, unfortunately.

The entry and after-sales services for this very first wristwatch still exist in the original register of the commission order book. It was logged as order number 2639 in this original order book. It was plainly written “ a repeater in oblong shape for wristlet” that purely referred to the very first wristwatch fitted with a bracelet of hair and gold thread.

Iconic watch
Reine De Naples 8918
Iconic watch
Reine De Naples 8909

With the unprecedented construction, the first wristwatch from Breguet also featured a thermometer and the repeater system to know the time in the dark. The refined and polished construction of the most iconic watch with an elegant touch on the dial makes the watch a superbly delicate form of aristocracy. The watch had been passed under the line of Caroline and Joachim Murat but never been found in any collection or museum yet.

To commemorate the historic innovation of the first iconic wristwatch (allegedly) that’s been gorgeously adorned on the wrists of the queen of Naples, Breguet started a new line of watches named as Reine De Naples. The collection is the reinvention of ladies’ watches in a refined and contemporary watch case with mind-blowing aesthetics. No list of the most iconic watches of all time will be complete without the historic Breguet Watch No. 2639 mentioned. Though it’s not sure if you can ever get hold of the original iconic Breguet’s watch, the Reine De Naples will take you to the classical moments with its vintage style and unyielding elegance.

Most Iconic Rolex Watches Of All Time

Rolex Datejust Iconic Watch

Rolex Datejust iconic watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust

To celebrate their mark at 40 years of production, Rolex rolled out the Datejust watches in the year of 1954. With a simple date function at that time, the Rolex Datejust line earned tons of accolades from both fans and critics. Datejust is the oldest watch line that’s still in production with a few upgrades in features to pace with the modern world. The glorious past of this iconic watch gained tremendous appraisals at that time for its robust and sturdy build.

The original Datejust (reference 4467) was furnished with 18k yellow gold only. The simple design with 3 hands, reliable and rock-solid construction of the watch with a date window at 3 o’clock revolved the dominance in the watch industry. At midnight, the date would automatically change to its next. Thanks to its quick date system that involves a spring mechanism with intermediate gear. The precision and accuracy of the iconic Rolex watch are legendary in the world of horology.

most iconic rolex watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Jubilee bracelet
Most iconic rolex watch

The Datejust watch came with two types of bracelets. The Jubilee and the Oyster straps are the straps that are manufactured with space-age technology and adjustment scope. The Datejust reiteration is still maintained to this day for its pioneering blueprint for modern watches with date functions. The watch also appeared in a movie named American Psycho. So Rolex Datejust is also considered as the most iconic movie watch. For its history and heritage, the timeless Rolex Datejust is regarded as one of the most iconic watches of all time.

Most Iconic Luxury Watches Of All Time

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Iconic Revereso watch
Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso

It’s the story of the iconic LeCoultre watch that all dates back to the decade of WW2. One of the most iconic watches of all time came into the neurons of the brain after a complaint was lodged by an Indian polo player. It’s a major problem in polo sports that no watches could survive the violent torsion and pressure of the game. The crystal glass was always smashed during the play by a polo mallet. And it was a Swiss businessman who hearkened to his voice and took it as a challenge to produce a unique timepiece that can cope up with the problem. 

It was possible for the Swiss man, Cesar De Trey as he was the brand associate of the then petite watch brand merely known as “LeCoultre”. The businessman expressed his idea to the owner, Jacques-David LeCoultre about creating a watch that would allow polo players to keep a tab on time without being broken during matches. The two men then sought the help of a French designer Rene-Alfred Chauvet who eventually introduced the two-side timepiece in the year of 1931.

Most iconic watches of all time
Turned over Reverso watch
Most iconic luxury watches of all time
Swiveled over Reverso watch

It’s the unprecedented concept of reversible watch that can be pushed sideways and reversed with its case-back in front. The turned over solid metal case-back face-out in front to protect the dial and the crystal from any damage. Their unconventional patented design beguiles the watch enthusiasts to this day that the flawless Reverso watches are still in the bucket list to buy. With the Art Deco styling, the Reverso watch lumed in history as one of the most iconic watches of all time. 

Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre has an enormous collection of various designs and complications that just enhance the appeal of this exquisite timepiece. The Reverso watch also features two different dials on both sides of the watch. Just push the watch sideways and turn it over to enjoy the two schemed gorgeous different watch dials. Today’s Reverso watches come with the waterproof facility that was absent even in the variations of the 80s. However, the unique and unconventional design and Art Deco styling of the watch holds its value over a long period of time and is regarded as one of the most iconic watches of all time.

Most Iconic Casio Watches

Casio Men’s A158WA-1DF 

Iconic Casio watch
Casio Men’s A158WA-1DF

When Casio entered the watch industry in the 70s, the industry was being acquainted with digital technology. With their expertise in digital technology, Casio released their first Casiotron watch that featured some advanced features for the time. Since then, Casio watches started dominating a large portion of the watch lovers with their unique LCD display and ahead-of-time features. They got such inspiration from a famous quote from one of the forefounders of Casio saying that invention is the mother of necessity.

Casio Men’s A158WA watch is styled with retro design and exquisite features. And it was the favorite watch of the kids from the 80s and 90s. The simple but realistic appearance will take you to your childhood all of a sudden. The vintage Casio watch is able to make you nostalgic. It’s fascinating to see the emotional connection with watches as they were the daily companion in the high school days. The affordable price tag of this watch can be the most amazing thing with it. It’s available only for almost 20 bucks.

Iconic casio watch
Gold vintage watch

Lots of features are included in this watch and that’s the plus point to create an appeal to the watch lovers. The LCD display presents the auto-calendar system without the need for manual maneuver. The watch also features stopwatch functionality and chime features. Actually, not many wristwatches will offer you such a pack of features in such a budget. The affordable iconic watch is like a blessing to fill out all of your necessities. The iconic Casio watches still maintains its goodwill featuring such complications that are ahead of time. It’s worthy to be listed on our list of most iconic watches of all time.

Most Iconic Affordable Watches Of All Time

Santos De Cartier

First men's Wristwatch Santos De Cartier
Santos De Cartier

Paris | The Year of 1904

Last but not the least, the list of the most iconic watches will be incomplete without telling you the story of the first pilot’s watch. It was the early 20th century when aviation was striving ahead with ever-new research and testing. Louis-Santos Dumont, a pioneer of modern-day aviation (known as the first pilot to fly a powered airplane) was also flying his testing flight from Parc Saint-Cloud to the Eiffel Tower. He was using pocket watches as did the other men at that time but it was very tough to keep a tab on time while maneuvering the control panel at the same time. So Santos lodged a complaint to his watchmaker friend who was the branch head of Cartier in Paris.

His friend was Louis Cartier and he decided to tackle the problem for a pilot while in control. He prepared a square shape watch and critically added a leather strap to the beautifully designed watch. And this addition brought about the first wristwatch for men. And though the watch didn’t feature any specific aviation complication, the sturdy build and bold appearance of the watch made it the favorite timepiece for pilots at that time.

After a few years, the revolution of round watches took the place of square watches. When the soldiers came from WW2 with their battle-hardened watch, a new trend started and the square watches were struggling. But in the 70s, the Santos watch revived its glorious past with the reiteration of the first wristwatch for men. With a few key changes, the squircle design with yellow gold-tone stirs the world and again stood as one of the most iconic watches of all time. The Santos watches are maybe the most popular watch line for Cartier and it’s still maintained to this day. It’s regarded as the most iconic watches of all time in the history of Cartier and can be a great watch for you to collect right now.

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