Seiko vs Citizen Diver: Comparing Seiko SKX009 vs Citizen Promaster BJ8050-08E

Seiko diver vs Citizen Diver

Watch lovers love to discuss and adorn diver’s watches for their multi-purpose functions and durability. The watches are also best for entry-level choice especially the Seiko diver vs Citizen diver watch. Regardless of their performance underwater, diver’s watches can seamlessly project your personality on formal or casual occasions.

You may think of buying an expensive divers watch. Without choosing a Seiko or Citizen divers watch, you may opt for a Rolex Submariner or a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. But then comes the quaking stories about the South American hooligans who roam around the streets to pilfer your favorite Rolex. You may love to bring your watches with you but then you need some reassurance. If you travel a lot and safety is a concern, you should think about Seiko and Citizen divers watch.

Or maybe you’re searching for your first gear to wear. It’s good to see you go for an all-rounder diver’s watch. But the plethora of options might confuse you. Luckily you came to know that Seiko and Citizen produce the best entry-level diver watches. But which one is better? Is Citizen better than Seiko? What about Seiko diver vs Citizen Promaster

To get the clearest view from the comparison, we’ll put Seiko SKX009 and Citizen Promaster BJ8050-08E head to head. Seiko Diver vs Citizen Promaster rivalry will be intense as we conducted research on the best models of the lineage. 

Without any further ado, let’s explore the ins and outs of the Seiko SKX009 vs Promaster BJ8050-08E, shedding light on every corner. 

Comparing Brand Value 

It takes years to establish the value of a brand name. The path to the apex needs hard work, dedication, and innovative instincts. The more indigenous their creations evolved, the more fame and value the brands got.

In this regard, Seiko has a glorious past and vivid innovative projects. Their distinctive concepts to display time changed the way of modern horology. Seiko is the name that’s remembered and will be remembered for its vehement contribution to the watch industry. 

Seiko brought about a revolution inside of a watch and produced brand new movements. They are successful in their project. You’ll see an army of fans all over the world. That also forms several cult groups. So the vivid vintage past will always cling to Seiko. People will believe and adore them the most.

The fact is that Seiko won’t risk losing their reputation by providing you a faulty watch. Seiko automatic watches tend to lose seconds like any other automatic watches. So you can depend on Seiko to get a quality diver watch.

On the other hand, Citizen is relatively a new player on the market with an innovative mindset. They may not be the old ones only to be gold ones. But their dedication to satisfying customers got tractions from the critics. The most effective advertisement can be their eco-friendly projects. Their green revolution gets to a new level every day. 

The savvy movement that ensures nature-friendly performance attracts many conscious men on earth. And also, the eco-friendly watches are hassle-free. The brand value of Citizen can’t be ignored as they can be trusted and loved as you do for Seiko.

Citizen also earned a great name in the last few decades. As they’re growing their brand, they will certainly concentrate on providing the best-class watches at a competitive price. Seiko diver vs Citizen diver thus equals in terms of their dedication and effort to provide great timepieces. But Citizen can definitely improve if they share a great contribution to the homology world. Same as their eco-friendly innovation, they should diversify their creative instincts.

History of Seiko & Citizen Dive Watches

Seiko and Citizen divers both have their respective heritage and history. The storyline can tell you their efforts on the back of a diver’s watch.

Seiko began the journey in 1965 when a professional diver from Hiroshima urged to produce a quality dive watch. Seiko started with 150m and 300m dive watches. As most of the watches with 300m tend to break down underwater if saturation techniques followed, Seiko carried out the project to deploy a brand new diver’s watch. 

The first professional Seiko diver was designed to withstand heavy pressure underwater. The titanium watch with 600m resistance is still popular worldwide after more than 50 years. However, Seiko hit the milestone of acquiring 1000m water resistance in 1986. Before, they also had the popular auto Tuna models with 600m water resistance.

Citizen started producing diver’s watch a bit more ahead of Seiko, exact time to be 6 years before. They introduced Parawater in 1959. A watch you can use in your daily life. The watch is waterproof. And their practical use was measured by submerging 100 watches underwater. The watches did have strong build and high-quality materials. They did an even better job resisting water pressure under 1000m. 

Later Citizen introduced the Crystron lineage with 150m and 600m water resistance. Citizen pushed their beyond and succeeded to hit the 1300m milestone in the 80s and 90s’. Recently, Citizen mastered the art of using solar power on diver’s watches. That let them enter into the new era of Citizen diver’s watch history. 

Seiko SKX009 vs Citizen Promaster BJ8050-08E

If you compare the history of Citizen vs Seiko Diver’s watch, Citizen won’t stand tall. The then professional divers didn’t want to use a Citizen diver against the current. They rather chose to wear Seiko divers while diving underwater. But now the time has changed. The definition and use of diver’s watch have changed. People tend to use dive watches as their all-rounder tool. Also a beauty tool. 

The broad narrative of dive watches got heightened further. So we need to focus on every aspect while comparing Seiko vs Citizen Diver Watches specifically the Seiko SKX009 vs Citizen Promaster BJ8050-08E

The Style & The Aesthetics

The “EcoZilla” Promaster and the “alluring” SKX009 are the hard contestants in regards to style and aesthetics. 

Seiko SKX009 adorns the haute sign of the pepsi bezel. The most intriguing and polarizing fact can be its dial. The matte blue color runs deep and matches the dark blue of the ocean underwater. Seiko has its styling on another level. You can easily touch the height matching the watch with your suits. However, the Rolex feel on the uni-directional dial tells a lot.

Citizen can’t be ignored. The bold look of the Citizen Promaster can demure the outlook of Seiko SKX009 sometimes. The watch can’t project absolute beauty as it’s a dive watch overall. The bulky design will delude the underwater welder. But its credibility needs some recheck if you want to diversify its use above water. As we need to put sleek option for most of the daily occasion, bulky watches are avoidable. So choose your watch before you leave for any occasion.

But we can’t avoid the vivid pepsi bezel on the Seiko watch. Though many a brand imitates this style, we can’t say Seiko does it better. Because it’s the brainchild of Rolex company. The more distinctive a watch become, the more rapidly a brand grows. Citizens does it well in that case and win in the citizen vs Seiko rivalry.

The Movement of Citizen vs Seiko Diver

The outer beauty will be useless if the heart is weak. The less risk of forming atheromatous pluck on the heart, the better the watch to tick. With that saying, let’s explore the inner beauty of Seiko Diver vs Citizen Diver.

Seiko SKX009 installs their indigenous 7S26 movement on the heart. The movement is very popular on the entry-level Seiko watches. We saw its prevalent use on Seiko 5 watches e.g. Seiko SNXJ lineage. The 7S26 movement is produced in-house unlike other affordable brands who just outsource and insert movements. The mechanical movement can beat 21,600 times per hour. Additionally, the movement is capable of preserving power for almost 41 hours. 

But 7S26 movement has some major drawbacks like some other mechanical movements. You won’t find high precision as the accuracy can range from -20 to 48 seconds per day. That means you have to tickle back and configure the hands almost every week if not every day. The basic movement doesn’t provide any hacking or winding opportunities.

Citizen Promaster watch has some interesting aspects of the movement. Citizen has been developing its eco-friendly movement for some time. And they have achieved an admirable feat by lessening the use of chemical batteries. They have claimed to reduce the use of batteries by 10m in 2007. They deserve a salute for their contribution to preventing climate change.

The Citizen Diver adorns caliber B873 which is a straightforward movement. It’s just a simple quartz movement. And you’ll get pinpoint precision with high-end accuracy. Moreover, the battery is capable to contain charge for 180days straight. You’ll be happy with the movement. No hassle to charge or change the battery is directly powered by solar energy. 

The solar movement of the Citizen Promaster diver watch doesn’t lack a thing against the Seiko movement. Rather it wins by a hundred times. The coolest thing is that the solar Citizen Promaster watch will absorb energy even if it’s a cloudy sky or dripping dawn.

Is Citizen Watch Better Than Seiko

If it’s between Seiko SKX009 vs Citizen Promaster BJ8050-08E, I’ll opt for the Citizen diver watch. Citizen overwhelms the Seiko watches with its pinpoint accuracy and precision. And as a soldier of the green movement, I always prefer eco-friendly watches. The watches are hassle-free and easy-to-use. If you compare the design, Seiko can’t win by a great margin. Citizen Promaster has a beautiful color scheme and the intelligent presentation deserves some claps. Putting the brand value of Seiko, I’ll go for the beauty and the precision of Citizen watches.

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